The woman came home late at night and cried. She was lying on a strange mans quilt with a pool of blood.

 The woman came home late at night and cried. She was lying on a strange mans quilt with a pool of blood.

Modern Expresss 24-day bulletin came home from work late at night.

But they found that the lock had been prized and the room had been turned upside down.

Even more shocking,

There was also a strange man lying on the bed. The quilt was bloodstained!

Seeing all this,

Ms. Li, a citizen, was in a hurry to call the police.

On the morning of January 23, the police of Gulou Police Station of Haishu Branch of Ningbo Public Security Bureau

Tell reporters about such a bizarre case...

At 22:30 p.m. on January 15, Ms. Li, who works in Ningbo, came home from the night shift. She was about to open the door, but found that the lock had been prized. She was shocked that it must have been a burglar. When I walked into the room, it was turned upside down and the clothes in the cabinet were thrown to the ground.

Coming to the bedside, Ms. Li found a pair of mens shoes on the ground and a pair of mens trousers on the bed. She was instantly very angry: Which thieves are so immoral, stealing will be counted, but also throw shoes, pants at random.

Ms. Li was planning to make a bed. Suddenly something moved in the quilt. She didnt think much about it. She thought that her cat was naughty and ran into the quilt. Who knows, when you open the corner of the quilt, you can see a pool of blood and two legs. Ms. Li was frightened and cried on the spot. She immediately ran out and dialed 110 to call the police.

The police of Gulou police station rushed to the scene immediately after receiving the command of 110 command center. When the police opened the quilt, a man lay flat on the bed, his ears were still bleeding, and there were bloodstains around the quilt. After a simple examination, the man was full of alcohol and had signs of life, but he was unconscious and unable to communicate.

At that moment, the police station of Gulou received the alarm again. A drunken patient disappeared from Ningbo Huamei Hospital, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, not far from Ms. Lis home. The man was of medium stature and bleeding ears. Preliminary judgment of police officers, the man in bed is likely to be the man lost in the hospital, and then contact the police. It was confirmed that they were the same person.

Subsequently, the police brought both sides back to the police station for information. Cheng, a drunk man from Henan, works in Ningbo. That evening, Cheng had dinner with his friends and drank half a jin of liquor during the dinner. After dinner, it was more than 8 p.m., drunk Cheng insisted on going home by battery bike, but his friends advice was fruitless, so he had to accompany him by bike. Who knows, Cheng Mou falls to the ground before he rides far. When his friend sees him, he contacts the family of Cheng Mou who works in Zhoushan and takes a taxi to the hospital to treat him.

When a friend went to register, Cheng went away in a confusion and somehow came to Ms. Lis door. He thought he went to his house and saw a padlock on the door. He opened the lock, stumbled into the door, turned the quilt out of the cabinet and went to bed until Ms. Li found it.

Chengs family members received a phone call from a friend saying that Cheng had fallen down and wanted to be sent to the hospital for treatment. They were so anxious that they immediately drove from Zhoushan to Ningbo. Halfway friends called again, saying that Cheng had disappeared in the process of seeking medical treatment. They were more worried about Chengs accident and still did not find Cheng after arriving at the hospital. So they called 110 for help from the police.

After consultation, the two sides reached an agreement on compensation. Police said that the Spring Festival is approaching, and all kinds of parties have increased. Recently, the police have also received various disputes caused by drinking. The police also reminded us once again that drinking should stop at a moderate rate rate rate rate rate rate rate rate rate, not to excess, not to mention drunk cycling and driving.

Source: Responsible Editor of Modern Express: Zhao Yaping_NN9005