The man received a red card from the public security bureau because he circled a picture of his friend: stop working

 The man received a red card from the public security bureau because he circled a picture of his friend: stop working

Ask you to stop working immediately and take a day off to accompany your family. Yesterday, Zhao Weiqun, a police officer in the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Linhai Public Security Bureau in Zhejiang Province, received a red card warning from the leader of the brigade. It turned out that Zhao Weiqun insisted on working and working overtime for several days without rest. The leader issued this compulsory rest order to ask him to stop working and go home to rest.

It starts with a screenshot of Wechats circle of friends. On the morning of January 22, 2019, in the Wechat Work Group of Linhai Public Security Bureau, people praised Zhao Weiqun, the protagonist in the photo. Some called him the most lovely iron man and iron man without war clothes. Some praised him for being tough and willing to take on the job. Others reminded him to pay more attention to rest and more people raised their thumbs silently.

Screenshots of Friends Circle

Chat Records of Wechat Working Group of Linhai Public Security Bureau

This photo was taken by Zhang Kui, deputy chief of the criminal investigation team. At 7 a.m. that day, after another nights overnight work, Zhang Kui was ready to go home and rest. But when he returned to his office, Zhao Weiqun, who had been handling the case together, said that he was too tired to walk and could hardly open his eyes. He just had a rest in the office.

After that, Zhao Weiqun leaned back in his office chair, covered a dress casually, and fell asleep. Zhang Kui watched with emotion, took photos and found a circle of friends.

Du Jianmin, the instructor of the criminal investigation brigade, praised the news, but thought more: The police work hard, yes, but not at the expense of health, only healthy, can better serve the people.

Seeing Zhao Weiqun working overtime with illness and getting tired like this, everyone is deeply distressed. As soon as the leaders of several brigades met, they reached an immediate consensus and prepared to issue a compulsory rest order for Zhao Weiqun, asking him to have a good rest.

However, when they went to work in the afternoon, they saw Zhao Weiquns busy figure again. Du Jianmin came to Zhao Weiquns office and solemnly handed him the compulsory rest order.

In fact, during this period, Zhao Weiqun has been in poor health, especially after exhaustion, neck often inflammation and pain, doctors have recommended that he be hospitalized. However, due to the busy work of the unit, Zhao Weiqun hung several anti-inflammatory needles and returned to work. When he learned that Zhao Weiqun still had work schedule in the afternoon and could not rest, Du Jianmin immediately asked the vice-captain to implement Zhao Weiquns makeup time.

After listening to Du Jiaos request, Zhao Weiqun couldnt help it. His eyes were wet and his eyes were red. He nodded and said, Thank you, Du Jiao. Im really touched. Ill continue to work hard and pay back the society with practical actions.

Zhao Weiqun did not realize that he had become the first policeman in Linhai Public Security Bureau to receive such a red card. He said, The red card is a little scary, but its warm to look at it carefully!

It is reported that the recent work of creating a robbery-free city in Taizhou has been vigorously carried out, and the work of the Criminal Investigation Brigade has been closely arranged. On the evening of the 18th, the Criminal Investigation Brigade led two police stations to collect a criminal gang. Zhao Weiqun worked overtime all weekend to participate in the interrogation and investigation. On the afternoon of the 21st, another case happened in Linhai Yongquan. For the first time, Zhang Kui and Zhao Weiqun went to Hangzhou overnight to catch the suspects.

It is understood that such warm-hearted coercive measures are not accidental. As early as April 2017, Taizhou Public Security Bureau issued an internal document entitled Fifteen Measures of Taizhou Public Security Organs to Love and Encourage Police, which has detailed provisions on the protection of law enforcement rights and interests of the police, the protection of their right to rest, and the care of their lives. Even helping the police to solve the problems of separation across counties and cities, caring for the marriage of older unmarried young people, dual police family on duty and so on, and Article 4 specifically stipulates the protection of the polices right to rest.

Civilian police officers who work overtime for two consecutive days over 24 p.m. should arrange appropriate rest; those who cannot arrange rest under special circumstances must arrange a supplementary rest afterwards; when they are unable to return home for a long time to perform their tasks, they should arrange a supplementary rest. May Day and 11 Spring Festival and other statutory holidays before and after the date can be used as the main vacation time.

Source: Responsible Editor of Youth Times: Li Wan_B11284