Xuzhou Hua Xia Xue Gong denies that Sun Nans family owns shares in the local education bureau investigation

 Xuzhou Hua Xia Xue Gong denies that Sun Nans family owns shares in the local education bureau investigation

Old school district. Zhu Zhigeng photo

BEIJING, Jan. 23 (Xinhua) -- The singer Sun Nans family moved from Beijing to Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, to send their children the news of learning Chinese culture on the Internet. On January 23, the relevant person in charge of Xuzhou Education Bureau introduced to the media that the business scope of the approval of Huaxia Xuegong was non-academic private training institutions. Netizens have revealed that Sun Nans wife Pan Wei holds shares in the training institute. Yi Jing, president of the Huaxia Academy Palace, explicitly denied it on the evening of 23rd.

Pan Wei, Sun Nans wife, mentioned in an interview with the publicity book Su Xin Ying that three years ago Sun Nan and Sun Nan moved to Xuzhou from Beijing. They rented a 100 square metre house in Xuzhou, with a monthly rent of only 700 yuan, and sent their children to traditional culture schools. It is understood that Sun Nans school Huaxia Academic Palace was originally located in the Huaihai Cultural Expo Garden in Xuzhou, and has now moved to the Lingliang Scenic Area, Tongshan District, more than 20 kilometers away.

Now the South Gate of the school. Zhu Zhigeng photo

On the afternoon of January 23, CNN reporters came to the North Bank of the scenic spot of Suspended Lake and saw that on the one hand, the plaque of Huaxia Xuegong was hanging above the gate of the traditional courtyard. The gray-black walls and palace-style architectural style in the courtyard made the school simple and charming. Recently, students have taken winter vacation, construction is under way in many places, and the school does not allow foreign personnel to enter.

The full name of Huaxia Academic Palace is Huaxia Traditional Culture Specialized School. On the afternoon of the 23rd, the reporter contacted the principal of the school, Yi Jing. Principal Yi introduced that the school is a non-academic training institution registered with the Education Bureau. She has no shares herself, so there is no Pan Weizhan share. Sun Nans children do train here. For various online statements, she said, I dont want to respond, I dont want to hype.

Hua Xia Xue Gong effect map. Zhu Zhigeng photo

Relevant person in charge of Xuzhou Education Bureau introduced to the media that the business scope approved by Huaxia Xuegong was non-academic private training institutions. Such non-academic educational training institutions, if they are for adults, can engage in adult training. If they are for students at the compulsory education stage, they can only be used as a supplement to compulsory education. In other words, they can only engage in training, not full-time teaching for primary and secondary school students. If students are of compulsory education age, they should go to formal schools of compulsory education. At present, the Bureau of Education has noticed the situation reflected on the Internet and organized forces to intervene in the investigation.

Anqijie, director of the Confucius Society of China and consultant of the Confucius Society of Xuzhou, said that it is good to popularize Chinese traditional culture and sinology. It is good to spread the traditional Chinese concept of filial piety, disobedience, loyalty, faith, propriety, righteousness, honesty and shame. Peoples overall quality will be improved, and children will turn what they have learned into daily actions. He said that he knew that Sun Nans children were trained in the Huaxia School, and they were beginners of the Chinese Academy. He did not know much about other situations.

The evening Chinese Academic Palace. Zhu Zhigeng photo

Rent 700 yuan a month house, let netizens shout dont believe it. Yu Jian, president of Xuzhou Real Estate Brokerage Association, said that according to Sun Nans rental area, the rent of 700 yuan per month is really unlikely. The house prices around the Third Ring Road in Xuzhou are all around 10,000 yuan, and the monthly rent of the blank houses is more than 1,000 yuan. Unless you rent a friends house and receive afriendshipprice, it means deliberately low house prices.

Source: Han Jiapeng_NN9841, Responsible Editor of CNN