Will Venezuelas announcement of a break-off with the United States stir up Latin Americas circle of friends?

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 Will Venezuelas announcement of a break-off with the United States stir up Latin Americas circle of friends?

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Cut off diplomacy! Maduro spoke live: Give Americans 72 hours to leave Venezuela! (Source:)

Comprehensive report, Venezuelan President Maduro announced 23, Venezuela officially cut off diplomatic relations with the United States. Since Maduro came to power, the United States has frequently waved a stick of sanctions against Venezuela, and has repeatedly expressed its opposition to the Maduro government. After Venezuela declared the break-up of diplomatic relations, which direction Venezuela-US relations will go, and what impact the break-up of diplomatic relations will have on relations among Latin American countries, arousing concern.

Continued tension in Sino-US relations

In recent years, Venezuela has taken the lead in exerting pressure on the left-wing Latin American government to intervene in various forms. After Venezuelan President Hugo Chvez died of cancer and Maduro was elected in 2013, the United States supported the Venezuelan opposition either explicitly or implicitly.

At the end of 2015, Venezuelas opposition coalition gained control of parliament, leading to two years of escalating opposition struggle. The opposition has been pressing the Maduro government through parliamentary legislation, international intervention and street protests.

At the end of July 2017, Venezuela held elections for the Constituent Assembly, which was subsequently established. The commissioning government hopes to remove the parliamentary power of the oppositions majority by re-constitutioning. The election was boycotted by the appointed opposition and considered to be seriously unconstitutional.

The picture shows Venezuelan President Maduro attending a rally and delivering a speech in Caracas on January 23, local time.

The United States subsequently announced economic sanctions against a group of senior Venezuelan government officials, including President Maduro, and banned American financial institutions from participating in new debt and equity transactions between the Venezuelan Government and the state-owned Venezuelan Petroleum Corporation, and from participating in some of the bond transactions that the Venezuelan public sector has discovered.

In the general election held in May 2018, Maduro won and succeeded in re-election as president of the Commission. However, the election was opposed by Venezuelas domestic opposition and the governments of Europe, the United States and many Latin American countries.

On January 10, 2019, Maduro was sworn in as the new Venezuelan President. Some countries, such as the United States, refused to recognize Maduros new term of office on the grounds of democracy and human rights, and constantly expanded economic, financial and trade sanctions against the Commission.

In terms of diplomatic relations, Venezuela and the United States had established diplomatic relations before, but since July 2010, they had not sent ambassadors to each other, and in 2018 they had expelled diplomats from each other.

Less political allies in Latin America

In terms of regional relations, since the end of 2015, Venezuelas political allies in Latin America have decreased significantly with the reversal of the political pendulum in Latin America. Brazil, Argentina and Peru, which had opposed foreign interference in Venezuelas internal affairs, have turned to be the pressure on the Maduro government.

Meanwhile, Venezuela is receiving less and less support from regional organizations. The positions of the Common Market of the South (MERCOSUR) and the Union of South American States, which have repeatedly expressed their solidarity with Venezuela, have changed.

Source: Venezuelan President Maduro.

At the end of 2016, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, the four founding members of MERCOSUR, suspended Venezuelas membership on the grounds that Venezuela had not fulfilled the MERCOSUR Agreement on Trade, Justice and Human Rights on schedule. Venezuelas foreign minister announced in April 2017 that Venezuela formally initiated the withdrawal procedure because of the serious interference of the Organization of American States in Venezuelas internal affairs.

This time Venezuela set off another political storm, triggering a break-up between Venezuela and the United States. Cuba expressed its support for Venezuelan President Maduro. In the past two years, Cuba and Venezuela have maintained close ties, although the United States and Cuba are somewhat closer. As Venezuelas main ally, Cuba had previously firmly opposed U.S. sanctions against Venezuela.

From the perspective of American policy towards Latin America, it is pointed out that there is a basic consensus in the United States that a fragmented and disunited Latin America is more in the fundamental interests of the United States and can ensure the special influence of the United States in Latin America. Although the United States has adopted different strategies towards Latin American countries, its purpose is to constantly attack and weaken the left-wing forces in Latin America.

Source: Responsible Editor of China News Network: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331