Indias rare 150 naval exercises have been shadowed by one incident

 Indias rare 150 naval exercises have been shadowed by one incident

NEW DELHI Television (NDTV) reported on January 23 that a large-scale military exercise called Watch at Sea in India used about 150 ships of the Indian Navy and Coastal Guard, as well as more than 40 aircraft and helicopters. During the exercise, a series of comprehensive actions will be conducted to prevent similar terrorist attacks in Mumbai in 2008.

The Watch at Sea exercise was launched on Tuesday and the live ammunition phase was scheduled for Wednesday. New Delhi Television pointed out that this was the largest such exercise in ten years after the extremist attacks on Indias economic capital.

New Delhi TV quoted a Navy spokesman as saying: The purpose of this exercise is to conduct a comprehensive and systematic review of the effectiveness of measures taken after the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. The naval vigil drill was conducted along Indias entire coastline of more than 7,500 kilometers, involving all 13 coastal States and federal territories.

In November 2008, several Islamic militants arrived in Mumbai by motorboat from Pakistan, carrying out a series of terrorist attacks, resulting in 166 deaths, including many foreign citizens.

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