Major General Guo broke 5,000 points in Liao media: his lower limit is the ceiling of domestic defenders

 Major General Guo broke 5,000 points in Liao media: his lower limit is the ceiling of domestic defenders

Photographed by Sun Haitao, a journalist of our newspaper

Due to the rare injury wave, Liaoning Mens Basketball Team is facing more dangerous situation at the beginning of this season than in any previous year. Even without considering Zhao Jiwei, who has been injured all the time, Liaoning Basketball Team has never assembled a complete main team in the first stage of the regular season. In this case, Liao Basketball can safely get through the difficult stage of the opening, and play 23 consecutive wins, the longest team winning record in history, ranking second in the scoreboard, all of which can not be said to have Guo Allens contribution. So far this season, Guo Allen has delivered 22.5 points, 4.7 rebounds and 6.4 assists per game, each of which is a career high. In the ninth year of entering the first team of Liao Basketball, Guo Allen is really mature. Allen has made tremendous progress this season, both in terms of experience, mentality and personal skills. Guo Shiqiang, head coach of Liaoning Mens Basketball Team, commented on Guo Allen at a post-match press conference after defeating Xinjiang Team.

In fact, the data are not enough to fully reflect the value of Guo Allen. Because of Guo Allens maturity, Liao Basketball is equivalent to having a dual-core drive, which greatly increases the difficulty of the opponents defense. Although Guo Allen enjoys the general treatment of small foreign aid in every game - being intimately pressed or even sandwiched by the other side, at the critical moment, Guo Allen is no inferior to many small foreign aid in the league, whether in the grasp of attack timing or in the use of technical movements after high confrontation. This season, Guo Allens progress in handling key balls has shocked people. If you dont watch the ball on the spot, you cant deeply understand it. At the age of 25, Allen Guo finally began to show his talent. It is not exaggerated to say that the upper limit of Allen Guo is not yet visible, but the lower limit of his level is already the ceiling for many domestic defenders. It is the luck of Liaoning Mens Basketball Team and China Mens Basketball Team to have such a top-level point guard in Asia.

Of course, if higher standards are required, Guo needs to better manage his emotions. In the match with Xinjiang Team, Guo Allen was found offensive by the referee for demonstrating his opponents defensive action to the referee in the dead ball state. He was wrongly accused of a technical foul, which was the third time he was blown a technical foul this season. Guo Allen must remain calm. If he is banned for accumulative technical fouls, it will be an irreparable loss to the team.