Boys Die of Nephropathy: Drink Sanlu Milk, Grow Up, Eat Infinite Therapy

 Boys Die of Nephropathy: Drink Sanlu Milk, Grow Up, Eat Infinite Therapy

When he was a child, he drank Sanlu milk powder and underwent surgery for kidney stones around the age of 3.

At the age of 14, he was diagnosed with double kidney stones and renal insufficiency. He had seen western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, and finally, his father chose to believe in the recommendation of the village doctor and only let him take infinite pole brand health care products, at the expense of spending most of the savings at home.

Finally, the child died at the age of 18, with delayed illness and endless pain.

Liang Hong, an 18-year-old boy, left.

The kidney disease pulled him for 15 years, and he eventually lost to the delayed condition.

When he was a child, he drank Sanlu milk powder and underwent surgery for kidney stones around the age of 3. The family kept a compensation receipt signed in January 2009, the amount of compensation was 2,000 yuan.

At the age of 14, Liang Hong was diagnosed as double kidney stone and renal insufficiency. He had seen western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, and finally, his father chose to believe in the recommendation of the village doctor and only let him take infinite pole brand health care products, at the expense of spending most of the savings at home.

On February 23, 2018, on the eighth day of the first lunar month, multiple organ failure, cerebral infarction, digestive tract hemorrhage, uremia, renal anemia, uremic cardiomyopathy, urinary calculi strangled the breathing and heartbeat of an 18-year-old boy, and the rescue was ineffective. He was declared dead by the First Peoples Hospital of Xinmi City.

Liang Hongs cry of pain disappeared in the hospital corridor. A pile of medical documents and a stack of pink health products sales lists recorded most of the boys life.

In Taoyuan Village, Damiao Town, Xinmi City, Henan Province, Liang Qichao, who lost his child, is still accustomed to calling those infinite pole brand health products medicine. The migrant worker once believed that those seal oil, mens oral liquid, Runhongyuan oral liquid and Ganoderma lucidum Huang capsule could cure childrens diseases.

According to Liang Qichao, Zheng Jinan, a doctor in the village health center, repeatedly introduced to him the efficacy of medicine, and took him to see sick friends and buy products. He read that he dropped out of junior high school and was skilled in writing mobile phone text messages, but he never paid attention to it. On the packaging of infinite pole brand health care products, it was indicated that this product can not replace drugs.


In February 2014, Liang Hong fell in his courtyard during his first year of junior high school and failed to stand up. The diagnostic certificate issued by Zhengzhou Central Hospital at that time showed that Liang Hong had double kidney stones and renal insufficiency. He was advised to continue renal medicine treatment, protamine diet, regular review of renal function, not follow-up.

Liang Qichao said that after a period of hospitalization, Liang Hongs condition tended to stabilize. Doctors have told him that the treatment of chronic kidney disease has a process that takes time to recuperate slowly.

After Liang Hong was discharged from hospital, Liang Qichao took him to an outpatient department of traditional Chinese medicine in Zhengzhou to register as an expert. He saw the chief physician and Professor Lu Hongsheng. The doctors titles include Member of the National Committee of Traditional Chinese Medicine Nephropathy and Member of the Technical Committee of Henan Traditional Chinese Medicine Industry Association. Liangs retained outpatient fee invoice began in July 2014, and the last one was in January 2015. Liang Hong goes to see a doctor and prescribes medicine every month. He spends two to three hundred yuan, up to 631 yuan at most. The effect of treatment and medication is recognized by his family.

Every once in a while, Liang Hong will go to the towns Central Health Center for testing, only for testing, not to see a doctor.

Liang Qichao remembered an index, serum creatinine. He only knows that the higher the value, the more serious the childs condition.

According to the laboratory report sheet of Damiao Town Central Hospital, Liang Hongs creatinine was 293 mmol/L on October 19, 2014. On November 30, 2014, creatinine 299 mmol/L. The descriptive reference range indicated on the test sheet ranges from 44 to 115 mmol/L.

Liang Hongs Prenatal Cases and Laboratory Sheets

Liang Qichao feels that if he insists on seeing an expert clinic and letting his children take Chinese medicine according to prescriptions, it may be better long ago, because the granddaughter of a relatives family has a more serious kidney disease than my sons, and insists on medication, its basically all right now.

During his sons illness years, Liang Qichao worked as a cook in a factory with a monthly income of 3,300 yuan. He had a heavy burden of visiting Chinese medicine clinics. However, he later chose a more expensive treatment method - Taking infinite pole brand health care products, which Liang Qichao habitually called medicine or Chinese herbal medicine.

According to his recollection, the first contact with Infinite Pole was in the village health center, with the sign New Rural Cooperative Medical Service Fixed-Point Health Center in Xinmi City hanging at the door. Liang Qichao went to buy cold medicine, and Zheng Jinan, a village doctor, had a family routine. Because they were in the same village, the two families were not more than 500 meters apart. Liang Qichao called Zheng Jinan brother.

The head of public health management department of Damiao Town Health Hospital explained to reporters that Zheng Jinan is a regular Village Doctor with a village doctors license.

Liang Qichao said that Zheng Jinan recommended infinite pole products to him, saying that infinite pole cured his bone cancer, and recommended that he buy them for children to eat. He also took him from the village to the city of Xinmi when he came home from work, and met with a number of sick friends who had used infinite pole, and everyone praised taking effect.

Liang Qichao recalls that once, near the May 4th Square in Xinmi City, a teacher said that he had been sentenced to death in a large hospital, but recovered after taking infinite poles. She pointed to her face and asked Liang Qichao, Look at my face. Did it look like I was sick?

During this period, Song Caixia, a distributor of Infinite Pole in Dakao Town, also came to Liang Qichao many times to sell products to show cases of rehabilitation, and occasionally came with sick friends who had recovered.

Liang Qichao said that out of trust in traditional Chinese medicine and Zheng Jinan, a village doctor, he began to buy infinite pole products for his son.


On July 19, 2015, under the leadership of Zheng Jinan, Liang Qichao went to Song Caixias Infinite Pole product store in Damiao Town. He purchased 388 yuan of products at one time, and handled the Infinite Pole discount card, 100 yuan for full 1000 yuan. Liang Qichao, Zheng Jinan and Song Caixia all signed the documents for handling this card. From this, Liang Qichao judged that Zheng Jinan was his on-line.

Liang Qichao said that since he bought Infinite Pole, he let Liang Hong stop the traditional Chinese medicine for nephropathy and only take Infinite Pole products.

In order to test the effect, Liang Qichao took his children to the towns Health Center for testing as usual.

On October 24, 2015, Liang Hongs creatinine value was 520 mmol/L, nearly double that of a year ago, according to the report form of the Township Central Health center. Liang Qichao was annoyed. He took the test sheet to the village clinic to find Zheng Jinan, a village doctor.

He recalled that Zheng Jinan comforted him and said, Brother, will Brother hurt you? Lets eat this from our neighbours. Zheng Jinan persuaded him that this was a process of treatment, and that it was impossible to recover immediately after taking it. He also prescribed twice the amount of medicine for Liang Hong.

Liang Qichao said that Zheng Jinan guided the selection of medicines and their dosage, and Song Caixia was responsible for selling them to him.

Liang retained 27 sales lists. One of them shows that on July 27, the Liang family paid 16,000 yuan for the products of 15,900 yuan. The latest sales list date is August 23. Liang Qichao said it was his last purchase of infinite pole products, and the children ate until the last day of their lives.

The sales list shows that Liang Hongs infinite pole products include Jianjian, Ganoderma lucidum emperor, calcium tablets and seal oil, with unit prices ranging from more than 100 yuan to more than 500 yuan. According to a media report earlier, as of 22:00 on January 17, all the product introduction, related knowledge and use guide columns of Infinite Pole official website are blank, and the specific reasons are not clear.

On January 21, a reporter from China Youth Daily logged on the official website of Infinite Pole to inquire. The products on Liang Jias sales list belong to Infinite Pole Health Food. Besides Seal Oil, other products can be found. Liang Hong used to take Infinite Pole Mens Oral Liquid for adult men, Infinite Pole Brand Runhuan Oral Liquid for women with nutritional anemia, Lingzhihuang Capsule for people with weak constitution, middle-aged and elderly people and cancer patients, and children should not take it.

All of these products are labeled this product can not replace drugs.

In October 2015, Liang Hongs mother, Hou Chunfang, was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent left mastectomy. Hou Chunfang recalled that Liang Hong had gone to the hospital to take care of her.

Hou Chunfang began to take medicine in large quantities and went to the hospital regularly. Liang Hong had been taking Infinite Pole products. Liang Qichao continued to work outside and went home once or twice a month.

In Liangs home, the reporter failed to find Liang Hongs blood test or hospital diagnosis certificate in 2016. Liang Qichao also recalled that he did not take his son to the towns Health Center for further inspection.


Without timely follow-up and regular medication, Liang Hongs condition became more and more serious.

When he was a baby, his mothers breast milk was insufficient. Sanlu milk powder became his ration.

Nowadays, the Liang family cant find anything related to milk powder. Liang Qichao vaguely remembers that the purchase of Sanlu brand milk powder in that year was more than ten pieces in a bag, packed in bags. Liangs family recalled that Liang Yan, the eldest daughter, was one year older than Liang Honghong. Only when her mouth was greedy did she have the opportunity to rub her brothers milk powder. Liang Hong, who drank milk powder every day, fell ill.

His family could not find the medical record and diagnosis of his childhood illness, and their memories of his operation varied.

After Liang Hong was diagnosed with uremia, Liang Qichao asked his relatives to raise money on the platform of Water Drop Raising. They once wrote in the public information that Liang Hong had two years of Sanlu milk powder when he was young, and then underwent abdominal lithotomy in the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University after being examined for double kidney stones in Xinmi Peoples Hospital.

On January 17 this year, Liang Qichao first interviewed reporters and said that in 2001 or so, Liang Hong, a two-year-old son, visited Xinmi Peoples Hospital for urination difficulties and received free treatment from the state. At the same time, they received a compensation of 2,000 yuan.

As a victim of Sanlu Milk Powder, Liang Hong once received a compensation.

On the third day after the interview, he turned out the compensation receipt of that year at his home. On this folded yellow page, Liang Hongs condition was written in the column: double kidney stones. The date is January 10, 2009. As a guardian of children, Liang Qichao received a one-time compensation of 2,000 yuan from 22 production enterprises issued by Xinmi Refractories Association.

According to the condition and information provided by the medical institutions that the health administrative department undertakes the task of screening and treatment, Liang Hongs condition is judged to be the lightest one in the determination of compensation, that is, to receive general treatment. The other two more serious cases were death and severe illness.

Media reports in that year showed that just four months before Liang Qichao signed the compensation receipt, officials of the Henan Provincial Health Department said that after the disclosure of the melamine contamination incident of the Sanlu brand infant formula milk powder, the provincial diagnosis and treatment expert group gave free diagnosis and treatment to infants with urinary calculi who ate the Sanlu brand milk powder. At the same time, designated three-level designated hospitals to concentrate on the treatment of children with severe illness, and strive to avoid complications and sequelae.

On the back of the compensation receipt is a letter from Sanlu Group to the parents of the sick children. According to repeated research and demonstration by medical experts, children generally do not suffer from sequelae after cure. In case of prevention, we raise funds to establish a medical compensation fund for children with sequelae, which is used to pay for the medical expenses of children with sequelae after the end of the acute treatment period and before the age of 18, and entrust China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. to manage it.

Liang Qichao said that Liang Hong received free treatment arranged by the state and was discharged after being cured. The Liang family forgot Sanlu Shadow, and in the treatment of Liang Hong after 14 years old, no one thought of the letter promising to be before 18 years old.

In July 2017, 17-year-old Liang Hong went to the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine for treatment of pain. Liang Qichao said that he had already anticipated that the childs condition was getting worse. The hospital diagnosed chronic renal failure, uremia stage, kidney stones and recommended kidney transplantation.

The Liang family could not afford the money. They listened to the suggestions of their sick friends and raised funds through the Internet, eventually raising more than 17,000 yuan. According to Zhang Lixia, director of Damiao Town Civil Affairs Bureau, in the latter half of 2017, after Liang Hongs illness worsened, the Damiao Town Government had given the Liang family 5000 yuan for difficult relief, and the Xinmi Civil Affairs Bureau had allocated 5000 yuan for temporary relief.

On December 13, 2017, Liang Hong was admitted again. Xinmi First Peoples Hospital diagnosed uremia, renal anemia, uremic cardiomyopathy, urinary calculi. After admission, after treatment of oxygen inhalation, acid rectification and detoxification, regular hemodialysis and so on, Liang Hongs stable condition, 25 days improved and discharged from hospital.

More than two months later, Liang Hong left. Speaking of the dying child, Liang Qichao cried bitterly. He recalled intermittently that the doctor said it would take hundreds of thousands of yuan and millions to save his son, but the family had no money and could not save him. The son wanted to go home on his deathbed, but that day he needed to finish an hour of hemodialysis in the intensive care unit.

Before he died, there was no medicine to relieve the boys pain. He kept groaning and holding his hand.

(Liang Hong and Liang Yan are aliased names)

Source: Author of China Youth Daily: Ma Yuping, responsible editor: Han Jiapeng_NN9841