Programmer: The boss fabricated it and one months salary was not paid.

 Programmer: The boss fabricated it and one months salary was not paid.

IT Home News January 24 IT Home previously reported a programmer lock library runs incident. On January 20, Yin Mouwen, founder of a technology company in Shenzhen, complained that former employee Yanmou locked the server and computer on the day of online game testing (December 15, 2017), and maliciously disappeared, causing heavy losses to the company.

We cant go online and test it, Yin said. Its several months since new employees get familiar with the new code when they arrive. He said that the company had completely failed three months ago and was eventually disbanded. The reason why it took so long to expose Yanmou, Yinmou said that the project has failed that it does not matter, is preparing to take legal proceedings to investigate Yanmous responsibility. Yin Mou said that the company had been dissolved and he was working with millions of debts.

Yesterday, Yanmou appeared in response to the incident.

Yanmou said: He (Yinmou) said that I locked the computer, the whole inside is fabricated something. What he said was that the computer had a password. After he asked for it, I sent him the password book. I have a chat record, but the password book is only a document on the chat record. How can I prove that the document is the actual password later? So there are many technical problems involved, and its very difficult to clarify the matter itself. And the passwords of our internal servers have nothing to do with testing, and he says its impossible to influence testing.

For Yin Mous 40,000 salary, Yan Mou said, The specific amount of money depends on the flow of the bank, certainly not as much as he said.

As for the disappearance of malice, Yanmou said, In fact, our goal is to make the game online, because I am also a shareholder, we signed the shareholder agreement, I am a technology share. (2017) On December 15, I had a quarrel with him and broke up. He also went back and I went home.

When we came back from the quarrel that day, I tested the whole server. The chat record of that day should be found on the internet. This should be checked by the public security. That day, he also asked a friend of his to come to the company to hand over. I also took out the password books to give him one by one. After that, the code also told him where to go. He said to hand over, which meant that I had to leave.

Yanmou said that after handover, Yinmou refused to give him leave certificate, and as a condition for him to continue to deal with Bug, finally Yanmou said that he still had a months salary has not been paid.

Some netizens questioned the authenticity of the incident, and some speculated that Yanmou was the backpot man who Yinmou failed to find. In an interview with the daily economic news reporter, Yin Mou said: I said that the lock machine, lock clothes refer to the computer and password has not passed any connection, the computer and password do not tell us, the server is not open. We investigated Yan Feihong for refusing to hand over his work.

Yin Mou said that after Yanmou suddenly left, the project stopped for a long time. The company needs to recruit new technicians to clear up the original code, repair the server and retrieve the computer password. However, the delay of online testing results in the previous advertisements and reserved advertisement slots, which are unable to play their original role.

For the company, there is only one programmer, Yin said:

The code was written by someone else, and he had handover before, so he could understand the code. But he didnt hand over the work, the new programmer couldnt carry out the work, which delayed for eight months, during which time, we had to invest more than 100,000 to 200,000 operating costs per month.

At present, in view of Yin Mous statement, Yan Mou has not yet given the relevant response.

Source: Editor-in-Charge of IT Home: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541