The yellow vest riots spread to the streets of Spanish drivers protesting against Youbu

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 The yellow vest riots spread to the streets of Spanish drivers protesting against Youbu

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Overseas Network, Jan. 24, recently, the French yellow vest protest has spread to Spain, which also makes Spain the fourth EU member state to encounter the yellow vest riot. Previously, Italy, Belgium and Germany had been influenced by France to break out the yellow vest movement.

Protesters in Spains yellow vest are demonstrating in the streets against Ubuntu and other taxi software operating around the Spanish capital, Madrid, the Daily Express reported. Even if riot police were deployed on the streets of Madrid, the scene was still in chaos.

Drivers in yellow vests have been protesting for a week, lighting flares and torches and waving flags to make their voices heard. Hundreds of riot police took to the streets to try to calm the situation before the riots escalated further.

The taxi driver union, which organized the strike, said Ubuntu and other taxi software could operate directly under the VTC licence, thereby circumventing Spanish law requiring taxi drivers to make advance appointments with customers. It is understood that there are more than 67,000 taxis in Spain, of which about 5,200 are licensed by VTC.

Julio Sands, president of the Madrid Federation of Professional Taxi Drivers, said: There is a clear political will in Madrid to side with the Vocational Training Board and leave the taxi driver group on the other side.

On January 22, local time, a protester was stopped by police as he tried to enter the airport, causing him to be knocked down by a car and seriously injured. This has further escalated tensions. Other protestors gathered by the campfire and stayed up all night, refusing to sleep during the demonstration.

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Although the demonstrators have attracted the attention of the police, Angel Garrido, chairman of the Madrid community, refused to give in to the demands of the demonstrators and considered establishing regulations for taxi software. Id like to legislate on my concerns, but if someone wants to legislate to abolish an industry, Ill tell them they made a mistake, Garrido said.

In addition, he asked drivers to show a sense of responsibility for the protests and said that taxi strikes are not good for anyone. In the next few days, thousands of tourists will enter the city for a tourism exhibition.

Source: Zhao Yaping_NN9005, Responsible Editor of Overseas Networks