France Cup-Cavani Jiangong Neymar retired from Paris 2-0 to the top 16

 France Cup-Cavani Jiangong Neymar retired from Paris 2-0 to the top 16

Paris and Strasbourg have played against each other twice in the French Cup and each team has won one victory, scoring a 1-0 win over Strasbourg in 1994-1995 and a 1-0 win over Paris in 1999-2000.

Only one minute after the game started, Bertners left-hand team-mate directly jammed the ball and knocked it across the door. Cavanis forward tackle failed to touch the ball.

In the 34th minute, Cavani scored at the heel, DiMaria burst into the penalty area and knocked on the door horizontally. Neymar scooped and shoveled off the bottom line. The 39th minute, Neymar corner pass, Cavani after nodding header was blocked by the goalkeeper. In the 45th minute, Cavani knocked back in the inverted triangle, Neymars volley was thrown out, and DiMarias supplementary shot hit the goal post and popped out.

The second half changed sides and fought again. In the 52nd minute, Kenny Laras low shot outside the restricted area was off the baseline. In the 54th minute, DiMaria picked up the pass and Shubo Morting headed the top goal. In the 55th minute, Drakssler Zhise, Shubo-Mortin single-knife low shot against the goalkeeper was thrown out. In the 58th minute, Neymar missed the long shot after passing the ball.

Saint Germain, Paris (442): 1-Areola/3-Bernard, 2-Tiago-Silva, 5-Marginios, 4-Tilo-Corell/10-Neymar (6215-Musa-Diaby), 8-Draxler, 6-Alves, 11-DiMaria (8614-Nkunkou)/7-Schubo-Mortin (90+116-Hesse), 9-Cavani