Damage! Men try to drive more than 2 million overruns and the car runs out of control and rushes into the ditch.

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 Damage! Men try to drive more than 2 million overruns and the car runs out of control and rushes into the ditch.

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This is a terrible loss! Men try to drive more than 2 million extra runs to avoid the motorcycle runaway into the mountain ditch (source: ~)

Around 11:00 a.m. on January 23, due to a mans test run worth more than 2 million yuan, when he was passing through Xizhi Changqing Road, the whole car ran uncontrollably into the mountain wall, then fell upside down and rushed into the ditch. After driving injuries, it has been sent to Neihu No. 3 General Administration. Detailed accident remains to be investigated by the police.

The driver surnamed Luo said that the speed was not very fast at that time. It was to avoid a motorcycle that the crash was out of control.

Police investigation showed that the injured driver, surnamed Luo, first hit the mountain wall to the left, then the whole car slid down the slope. The strong impact force not only caused all the airbags in the car to burst, but also caused a slight bruise on Luos cheek. Fortunately, the injury was not serious. Luo climbed out of the car by himself.

The injured driver surnamed Luo is a well-known blogger, who usually helps some media to write articles. This time, he borrowed a car from the manufacturer as a blogger, but did not want an accident and faced huge compensation.

Police also stressed that there was no surveillance on the section of the incident, and the detailed reasons were still under investigation.

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