Heart! Poverty makes people single, according to a survey of young peoples attitudes towards marriage and love in Japan

 Heart! Poverty makes people single, according to a survey of young peoples attitudes towards marriage and love in Japan

Tu/Asahi News

Overseas Network, Jan. 24 - Asahi News Agency of Japan recently conducted a survey on young unmarried men and women in Japan, and found that there are great differences between men and women in their ideas. For example, 70% of women think that income is absolutely irretrievable, but only 20% of men think so.

From December 18 to 19, 2018, Asahi News Agency surveyed unmarried men and women aged 25 to 34 to understand their views on love and marriage through online questionnaires.

An unmarried woman said that marriage is to reassure her parents. (Asahi News)

According to statistics, these young men and women are more willing to get married. 27% answered marry as early as possible and 50% answered all right. Fifty-nine percent of men and 64 percent of women thought they would marry sooner or later.

Asahi News said that annual income has a great impact on young mens and womens interaction. As far as men are concerned, 22% of them have contacts. Of these people, only 5% have an annual income of less than 1 million yen (about 60,000 yuan) and only 8% have less than 2 million yen (about 120,000 yuan). Statistics also show that the lower the annual income, the more people do not want to get married.

When answering absolutely non-concessional conditions (multiple choices) of choosing a marriage partner, the most frequently answered was personality (96%). The second is values, with 92%. However, 72% of women chose income, much higher than only 29% of men.

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As for the annual income requirement, 64% of the men said they did not need it, but most of the women had income requirement. About 40% of women require an annual income of 4 million yen (about 240,000 yuan), and about 60% of women say it is higher than 4 million yen. At the same time, most women express great concern about whether the work of their partners is regular and well-developed.

As for the reasons for being single, the most common answer for men was no one to find, with 71%. In addition, 67% of men said they did not have enough money to get married, and 64% of men said they were worried that they would not be able to make a living after getting married.

It is reported that according to a survey conducted by Japans State Tax Office in 2017, the average annual income of male wages in Japan is 5.48 million yen (about 340,000 yuan) for formal work and only 2.29 million yen (about 140,000 yuan) for informal work. Asahi News said that womens marriage conditions were very strict especially for men who did not have formal status.

Source: Overseas Network Responsible Editor: Li Wan_B11284