Two-month-old son suspected of being mistreated by a nanny and Chinese couples were deprived of custody

 Two-month-old son suspected of being mistreated by a nanny and Chinese couples were deprived of custody

China Overseas Chinese Network, Jan. 24, according to the U.S. World Daily, Cao Danni, a Chinese-American woman in New York, suffered brain and eye bleeding because her nanny abused her two-month-old child, but because the hospital notified the police, she lost the custody rights of her two children at the same time. She and her husband could only go to court to see their children. Cao Danni said that todays children are not only deprived of parental care and love. The nanny also fled back to China. She and her husband were helpless.

Cao Danni said that she and her husband immigrated from Fujian to Meixian to run a construction business. They were busy at ordinary times. On December 23, 2018, through family introduction, Zheng Lizhen, a 60-year-old nanny from Changle, Fujian, was hired to take full-time care of her younger son for two months.

Cao Danni said that at about 7 p.m. on the 7th day, the child developed symptoms of tremor and persistent fever. The couple sent the child to the North Shore Hospital of Long Island for medical treatment. They were subsequently diagnosed with multiple bleeding in the brain, eyes and edema in the forehead. Then they were transferred to Cohen Childrens Medical Center for rescue.

The hospital told her and her husband that medical reports showed that the childs injuries were not accidental, but caused by intense external forces, so police and the New York City Administration for Childrens Services must be notified to intervene in the investigation.

The child stayed in the intensive care unit for a week before he was out of danger. On the 10th day, he underwent brain surgery, but on that day, I became a defendant and lost the custody of my two children. Cao Danni said that what was more terrible was that when she and her husband came home, they found that Zheng Lizhen had gone missing with all her luggage.

Cao Danni said that on the 8th, people from the Childrens Welfare Bureau came home to investigate Zheng Lizhen. Zheng Lizhen provided Leiding Zheng with her name and address, and non-citizens came to the United States only on a tourist visa. This is why she later asked her lawyer to apply for an arrest warrant in court and let Zheng Lizhen flee back to China.

Cao said she had been in court twice so far and now could only see her children with the help of staff from the Childrens Welfare Bureau. She said that it was very difficult for Chinese immigrant families to balance family and self-employed work. She and her husband came home early and late every day in order to give their children a better future, but now they were forced to separate from them, which was very helpless.

Wu Shengyang, a lawyer at Li Baoli Law Firm, said that such cases were cases of abuse and neglect. Although the guardian did not directly cause the injury, he was jointly and severally liable. The Child Welfare Bureau confirmed that it would not consider whether the guardian knew or was present. As long as the non-accidental injury was received, the Welfare Bureau had the right to take the child away and bring a lawsuit.

Wu Shengyang pointed out that in such cases, the litigation trial cycle is longer, and the average time is more than two years. The defendants family needs to provide evidence to the court, refuting that the Child Welfare Bureau should return the childs custody rights. During this period, it can apply to the foster families who take care of the children to visit and stay overnight.

Source: Liable Editor of China Overseas Chinese Network: Li Wan_B11284