Yu Xiaoyu passes the Japanese N1 exam, and the beautiful woman watches the animation to become a self-taught talent.

 Yu Xiaoyu passes the Japanese N1 exam, and the beautiful woman watches the animation to become a self-taught talent.

Yu Xiaoyu speaks Japanese well and is well known for a long time. In an interview with Japanese media at Nagano International Skating Grand Prix in 2015, Yu Xiaoyu served as an interpreter. His fluent Japanese shocked the host. According to Xiaoyu herself, she liked watching Japanese animation in elementary school, remembered Japanese a little, and then slowly said it. There are countless cartoons to watch, at least hundreds of them.

During summer training in 2018, Yu Xiaoyu suffered serious injuries to her feet, which resulted in her absence from this seasons competition. However, the figure skater beauty was not idle. She spent part of her time learning Japanese. In this years Japanese N1 level examination, Yu Xiaoyu scored 118 points, and eventually passed the level examination smoothly.

Yu Xiaoyu said excitedly on his personal social media: The big stone in my heart can be counted down today. There are many places for reflection, but in a short period of time, I have never seen the courage to challenge N1 without reading and understanding. At the end of the reading, there was no time to examine the questions. Fortunately, it exceeded the passing line. The rest was saved by listening. Anyway, the most important thing is that I passed the N1 test, I passed it, I passed it.

In addition to Yu Xiaoyus proficiency in Japanese, Chinese flower skater Han Congs English level is quite good. In Osaka Station, Japan, in 2017, Sui Wenjing/Han Cong broke the dust-laden world record of free skating for more than four years. At the dinner after the competition, Han Cong greeted people from all walks of life in fluent English and represented all the competitors. In the Pingchang Winter Olympic Games, Han Cong also received interviews directly in English in various national television stations and literary journalist areas.

Hui Ruoqi, the former captain of the Chinese womens volleyball team, was admitted as a doctoral student of sports humanities and sociology by the School of Sports Science of Nanjing Normal University when she was playing basketball. At the age of 26, Hui Ruoqi formally successfully passed the doctoral defense and became another high-educated and high-profile member of the Chinese womens volleyball team. Zhao Ruirui, another beautiful woman in the womens volleyball team, began to write books after her retirement. In 2018, she published The Darker the Night, the more the stars shine, and became a writer.