Appoint opposition leaders to call on all embassies to maintain diplomatic presence

 Appoint opposition leaders to call on all embassies to maintain diplomatic presence

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Cut off diplomacy! Maduro spoke live: Give Americans 72 hours to leave Venezuela! (Source:)

(Guaidotu Source: CNN)

Venezuelan President announced the break-up of diplomatic relations with the United States on the afternoon of 23 local time, and asked the U.S. embassy staff to leave Venezuela within 72 hours. Subsequently, Guaido issued a statement on Twitter unilaterally demanding that all embassies maintain their diplomatic presence in the country.

Guaido wrote on Twitter, Through the powers conferred on me by the Constitution, I want to communicate with all the leaders of the diplomatic corps in Venezuela and their accredited staff. Venezuela firmly hopes that you will maintain a diplomatic presence in our country. Any contrary information has no validity because it comes from individuals or entities known as usurpers. They have no legitimate right to make any statement on this issue.

According to previous media reports, US President Trump announced on 23 that Venezuelan opposition leader Guaido, who served as Speaker of the National Assembly, was recognized as the countrys legitimate interim president. Subsequently, Venezuelan President Maduro announced the severance of diplomatic relations with the United States, and asked the United States embassy staff to leave Venezuela within 72 hours.

Trump made the above statement in a statement the same day. Moreover, he urged other governments to recognize Guaido.

On the afternoon of 23 local time, Maduro announced to thousands of supporters in Caracas: I have decided to sever diplomatic and political relations with the U.S. imperialist government. He said American personnel would be given 72 hours to leave Venezuela. Maduro said the United States was trying to launch a coup.

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