The worst programmer ever? Did he really lock up the machine and let the company go bankrupt?

 The worst programmer ever? Did he really lock up the machine and let the company go bankrupt?

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Recently, Shenzhen Crab Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Crab Network) a Advertising all colleagues in the game industry book circulated on the Internet. In the article, Yin Bailin, founder of Crab Network, complained that his former employee, Yan Feihong, locked the server and computer on the day of the online test of the game and disappeared maliciously, which ultimately led to the failure of the project. As the founder of the project, Yin Bailin has changed from a game planner with an estimated ten million yuan to a worker with millions of dollars in debt.

As we all know, due to the limitation of the game version number, 2018 can be said to be the ice age of the game industry. In addition, compared with previous years, the environment of venture financing has changed greatly. Enterprises need to save themselves while seeking external financing. Therefore, in the open approval node of the game version number, it is particularly unfortunate to expose that the start-up game company failed because programmers locked the servers and computers.

But the incident has also caused many netizens to question why a game that has been developed for a long time will fail because of a programmer who has only been working for three months.

On January 23, Yin Bailin responded to these questions in an interview with reporters from the Daily Economic News (Nbdnews). Yin Bailin said that Yan Feihongs malicious disappearance disrupted the project schedule, and because Yan Feihong did not hand over the work, the project was suspended for a long time. Game testing on-line is a whole-body process, not an independent thing. Yin Bolin emphasized.

The programmer was accused of running the locker.

According to Yin Bailins description, at noon on the day of the incident, all the staff are waiting for Yan Feihong to meet alone, and Yan Feihong refused the invitation to the meeting many times for the reason that he was repairing BUG. Despite Yin Bailins personal invitation, Yan Feihong remained indifferent. There was a brief quarrel between the two sides, and Yan Feihong broke the keyboard and left. It was not until the afternoon game test that he could not be contacted by many parties that he left the company.

For Yan Feihongs motives, Yin Bolin summed up as revenge in Suggesting to all colleagues in the game industry. Yin Bailin said:

During Yan Feihongs three-month inauguration, he was severely bureaucratic and could not live in harmony with his colleagues. Out of retaliatory psychology, he maliciously disappeared on the day of the game test by several stakeholders in our company, locked the servers and computers, and refused to hand over his work.

At the beginning, the reason why Yan Feihong was recruited into the company, according to Yin Bailin, is largely due to the situation. According to Yin Bailin, in the companys budget, there was only one person in the back end. In the past, there was only one person in charge of the company, but the person in charge got along well with his colleagues. However, he had health problems and left Shenzhen with his wife and children and went back to his hometown to recover from illness. At that time, just before the game went online, eager to employ people, without this back-end project will be all suspended. As a last resort, Yin Bailin met Yan Feihong through his friends.

The company was out of business at that time, so I couldnt let the back end get stuck, so I recruited him. The first month is totally invisible, but I didnt expect that the third month will be the test day when the mobile phone shuts down and runs away. Yin Bailin said.

Today, the status quo of Crab Network is the project is dead, the founder is in debt of millions. As Yan Feihong has signed a non-competition agreement with Crab Network, Crab Network is initiating relevant legal procedures.

As for the companys final situation, Yin Bailin wrote an article about it. He said that he was not a qualified entrepreneur and had great responsibility for the whole thing. He listed several crimes for himself:

Mismanagement, trust others.

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Looking back on the development of the incident, Yan Feihong, an employee before the end of 2017, locked the server and computer on the test day and maliciously disappeared, and the project failed and the exposure at the beginning of 2019, experienced a rescue period of more than one year.

Therefore, some netizens questioned the authenticity of the three-month-old programmer engages in yellow project, and some speculated that Yan Feihong was the back-pot man Yin Bailin found for the project failure. In an interview with Red Star News, Yan Feihong denied Yin Bailins accusation of locking the server, saying that there is no ability to lock the server, the server is a cloud server, controlled by him (Yin Bailin).

In an interview with nbdnews, Yin Bailin said that since he was not a technician, it was impossible to express everything very clearly. I said that locks and lock clothes refer to computers and passwords without any connection, computers and passwords do not tell us that servers can not be opened. We investigated Yan Feihong for refusing to hand over his work.

According to Yin Bailin, after Yan Feihong left suddenly, the project was suspended for a long time. The company needs to recruit new technicians to clear up the original code, repair the server and retrieve the computer password. However, the delay of online testing results in the previous advertisements and reserved advertisement slots, which are unable to play their original role.

Industry insiders said:

Game on the first day is extremely important, many players are waiting, there are game reviewers and other contributions, if the initial online downwind, basically good to do. But after the delay, the impression in the players mind is seriously damaged, which may lead to bad word-of-mouth spread in the player circle. And for small companies, delaying the launch results in the input of previous purchases being basically unproductive, and subsequent purchases are also a huge cost.

It is noteworthy that there is only one programmer at the back end of the crab network. Yin emphasized that:

The code was written by someone else, and he had handover before, so he could understand the code. But he didnt hand over the work, the new programmer couldnt carry out the work, which delayed for eight months, during which time, we had to invest more than 100,000 to 200,000 operating costs per month.

For Yin Bailins statement, reporters from the Daily Economic News (Nbdnews) tried to contact Yan Feihong for verification, but ultimately failed.

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