Thailands Wife Killing and Insurance Fraud Case Will Put Family MembersDeath Penalty Claim into Difficulty of Evidence Collection

 Thailands Wife Killing and Insurance Fraud Case Will Put Family MembersDeath Penalty Claim into Difficulty of Evidence Collection

Wife-killing and insurance fraud cases will be prosecuted within this week

At the end of October 2018, a 29-year-old Tianjin woman, Xiaojie, was found dead in a hotel pool on Phuket Island, Thailand. Her husband, Zhang Mou, was later identified as a suspect by Thai police. After the incident, the womans family members found a number of insurance policies in the two families, the total amount of insurance is suspected to be 30 million yuan. After the incident, Zhang Mou was controlled by the Kamara police station on Phuket Island, Thailand, and admitted to the police that he killed his wife in the hotel pool. On December 11, 2018, Tianjin police also filed an investigation into Zhangs suspected insurance fraud case.

On December 26, 2018, Fang Wenchuan, the womans attorney, said that according to the testimony records of witnesses and relevant evidence, the police finally formally charged Zhang Mou, a suspect in the case, with the charge of intentional murder and cruel injury to others in the 289 (4, 5) counts of the Thai Criminal Law, and sentenced him to death under Article 289 of the Thai Criminal Law. According to Ms. Zhang Hongyuan, assistant to Fang Wenchuan, the investigation of the case in the Thai police has been officially completed and handed over to the local prosecution for review on January 14. The Thai prosecution will prosecute this week.

Zhang Hongyuan told the Beiqing Daily that they had handed the Thai translation of the last policy to the Thai police and prosecutors on January 22. At present, the Thai police still have four previous insurance contracts with a total insurance value of 17.16 million yuan.

Insurance companies refuse to offer insurance contracts

However, the total amount of 17.16 million yuan held by Thai police is far lower than the 30 million yuan in Xiaojies family.

Li Bin, an insurance lawyer entrusted by Xiao Jies parents in China, told Beiqing Daily that at present, he has not obtained any other insurance companies involved in the case except four paper-based insurance contracts involving Fuxing Baodexin Life Insurance Company Limited, Tongfang Global Life Insurance Company Limited, China Pacific Life Insurance Company Limited and Sunshine Life Insurance Company Limited. Companys insurance contract.

All insurance companies refuse to provide us with insurance contracts, to explain the process of signing insurance contracts, and to express their opinions on the effectiveness of insurance contracts in the current real-time state. The reasons given by insurance companies are that Tianjin police require confidentiality of the case, but they can not give the written requirements of the police. We believe that the family members of the insured should have the right to know. According to an e-mail from one of the insurance companies involved, Changsheng Life, provided by Li Bin, a journalist from Beiqing Daily, the company said: Because this case is very special, it has a great social impact. In view of the public security requirements of our company for confidentiality of the case, the relevant insurance information can not be transmitted.

Li Bin told Beiqing Daily that even the insurance companies with paper contracts mentioned above have not fully introduced the process of insurance contract formation and the current status of insurance effectiveness to their families. Among them, Pacific Life said that before the incident, it had returned Zhangs insurance because it found out that many people had insured him, but even then they still refused to provide relevant materials.

Family membersdeath penalty appeal is in a dilemma of obtaining evidence

According to Thai lawyer Fang Wenchuan, the facts about the total number of insurance contracts, the total amount of insurance, whether the insurance categories contain death insurance liability, whether Xiao Jie agrees to the insurance of suspects, and whether Xiao Jie agrees to the insurance amount are very important for the conviction and sentencing of suspects.

At present, Xiaojies parents and Li Bin have submitted information disclosure applications to China Banking Insurance Regulatory Commission and China Insurance Industry Association. At present, the China Banking Insurance Regulatory Commission has not been restored, and the China Insurance Industry Association has clearly responded that it has not established an inquiry channel for insurance contracts. Li Bin said.

Li Bin told the Beijing Youth Daily that family members have no claim for insurance, just want to confirm more insurance policies and increase the weight of evidence. At present, the Thai police are accusing of deliberate murder, deliberate is a very subjective concept, so we need to collect more insurance policies to support, increase the possibility of death penalty.

Li Bin said that he and Xiaojies uncle will go to Thailand on the evening of January 23 to communicate with the team of Thai lawyer Fang Wenchuan on the current case. We need to understand the relevant laws and regulations of Thailand and introduce them to the insurance laws of the mainland of China. Because the familys appeal is very clear, that is, the death penalty, so we also need to discuss the litigation strategy.

Previously, Xiao Jies cousin told Beiqing Daily that the familys appeal is that the murderer of Xiao Jie be sentenced to death. If the suspect is not sentenced to death after the prosecution in Thailand, his family will continue to appeal or strive for extradition home.

Wife-killing and insurance fraud suspects admitted dragging their wiveshair in the swimming pool and handing it over to prosecutors

On the evening of October 29, 2018, Xiaojie, a 29-year-old woman from Tianjin, was caught in a hotel on Phuket Island, Thailand. Zhang Moufan, her husband, was under the control of the local police on suspicion of murder. Two months after Xiao Jies death, Xiao Jies parents disclosed some details of the case to Nandu reporters. They learned from Thai police that many hairs were found in the hotel room and swimming pool of a small family of three. Zhang Hongyuan, a member of Xiaojies familys attorneys deputy in Thailand, told Nandu reporters that when the suspect Zhang Moufan was questioned by Thai police, he did admit that Xiaojies hair was pulled down during the pulling process in the swimming pool.