Russian media: China is developing two stealth bombers

 Russian media: China is developing two stealth bombers

Reference News Network reported on January 24, according to the Russian Satellite News Agency website reported on January 22, the latest intelligence report issued by the United States said that the Chinese Air Force may develop two new stealth bombers at the same time.

Russian media quoted US intelligence reports as speculating that the Chinese Air Force is developing new medium-range and long-range stealth bombers to attack regional and global targets. Stealth technology plays a key role in the formation of combat effectiveness of two new types of bombers, and two new types of fighters may have initial combat capability before 2025.

Russian media said that in previous reports in Chinas official media, it was first disclosed that China was developing a new long-range strategic bomber bomb-20, which may fly for the first time this year. It is generally believed that the bomb-20 is similar to the U.S. B-2 stealth bomber.

However, US intelligence agencies also speculate that China is developing a second stealth bomber called JH-20, which may be equipped with a built-in capsule and an external hanging point, carrying more ammunition than the F-35, with a combat radius of 1600 to 3000 kilometers and a length of about 30 meters. Russian media believe that the emergence of these two new stealth bombers will make a great leap in the combat capability of the Chinese Air Force. (Compiler/Vernon)

DATA PICTURE: An imaginary picture of the Chinese Air Force Bomber-20 stealth bomber made by netizens. (Pictures come from the Internet)

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