Another big Barcelona player is going to be banned: blame Arsenal for being stingy?

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 Another big Barcelona player is going to be banned: blame Arsenal for being stingy?

Where is Dansu? Radio Sell gave the answer: he was banned by Barcelona. All of this is due to Dansus transfer problems. Dansus contract with Barcelona expires next summer, and whats happening today is all about money.

Dansu has reached a personal agreement with Arsenal during the winter transfer period. Arsenal are willing to pay a 2 million rental fee, but refuse to add a 18 million mandatory buyout clause to the contract. Barcelona and the Gunners collapsed after Arsenal refused to impose a mandatory buyout clause. Both Sevilla and Betis are offering Dansu 20 million euros. The two teams are willing to pay, but Dansu only wants to go to Arsenal. Arsenal couldnt afford him, and Dansu, his team, was reluctant to go, so his transfer deadlock ended.

During the winter transfer period, Barcelona also did not mind Dansu staying. If Dansu stays, Barcelona will push Malcolm into the transfer market. But the premise for Dansu to stay is that he has to renew his contract with Barcelona for another year. Otherwise Dansu will enter the contract year this summer and Barcelona will not be able to sell him at a relatively high price. Radio Sell pointed out that Barcelona would close Dansoul down this season if they refused to renew their contract.

Barcelonas banned general officially joins Sevilla! Transfer fee 105,000 Euros

Barcelona decided to block the premature general! Or cancel the contract immediately to save half a years salary

This scene is reminiscent of Munir and Rabio. Both of them were blocked by their old owners with half a year left in the contract. But Mounier soon joined Sevilla at a low price and escaped from prison in advance. Rabio refused to leave Paris in the winter. He only wanted to get a high signature fee this summer, so he was sent directly to the reserve team by Paris.