Protest? Chelsea General left the field on the excuse of going to the bathroom and never came back.

 Protest? Chelsea General left the field on the excuse of going to the bathroom and never came back.

Chelsea were two goals behind in the first half of the derby, while Surrey changed players in the second half without giving Christensen a chance. In the 80th minute, Suri replaced Odoy and ran out of three places, when Christensen got up and returned to the dressing room, never to the bench again, missing the last 15 minutes of the game (including 5 minutes of makeup time).

According to the Post, Christensen returned to the dressing room on the grounds of using the toilet, but he never returned. It was speculated that he protested against his inability to appear in this way. The Times said it was not clear whether Christensen had asked for leave from Sally or the coaching staff when he left, but Sally noticed that he had never returned. This lack of professionalism might make the manager even worse.

Christensen, 22, joined the Chelsea Youth Academy in 2012 and has since been on loan to Bundesliga Menshing. Christensen was promoted as the teams main centre-half last season when Condi coached Chelsea, making 40 appearances in various competitions. At last summers World Cup, Denmark started all four games with Christensen, who was regarded as Chelseas future defensive core.

But Sally has become Chelseas manager this season. Hes more experienced centre-back David Louis, while Christensen has only got one start in the first 23 rounds of the Premier League, almost on the bench. Christensen had previously expressed his willingness to leave the club, and the big clubs like Barcelona and AC Milan were also interested in him, but he still had three and a half years left on his Chelsea contract and the club refused to let him go, which made him even more disappointed.

So Christensens discontent will be expressed by leaving early after he cant play. But the Post pointed out that Christensen had at least a chance to start in the Cup before, but that could make Coach Suris impression worse. This week, Chelseas home game against Spurs in the League Cup, Christensen may not be able to start.

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