Pupils dare not come down from the 10-meter tall building

 Pupils dare not come down from the 10-meter tall building

A few days ago, a primary school student in Guizhou won a certificate in the exam. He went home and walked out of the step of arrogant and arrogant and was popular with netizens all over the country. Coincidentally, a boy named Jingjiang Shengci Town, Taizhou, who was the first in his class at the end of the semester, climbed to the top of a 10-meter high building and looked down at the beautiful scenery of Shengci Town. Who knows, when he wanted to go downstairs, he was trapped on the top of the building for fear of heights, so he had to stand upstairs and cry for help.

Police arrived at the scene and found a boy standing on the roof of the building.

At about 2:30 p.m. on January 18, the Jingjiang Shengci police station received a public alarm that a boy was standing on the top of a tall building near the Yuewangmiao basketball court calling for help.

After receiving the police, Cao Feng, a police officer from Shengci Police Station, and Xiao Wei, an assistant police officer, rushed to the incident court. There was an office building near the basketball court. Looking up, he saw a boy in a blue cotton-padded jacket walking up and down the roof of the building on the West side. The boy saw several police uncles downstairs and immediately waved and shouted, Im here. The police uncle will help me quickly. I want to go downstairs. !

When the police saw that the boy was anxious, they were lying on the side of the building. They were afraid of the danger. They immediately asked the boy to stand still and keep away from the building as far as possible.

Subsequently, the police went into the building to see if there was a repair outlet in the building, so as to rescue the boy from the repair outlet. They turned around and found no repair outlet in the building.

Where on earth did the boy climb up the roof? The police came to the back of the building and found a row of repair ladders built in the wall. It was estimated that the boy climbed up the roof from the repair ladder, but dared not come down.

Xiao Wei, an assistant policeman, had been in the fire brigade before. He climbed up the ladder to the top of the building. The boy saw the policeman and was so excited that he cried.

Civilian Police Help Boys Downstairs

Xiao Wei comforted the boy not to be afraid, while taking him to the side of the iron ladder, let him back to himself, and then he went down two steps first, let the boy follow the next step, and hold the boys buttocks underneath. They slowly descended one by one, and as soon as they reached the ground, the police took him and rescued him safely.

Looking at the boy, the police patiently asked him why he had to climb to the top of the building to play. The boy was very embarrassed to say that his name was Zhang Mou and his family lived in the town. This semester, he took the first place in his class. The whole family was very happy. After lunch, he said to his family that he would go out to play, and the family agreed.

Zhang said that at that time, along Siyue Road, he went to the ancestral hall Cultural Square in front of Yuewang Temple. When he saw the magnificent office building of the neighborhood committee next to the square, his heart suddenly burst into poetry and thought: Why not go up and look at the beautiful scenery? So he went to the iron ladder on the back of the building, climbed the ladder, and soon climbed to the top of the building.

In this way, Zhang Mou enjoyed the scenery on the top of the building, unconsciously half an hour passed. When he wanted to go downstairs to go home, he looked down the repair ladder from the top of the building 10 meters high. He was afraid to climb down.

After helping the boy down, the police asked about the situation.

The police seriously criticized Zhang Mou on the spot. Although its gratifying that they won the first place in the exam, they cant celebrate in a dangerous way, otherwise they will be very happy and sad.

The police also reminded residents that they must pay attention to the safety of studentsholidays and make sure that students do not play dangerous games and have a safe and civilized Spring Festival.

Source: Responsible Editor of Modern Express: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331