The CIA apologizes to the bin Laden family for $18 million? Fake!

 The CIA apologizes to the bin Laden family for $18 million? Fake!

Recently, a report Gina Haspel, Director of the CIA, apologized to Osama bin Ladens family was circulated on the Internet. After verification, in fact, this is an onion news, not a real event.

On January 9, 2019, CIA Director Gina Hasper apologized to Osama bin Ladens family on Wednesday, acknowledging that the CIA had made a wrong judgement in response to an unimaginable tragedy (the September 11 attacks). The latest evidence clarifies any implications of bin Ladens involvement in the September 11 attacks, which means that bin Laden had nothing to do with the 911 attacks. The article also mentions that the emotional Haspel said: The CIA not only expresses its sincerest and heartfelt apologies to Mr. bin Laden, but also to his grieving family and many friends standing beside him. Haspel hopes the Bin Laden family will accept $18 million in compensation to ease their pain.

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ShangGuan News Verification of Liberation Daily found that the article originally came from the famous fictional news website Theonion in the United States, but the domestic self-Media did not annotate the translation, which caused misunderstanding.

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The so-called onion news is to report purely fictional or false news events in a serious way, so as to achieve the purpose of entertainment or satire. The events described in the article are not real events. In addition to Theonion in the United States, similar websites include The Daily Mash in the United Kingdom, Faking News in India, and humbug. pl in Poland. Onion News is named onion, which means that an event includes many factors. It needs to be peeled layer by layer and observed from different levels to see the essence.

Just last month, a fake message Canadian Mounted Police Part-time Delivery was circulated online, which is also Onion News. This article is actually a fictional satire column This Is That from CBCs official website, which contains almost all this jocular Onion News. The article Canadian Mounted Police Part-time Delivery Takeaway was translated and reproduced, and was taken seriously by domestic netizens.

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For such articles, industry insiders have long warned that in the Internet age, such news will be washed white accidentally, mislead netizens by online hot spreads, and even boarded the mass media in the face of true news, which is easy to cause public distress. At the same time, spoofing news often takes celebrities as the object of ridicule, which easily leads to infringement of reputation rights and other acts.

Source: ShangGuan News Responsible Editor: Zhao Yaping_NN9005