Singapores post-90s male artists accidentally died in military service and won the Best Newcomer Award

 Singapores post-90s male artists accidentally died in military service and won the Best Newcomer Award

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Singapore male artist Feng Weizhong died accidentally in military service (Source:)

Feng Weizheng died accidentally

On January 24, according to Hong Kong media reports, Singaporean male artist Aloysius Pang was injured accidentally during his military service, and the rescue was ineffective. He was 28 years old.

Feng Weizhong, a first-class Sergeant combat readiness soldier, arrived in New Zealand early this month to participate in a military exercise code-named Thunderbolt Soldier. He accidentally crushed his chest and abdomen while repairing a 155mm howitzer truck. He was sent to hospital by helicopter for rescue. After three operations, the situation is still in danger. He still needs equipment to maintain his life after being transferred to the intensive treatment department. He died last night. Singapores Ministry of Defense confirmed the news and said it would investigate the incident.

The Ministry of Defense pointed out that Feng Weizhong was following the 268 artillery battalion to New Zealand for a three-week live-fire drill code-named ThunderWarrior and would have returned home by the end of the month. Unexpectedly, the news of the injury suddenly came to my family and fans unexpectedly.

As a post-90s artist, Feng Weizhong has developed well in film and television. He has won the Best New Artist Award and the Top Ten Most Popular Male Artists Award, and is very famous in Singapore.

Four days ago, there were media reports that Feng Weizhong was scheduled to return from training in New Zealand to play the new media love comedy series My One in a Million for the first time as No. 1 male, but now seriously injured, his agent Xu Zhenrong estimates that Feng Weizhong should not be able to play as scheduled.

His family also wrote to confirm the tragic report: I hope you understand that at this time can not respond to this matter too much.

Source: Upstream News Editor of Chongqing Morning News: Li Wan_B11284