The United States: Refusing to evacuate diplomats from Venezuela will take action if necessary

 The United States: Refusing to evacuate diplomats from Venezuela will take action if necessary

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Cut off diplomacy! Maduro spoke live: Give Americans 72 hours to leave Venezuela! (Source:)

U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo (Image Source: Visual China)

Overseas Network, Jan. 24, local time, 23, Venezuelan President Maduro at a mass rally near the Venezuelan presidential palace, said that because the United States continued to instigate a coup in Venezuela, the government decided to completely interrupt diplomatic and political relations with the United States, and asked the United States Embassy in Venezuela to withdraw all diplomats within 72 hours. Later in the day, U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo responded by saying that the United States refused to withdraw diplomats from the Commission.

Venezuelan President Maduro (Source: Visual China)

According to todays Russian website, Pompeo said in a statement released on the evening of 23 that the United States refused to withdraw its diplomats from the Venezuelan capital of Caracas, believing that it was illegal for the Venezuelan government to sever diplomatic relations with the United States. We call on the Venezuelan army and security forces to continue to protect the security of all Venezuelan citizens and the well-being of the United States and other foreign citizens, he said in the statement.

In addition, Pompeo said: If the security of U.S. diplomats is threatened, the United States will take appropriate action against anyone involved. He added that since the United States does not recognize the Maduro government, it is also illegal for Maduro to order the withdrawal of U.S. diplomats and that the United States will establish diplomatic relations with the Guaido government.

Screenshot of Pompeos statement

Guaido, leader of Venezuelas opposition (source: CNN)

Earlier Wednesday, Venezuelan opposition leader and Venezuelan parliamentary chairman Guaido announced his inauguration as interim president of Venezuela at a rally of opposition supporters. Trump then issued a statement recognizing Guaido as interim president of Venezuela, saying that the United States will continue to exert pressure on Venezuela through economic and diplomatic means. Later, Venezuelan President Maduro publicly stated that the Venezuelan government had decided to completely interrupt its diplomatic and political relations with the United States because of the constant coup detat instigated by the United States.

Reported that after the Trump governments statement, the United States allies, including Canada, the European Union and most South American countries, have also announced their support for Guaido. Maria Zakharova, spokesman for Russias foreign ministry, criticized the recognition of Venezuelas opposition interim president as an important example of Western disrespect for international law and national sovereignty.

Source: Zhao Yaping_NN9005, Responsible Editor of Overseas Networks