Rumors of 350 million bonuses at the end of the year in Chengzhongcun, but the real bonuses make people blush

 Rumors of 350 million bonuses at the end of the year in Chengzhongcun, but the real bonuses make people blush

These two days, one named

What is the dividend level at the end of the year in Huanggang Village, Shenzhen?

The posts are circulating wildly on the internet.

Search for Huanggang Village Dividend on Weibo.

You will also see a large number of pictures of the same type being spread.

And the netizens see these posts are fried pot!

Envy, jealousy and thigh hugging

According to the pictures posted on the Internet, the piled up RMB is placed on the ground in turn, beside which are the people being counted. Netizens commented, Count it, 300 million cash. More netizens commented, The Tuhao villagers in Shenzhen rely solely on dividend and rent, so they can travel everyday.

Big Things You Think of Your Netizens

Hug your legs too fast!

Is it true or not?

Its not clear yet.

Look at the details of the picture. Its not like Huanggang Village.

Reporters noticed that photos circulated online had green hillsides and slightly sparse trees in the background. In fact, Huanggang Village is located in the central area of Futian District, Shenzhen. The largest open space is the ancestral hall and square in the middle of the village, surrounded by high-rise buildings without any hillsides (see the contrast map).

Pictures circulated on the Internet, with green hillsides and sparse trees (red circle), are clearly not Huanggang Village, Shenzhen.

From aerial photographs, it can be seen that around Huanggang Village are tall buildings, dense green trees, no slopes.

But its not just a hillside.

To judge whether it is Huanggang Village?

You still have to ask the party.

Is there anything like that?

Fake! Weve already called the police.

The reporter contacted Huanggang Industrial Co., Ltd. on this matter. The director of the office, Zhuang Xuexian, said that the photos of the dividend distribution in Huanggang Village circulated online were false and had nothing to do with Huanggang Village. At present, Huanggang Industrial Co., Ltd. has reported to the public security organs, There is nothing to say, because it is not our business at all. Where is such a picture in Futian District?

Zhuang Xuexian said that there had been no similar rumors in Huanggang village before, and they did not know why there was a rumor of dividend sharing with Huanggang village. We did not know this thing until this afternoon. Now it is the era of eyeball economy. The more exaggerated the content, the faster it will spread.

In response to the incident, the police officers at Fuqiang Police Station of Futian Public Security Bureau said that this morning, representatives of Huanggang Village Joint Stock Company came to Fuqiang Police Station to report the incident. They said that some people had spread false information about the cash red envelope of 350 million yuan on the Internet.

After receiving the alarm, the district police station has accepted the case and is still under investigation. If the investigation is true, those who spread rumors will be punished according to relevant laws and regulations.

In the interview, Chuang Xuexian also disclosed to reporters

An enviable message

He said -

I believe everyone has heard of Huanggang Village.

How many cattle are there in Huanggang Village?

Thousands of villagers with shareholdings are paid a dividend of 100,000 a year.

In addition, Zhuang Xuexian disclosed that at present there are more than 1000 villagers in Huanggang Village who can enjoy the dividend, the amount of which is about 100,000 yuan per person per year. At present, the income of joint stock companies is mainly rental income.

Was it a little shocked?

How many cattle are there in Huanggang Village?

Lets hold our thighs together.

It is understood that Huanggang Village is situated on the central axis of Shenzhens central district and at the portal of Shenzhen Port. In recent years, with Huanggang adjusting its industrial structure and focusing on high-end services, collective assets have increased to 6 billion yuan, and the dividends of villagers are naturally indispensable. And because its located in a busy commercial district, its often hard to find one.


How to be a man of beauty and wisdom

First of all, we should never believe rumors, do not create rumors, do not spread rumors!

Source: responsible editor of Shenzhen Event: Yang Yi_NBJ10647