Baidu, the search engine, is dead? Come and search together and youll know the answer.

 Baidu, the search engine, is dead? Come and search together and youll know the answer.

Yesterday, an article entitled The search engine Baidu is dead was widely circulated on the Internet. The article pointed out that more than half of Baidu search results will point to their products, especially Baijianu, which is full of a large number of marketing and poor quality content. It also led to a sharp decline in the content quality of Baidu search results.

Taking the example of Britain leaving Europe as an example, the article points out that there will be seven results on the first page of Baidu search. The first one is Baidu Encyclopedia. The second, fourth, fifth and seventh articles are all articles of Baidu number. There are only two websites directed to other than Baidu. The third one is Hexin and the sixth one is Sina.

On that day, Baidus share price also fell sharply, closing at $16.39, with a market value of about $3.8 billion evaporating, leaving only about $56 billion.

In response to the large number of Baijia content, Baidu issued a statement at noon that Baidu search results, Baijia content of less than 10% of the total site. Baidu said Baijia is an important measure to improve Baidu App content ecological experience. It can optimize the users browsing experience problems when using Baidu App search, such as slow page access and large typesetting differences, and give users a concise and consistent search experience.

Is that really the case? Take a look at Times Juns search:

Times Jun searched for stock, investment, financial management and P2P respectively, and found that the first five items on the home page were mainly advertisements, followed by Baidu Encyclopedia, and finally the information of Baijianu and other websites.

Take stock as an example, the first five items on the home page are advertisements, followed by Baidu Encyclopedia and Baijia content.

With investment and financial management as keywords to search, the first five items on the home page are also advertisements.

When searching for P2P as a key word, you will find that the first five items on the home page are also P2P advertisements, except Baidu Encyclopedia. In terms of risk tips, Baidu in the first column prompted users with small gray fonts that investment is risky, the choice needs to be cautious.

Baidu marked the advertisement in blue font, authenticated the name of the enterprise, and promised to participate in the NetizensRights and Interests Protection Plan.

Baidu official website introduced that Baidu netizensrights and interests protection plan was jointly launched by Baidu and China Mediation Coordination. Netizens log on to Baidu account to click on the search promotion or the result with V logo. If they suffer economic losses due to fake official website, qualification or fishing fraud, netizens can apply to Baidu for protection.

However, Times Jun found that the dynamic update of fraud exposure/security in this web page was in 2014, and there were only two dynamic updates of user security payment, one was updated on December 5, 2018, and the other was updated on November 11, 2018.

Times Jun searched for the keywords Zhongjin Institute, Last Period Office, Big Business Office, and found that the order of Baidu homepage is generally advertising, official website, Baidu Encyclopedia, Baijia Number, and a small number of other websites appear in the middle of the information.

Take the recent hottest news lowering standards and GDP 2019 as examples, the front-end content of the home page is also dominated by 100 numbers.

In search of the names of Ma Yun, Robin Li and Trump, he found that the information of the hundred houses also occupied the main position in the front page.

In response, netizens questioned that 10% of their content was focused on the key first page search results. In an interview with reporters, Fang Kecheng, the author of the above article, also pointed out: The proportion of the whole station is not very meaningful. People generally only look at the first two pages of the search. It would be more convincing to give the proportion of the results on the first page.

Today, at the 2009 100 creatorsfestival, 100 creators released relevant data, showing that 100 creators live 160 million a day, the average daily recommended amount of information flow exceeds 15 billion, 100 content creators exceed 1.9 million, short video daily users exceed 110 million, and advertising revenue increases by 160%.

Source: Han Jiapeng_NN9841, Responsible Editor of Securities Times Network