Men suffering from cancer superstition and health care products spend 100,000 yuan to buy drugs for mass break and metastasis

 Men suffering from cancer superstition and health care products spend 100,000 yuan to buy drugs for mass break and metastasis

Changsha News in this newspaper has attracted much attention in the health issue at present, various kinds of health care products emerge in an endless stream, many products are even praised as the altar. Many health products with anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects flooded the market. The magic effect of propaganda convinced some cancer patients or their families that even stopped the standard treatment and began to rely on health products to treat diseases. It was too late to go to the hospital until the disease recurred or even worsened.

Mr. Ding, 45, discovered a small black spot on his left heel a year ago. Mr. Ding thought it was a mole, but he didnt care. But in just two months, the size of 3 mm black spots increased to 3 cm. Mr. Ding immediately went to the hospital for examination and was told that the melanoma was a malignant melanoma, requiring surgical amputation.

Thinking of his 6-year-old son, Mr. Ding, who was unable to make up his mind to lose one leg, chose to give up surgery and began taking products that claimed to inhibit cancer cells under the insistence of his wife, who worked in health products sales. My wife believes these products are effective, and I dont want to have an operation. I just want to try them. It cost about 100,000 yuan in three months. At the thought of his original decision, Mr. Ding regretted it. When Mr. Ding decided to go to the hospital again for standard treatment, the lump had burst and bleeding.

At the time of initial diagnosis, surgical treatment can control the condition to the greatest extent, but after 3 months, the tumor has metastasized to the inguinal lymph node, and lost the opportunity of operation. Treatment becomes more difficult. Dr. Liu Nana, Director of Oncology Medicine, Kexin Tumor Hospital, Changsha, introduced. The principle of cancer treatment is early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment. Timely and standardized treatment is the effective way to control the disease. Doctor Liu Nana said that some patients and family memberssuperstition about health products often made doctors feel helpless and regretful.

Health products do not have the therapeutic effect of drugs. Doctor Liu Nana reminded that the correct use of health care products can play a certain auxiliary role in the standardized treatment of cancer patients, but it needs to be carried out under the guidance of professional doctors. We should be vigilant against exaggerating the efficacy of health care products or health care products sold through informal channels.

Source: Liable Editor of Xiaoxiang Morning News: Li Wan_B11284