Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs: In 2018, the urban unemployment rate dropped from 3.8percent to the lowest level in recent years.

 Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs: In 2018, the urban unemployment rate dropped from 3.8percent to the lowest level in recent years.

Lu Aihong, spokesman of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security: As usual, our department held a press conference in the fourth quarter of 2018. First of all, I would like to inform you about last years work and the arrangements for this year.

I. Employment

Work progress on the employment situation in 2018: In 2018, the employment situation remained generally stable and progressive, with 13.61 million new jobs in cities and towns increased by 100,000 year on year, and the registered unemployment rate in cities and towns was 3.8% at the end of the year, which fell to the lowest level in recent years. In December, the unemployment rate in the national urban survey was 4.9%, down 0.1 percentage points from the same period last year. The unemployed in cities and towns have re-employed 5.51 million people, and the unemployed have achieved employment of 1.18 million people. Major work has been done in the following areas:

One is to further improve the employment policy. The State Council has issued a number of suggestions on promoting employment at present and in the future. It has put forward a series of policies and measures to promote employment from supporting stable development of enterprises, encouraging employment and entrepreneurship, actively implementing training, and providing timely assistance to laid-off and unemployed persons. Implementing unemployment insurance to help stabilize posts and upgrade support skills.

Second, the employment of key groups is stable and orderly. In-depth implementation of the employment and entrepreneurship promotion plan for college graduates and grass-roots growth plan, the Three Support and One Support plan selected 28,000 college graduates to serve at the grass-roots level. Actively and steadily promote the resettlement of workers to capacity, and smooth and orderly employment of migrant workers.

Third, entrepreneurship promotes employment. We will improve the policy of guaranteed loans for entrepreneurship and increase support for entrepreneurship. The third China Wing Creation Youth Entrepreneurship Innovation Competition was organized and more than 30,000 entrepreneurship projects participated in the activities. We will strengthen the construction of national demonstration bases for entrepreneurship incubation and play a leading role in demonstration.

Fourth, vocational skills training has been continuously strengthened. Carry out the system of lifelong vocational skills training, carry out a series of vocational training action plans, and gradually increase the intensity of training. About 16 million government subsidized training sessions were conducted throughout the year.

Fifth, the level of public employment service has been further improved. Guidelines for promoting all-round public employment services have been issued. Organize and carry out special service activities such as Spring Festival Action, Employment Service Month, Joint Recruitment in Large and Medium Cities, Recruitment Week for Private Enterprises, Employment Assistance for the Poor Disabled in Rural Areas.

Sixth, new progress has been made in the construction of human resources market. The State Council promulgated and implemented the Provisional Regulations on the human resources market. The supervision of the market has been steadily strengthened, and the public service of talent flow has been increasingly improved.

Next step:

We should put stable employment in a prominent position, implement the policy of giving priority to employment, make overall efforts to ensure the overall stability of the employment situation.

First, we should improve and implement policies and measures to stabilize employment, intensify our efforts, ensure full landing and give full play to policy effects.

Second, we should highlight the employment of key groups, deepen and materialize the employment and entrepreneurship promotion plan for college graduates, and implement a three-year internship program for millions of young people. Broadening employment channels and coordinating the employment of various groups such as workers who have lost their productive capacity, rural migrant labor force, retired soldiers, and people in need in cities and towns.

Thirdly, we should promote entrepreneurship to promote employment, strengthen entrepreneurship services, and organize activities such as exhibition and exchange of entrepreneurship services. We will implement support policies such as one-off subsidies for entrepreneurship and increase support for entrepreneurship of key groups such as returning migrant workers.

Fourthly, we should fully implement the system of lifelong vocational skills training and carry out a plan of action for vocational training for college graduates, migrant workers, workers in enterprises with capacity to go, and poor labor force.

Fifthly, we should strengthen public employment services, implement the guidance to promote all-round public employment services, strengthen the construction of informatization and standardization of employment services, and improve the level of convenience and democratization of employment services. Continue to organize and carry out multi-level and multi-form public employment service activities, and strive to achieve monthly recruitment activities, employment services from time to time. Promote the implementation of human resources market regulations, maintain good market order, and promote the development of human resources services.

II. On Social Security

Progress of work:

First, the coverage of social insurance continues to expand. Fully implement the national insurance plan and vigorously promote participation in industrial injury insurance in the field of Engineering construction. The effect of enlarging the coverage is obvious. By the end of 2018, the number of basic pension, unemployment and industrial injury insurance insured had reached 942 million, 196 million and 239 million respectively. The total income of the three funds was 5.6 trillion yuan, an increase of 15.28% and the total expenditure was 487 trillion yuan, an increase of 16.08%. The number of social security card holders reached 1.227 billion.

Second, important breakthroughs have been made in the reform of the social security system. Establishing and implementing the central adjustment system of the basic pension insurance fund for employees in enterprises is a key step for overall planning of the whole country. We will deepen the reform of the old-age insurance system in government organs and institutions. Establish a mechanism for determining the basic pension benefits of urban and rural residents and for normal adjustment of basic pensions. We will continue to implement the policy of phased rate reduction for old-age insurance, unemployment insurance and industrial injury insurance, reducing costs by 184 billion yuan for enterprises throughout the year.

Third, the level of treatment has steadily improved. We will improve the basic pension level of retirees in enterprises, organs and institutions and the minimum basic pension standard for urban and rural residents. The level of unemployment insurance benefits has steadily increased.

Fourth, positive progress has been made in fund investment and operation, and fund supervision has been further strengthened. We will continue to strengthen the supervision and inspection of social security funds and establish a list of joint incentives and disciplinary measures for breach of trust in the field of social insurance. We will continue to strengthen market supervision of annuity funds.

Next step:

First, we will continue to promote the reform of the old-age insurance system. We will steadily promote the central adjustment system of the basic pension insurance fund for employees of enterprises and accelerate the improvement of the provincial overall planning system for pension insurance. We will comprehensively promote the implementation of the old-age insurance system in government organs and institutions. To study and formulate policies for the treatment of survivors of insured persons. To explore and improve the safeguard measures for occupational injuries of employees in new economic and new industries. We will study policies to reduce social insurance premium rates appropriately.

Second, we should do a good job in expanding social insurance coverage and handling services. We will fully implement the national insurance plan and vigorously promote the participation of construction projects in industrial injury insurance. We will accelerate the construction of a nationwide unified public service platform for social insurance. We will steadily improve the level of social security benefits.

Third, we should strengthen the supervision of social insurance funds. Strengthen the supervision and management of social insurance funds, steadily promote the investment and operation of basic pension funds, promote the entrusted investment and operation of urban and rural residentspension funds, actively promote the implementation of the transfer of part of state-owned capital to enrich the implementation plan of social insurance funds, and enhance the support capacity of social insurance funds.

Source: Shi Jianlei_NBJ11331, Responsible Editor of China Networks