Evening News | Baidu is Dead article cited hot discussion that trembler users can not login with Wechat

 Evening News | Baidu is Dead article cited hot discussion that trembler users can not login with Wechat

Baidu is dead became a hot article last night and this morning, Baidu responded that Baijianu content accounted for less than 10%. Fang Kecheng, the author of the article, once again responded that the proportion of the whole station was not very meaningful (and the percentage of 100 companies in the total content was nearly 10%?). In general, we only look at the first two pages of the search. It would be more convincing to give the percentage of results on the first page. [Link to the original

Mobai bicycle has been fully integrated into the American Regiment APP and will be renamed the American Regiment bicycle in the future.

On January 23, Wang Huiwen, the co-founder and senior vice president of the American Regiment, issued an internal letter announcing that Mobai has fully accessed the American Regiment APP and that Mobai bicycle will become the LBS platform bicycle business department of the American Regiment. He himself will also be the general manager of the business department. [Link to the original

HKUST News Flight layoffs? Officials say the number of companies will rise slightly in 2019.

Jan. 23, the relevant media quoted pulse news that KUST Flight is laying off staff, and will optimize 30% of the formal staff. In this regard, HKUST News Flight official said that the layoffs were untrue. [Link to the original

Hammer Shanghai Subsidiary Companys Legal Representative Changed, Luo Yonghao Changed into Wen Hongxi

According to Tian Eye Check, on January 22, the legal representative of Hammer Science and Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was changed from Luo Yonghao to Wen Hongxi, and Luo Yonghao withdrew from the directors for the record. (First Finance and Economics) [Link

A sequel to Touteng War? New users cannot log in with Wechat Authorization

On the evening of January 22, a large number of tremolo users indicated that they could not login and use tremolo APP in the normal way authorized by Wechat. In the early morning of January 23, the official announcement was issued that the trembler itself did not encounter technical problems, which should be the result of problems in the login service provided by the open platform of Wechat. (First Finance and Economics) [Link

Cai Xukun was elected NBA New Year Ambassador Hu Puzhi: I choose to die

Cai Xukun, together with famous NBA stars Lillard, Thompson and Alphabet Brother, was chosen as the New Year Ambassador of the NBA this year. The NBAs move is tantamount to a sharp knife in the chest of the netizens. In many straight mens hupu, basketball is a yang full of spirit, Cai Xukun is undoubtedly not enough masculine, and even some feminine. [Link to the original

The expiration of the ban hit a 0.7% rise in the counter-market of the wool scrape.

The ban ended on Tuesday, but two days ago it suffered from black and grey wool grazing, which may have short-term fluctuations in the share price of Pingduo. On Tuesday, the first day of trading after the U.S. stock markets public holiday, Pingduo had a large amplitude. It stopped falling and rose half an hour after opening, with a maximum increase of nearly 6%. The companys share price has risen by more than 32% over the IPO offering price. (Wall Street News)

Hair Curling Bar and Hair Dryer Become the Richest Man in Britain

Dysons earnings this year reached 1.1 billion pounds, which means its founder, James Dyson, has increased his wealth by about $3 billion to $13.8 billion, making him the richest man in Britain. (Wall Street News)

Lei Jun: The first 5G mobile phones cost at least 700 yuan

On January 23, Digitimes reported that in 2019, domestic 5G mobile phones will be priced at 500 yuan higher. Lei Jun, founder and CEO of Millet Technologies, said that 500 yuan is uncertain, and additional patent fees and value-added tax are needed. The first 5G mobile phones cost at least 700 yuan. (Fast Technology) [Link to the original

Multi-flash downloads exceeded 1 million, and micro-envelopes suppressed tremor logon entry

On the afternoon of January 23, according to Xu Luran, product manager of Duoshuang, Duoshuang officially launched on the evening of January 21, with downloads exceeding 1 million in 24 hours. (21st Century Economic Report)