Asian Cup - Kim Jan-soo kills Sun Xing-soo to make a goal Korea overtime 2-1 Bahrain

 Asian Cup - Kim Jan-soo kills Sun Xing-soo to make a goal Korea overtime 2-1 Bahrain

At 21 oclock on January 22, Beijing time, the first South Korea team in Group C met the third Bahrain team in Group A in the eighth finals of the Asian Cup of 2019. In the first half, the two sides played relatively dull, Huang Xichan broke the door before the end of the half to take the lead for Korea; in the second half, Bahrain stepped up its attack, Romeich equalized the team in 76 minutes, and the two sides drew 1-1 in 90 minutes. In the first half of the overtime match, Kim Jan-soo, who came on as a substitute, broke the header to break the net for South Korea to surpass the score again. In the end, South Korea experienced a 2-1 overtime victory over Bahrain and entered the top 8. In the quarter-finals, South Korea will play Qatar.

South Korea won the first place in the group with 9 points in three games, while Bahrain won the final battle against India and overtook its opponents to the third place in the group. The two teams had two previous matches in the Asian Cup in 2007 and 2011, with each winning a tie.

In the first stove, South Korea continued to lead the attack by Sun Xing-soo. The captain, Yong Chi, had said goodbye to the Asian Cup because of injury. In Bahrain, Romeich made a single arrow attack.

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In the 4th minute of the opening game, Bahrains big foot in the back court was given to the front court, and a continuous header relay was made. Romeich returned the ball in the middle. Mahone inserts a direct volley! The ball went straight to the corner! Its a pity that its slightly out of line!

Subsequently, the game was not alarming. Bahrains highly targeted defensive strategy made the Koreans play awkward. However, Bahrainis who devoted too much energy on the defensive side could hardly make a difference on the offensive side.

Thirty-first minute, Sun Xingtu frontcourt directly blocked the restricted area, Huang Yizhu back in! Start a little slower, Schubal hit in time to get the ball.

Thirty-third minute, Korea finds a killer! Huang Xican and Huang Renfan hit a long distance 2 to 1 and then went into the restricted area, to the left side of the tape to open the angle! Not yet! Still taking! The Bahrain defender, who was replaced, was cleared.

In the 43rd minute, Sun Xingtus organization in the middle of the road shakes down Safi, and then feeds him right to Li Rong. The modern frontier guard in the whole North passes through the earth! Shubar barely sealed the ball, Huang Xican followed up the empty door! 1-0! Korea is in the lead.

Yi Bian fought again. In the 55th minute, Huang Xicans breakthrough was knocked down by his opponent. Korea team got the chance to set-pieces in front of the restricted area. Zheng Yourong took the penalty. Former Chongqing foreign aid chose to shoot smartly at the opponents wall with a low ball. The ball deflected on the wall of the opponent! Just a little bit out of the gate post! uuuuuuuuuuuu

The 69th minute, the Bahrain corner ball opportunity, was released after Rashids peripheral first kick, did not hit the right! But the South Korean defender missed the defence and did not kick far. Rashid keeps up with the ball and adjusts the angle again! The left foot arc ball goes straight to the far corner! Jin Chengkui has made great achievements! South Korean door god jumps! Put the ball out with your fingertips!

In the 76th minute, Bahrain equalized the score! Li Rong was injured and fell in the fight on the right side of the road, but the Bahrainis did not stop attacking. Sun Xingtu was cut off near the midfield. The Bahrainis intercepted the ball to push forward and hit the outside goal! Hu Maidan intercepted the ball in the restricted area! Single knife! Fight! Hongzhao Jiewei on the gate line! But Romeich, the middle way of the restricted area, has to make up for it again! uuuuuuuuu Yes! 1-1!

South Korea has since switched to Chi Dongyuan and Li Shengyou to speed up the offensive, but the Bahraini defense is like a wall of iron, Tai Chi Tiger hard to find a good opportunity.

In the second minute, Bahrain goalkeeper Schubal cramped to the ground when he opened his big feet. After stretching with the help of his teammates, he stood up and continued to play. However, it was not a long time. After completing a defense, the player fell down again and suffered in the treatment of the team doctor. The off-court Bahrain substitute goalkeeper was ready to play.

The Bahrain Defense Line made a mistake in the 3rd minute of the supplementary time! uuuuuuuuu Hayam No. 3 is back to shallow! Huang Yizhu got in the ball! Single knife! The cramped Shubar limped out to block the angle! South Korean centre forward sideways hit the far corner! Partial! Korea missed the chance to kill!

In the 92nd minute, Li Shengyou, who came on as a substitute, went to the left side of the front court and burst his right foot after cutting in. Angle has not been adjusted, the ball is out!

The 96th minute, Zhu Shizhong penalty set-pieces in the front court, the other goalkeeper inconvenience to move, Korean team opportunities! However, the Korean midfielders goal was not suppressed, and it was directly higher than the goal! uuuuuuuuuu

In the 100th minute, Bahrain goalkeeper Schubal, who had suffered two previous cramps, finally failed to hold on and replaced substitute goalkeeper Faldan 22.

In the second half of the overtime match, 107 minutes, South Korea forward pass back and forth, Zhu Shizhong receives the ball in the middle, adjust the right foot burst slightly! The ball sinks into the lower corner of the goal! Unfortunately, it popped up on the doorpost! Bahrain escaped!

After that, although the Bahrainis tried to get back the score by attacking forward with all their strength, the Korean defense line tended to be stable, and the physical loss of their players was serious, and the Bahraini team had more than enough heart but insufficient strength.

In the end, South Korea went through overtime and beat Bahrain 2-1 to make it into the top 8.