Plastic training schools say they can sew clothes and train their eyelids for three days.

 Plastic training schools say they can sew clothes and train their eyelids for three days.

Three days! Three days! Only three days! If you can sew, you can make double eyelids!

Recently, a news of Shenzhen Metropolitan Channel was hot searched. The reporter of Shenzhen Metropolitan Channel secretly visited a plastic surgery training school, which offered more than 20 courses such as double eyelids, line carving and so on. Teachers at the school said that the industry threshold is low and the profit is high. They can finish the course in three days.

According to the statistics of the Black Paper of Chinese Medical and Aesthetic Industry in 2017, there are a large number of black cosmetic institutions hiding in many medical and aesthetic institutions, which have no qualifications. The number of black cosmetic institutions has exceeded 60,000, which is six times the number of regular clinics. In recent years, minimally invasive plastic surgery projects have become popular rapidly with the advantages of convenience, minimally invasive and short recovery period. But because of its relatively simple operation, some illegal elements aim at business opportunities, and gradually derive an industrial chain for profiteering. The health newspaper interviewed about the disorder in the plastic surgery industry.

Plastic surgery failed

Liu Li (pseudonym) has always been reluctant to believe that plastic failure will happen to her. Today, she dares not look in the mirror, or even refuses anything reflective.

Five years ago, Liu Li, in her early 40s, began to worry about her aging face. She often visited beauty parlors for facial massage and skin care. Every time she did beauty projects, the price was high, but the effect was not obvious. Liu Li, who is keen on beauty, is not satisfied with simple beauty projects, but gradually moves her mind of micro-plastic surgery.

At a beauty fair in 2015, Liu Li was attracted by the slogan Let everyone live to be a hundred years old with quality issued by a private beauty agency in Hangzhou. Injection can make the face more curved and other propaganda make Liu Li unable to suppress. Liu Li recalled the scene at that time. On the one hand, beautiful and well-built models were on stage T. On the other hand, the head of the organization explained a micro-plastic program on the big electronic screen. Drawing and lecturing again, I feel very professional. So Liu Li went to Hangzhou with four friends in a group. On the way to Hangzhou, she was very excited to imagine her beauty. I saw so many people queuing up, all in groups, the qualifications of institutions were not qualified and other issues were not thought about at that time. Liu Li recalled.

After paying a deposit of 500,000 yuan, the agency arranged for Liu Li to design Zhang Mou. Zhang looked at Liu Lis face carefully and said, Your face is too sunken and not fluent. Lets fill in the depression on your face and make it into an egg face, which is more curvilinear. Zhang Mou introduced to Liu Li a filler named Epeef, and told Liu Li that Epeef is a filler approved by the State Food and Drug Administration. It is the best filler for human body. It can be fixed for 5 years and degraded automatically after 5 years. If the injection effect is not ideal, lysozyme can be used to eliminate it. An Ebev injection is worth 20,000 yuan, but you can rest assured that it is the best product. Liu Li said.

The operation was performed three times and injected once every three months. How many injections were given, how many injections were given, and where they were injected were not clear to Liu Li herself. Four months later, Liu Li found things were not right. Instead of becoming beautiful, she became a big cake face. Looking in the mirror, Im terrified! Because the injection volume is too large, and the injection site is deep in the subcutaneous layer, resulting in a round face, facial expression stiffness. Looking at the millions of dollars spent in micro-plastic surgery for a face that she did not want to see, Liu Li regretted it. Not only that, but also some of Liu Lis friends had similar symptoms.

Liu Li said that the final effect is quite different from the previous designers description, and the original sharp face is gone forever. Liu Li was so painful that she was depressed that she washed her face with tears, smashed things and even had the idea of light birth. Nowadays, she stays at home all day, her personality becomes introverted, she doesnt like to talk much, and she doesnt want to meet acquaintances. It took her two years, with the help of a psychologist, to make an effort to overcome the obstacle in her heart.

Afterwards, Liu Li learned that although the private medical beauty agency has a formal license, the doctors who make cosmetology for her are likely to be unqualified products, that is to say, they may graduate from the current hot crash course of cosmetology.

This year, Liu Li went to the regular hospital for treatment. She used the medicine to soften the scar to soften the facial tissue. She injected lysozyme bit by bit to eliminate the influx of Epeef. Its just an attempt. Whether it works or not remains to be seen. At the beginning, the hairdressing agency in Hangzhou continued to fishing in a smallpox advertisement. Liu Li wanted to complain, but did not know who to look for.

Five days of training can be on the job

Victims like Liu Li have entered a private hospital with a formal license, but doctors are not necessarily regular soldiers, and quite a part of them come from underground crash classes. How did these various cosmetic guerrillas produce?

Reporters posted a study post in Baidu Post Bar. In just two days, there were 16 replies. From come to Zhengzhou, enclose outside, inject, line carving, Beijing studio one-to-one, Guangzhou consider it? Formal schools, one-to-one training, Nanjing considers it, packaged accommodation is practical and other messages can be seen that micro-plastic training institutions are not a small number in all parts of the country, and in order to attract scholars have set up rich conditions. The reporter contacted a person named Wenhao from Baidu Post Bar, and then added Weixin. I am an agency. I recommend teachers to you. Teachers will introduce the details of the training to you. Wen Hao said that he had sent a contact form for a training teacher.

The reporter succeeded in connecting with the training teacher named Ni Yu (pseudonym).

I dont have a medical background. Can people with zero foundation engage in micro-plastic surgery?

The trainees in our institute basically start from zero foundation. There are 5 to 8 trainees in a training course. You can consult in the shop.

According to the appointed time, the reporter came to Ni Yus place. The American Institute of International Medicine, Angels, is located in an office building near Dongzhimen Metro Station in Dongcheng District, Beijing. Reporters in the front desk to see the Angels Beauty micro-integrated project price list, 2,000 yuan a hyaluronic acid, water light needle 6000 yuan a time... In addition, there are also some weird micro-plastic projects with the names of Yinshi Fandai, Pink Mulberry Beauty, Supreme Red Beauty, Enchanted Eye and Enchanted Magic Girl. In the hall, a worker in a white coat was looking at his cell phone, while another worker was eyebrowing customers in the mirror. There are three beds and a pile of quilts in the narrow beauty room. Reporters later learned that hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin injection is carried out here.

Ni Yu took the reporter to the client negotiation room. On the wall, there were various Korean certificates, a brand of honest and trustworthy enterprise, but the money was paid by a network technology company, a certificate of the 14th Congress of Cosmetic and Plastic Doctors of the Chinese Medical Association. At this time, a man called General Zhao came in. Another student is coming? Zhao always casually put the key of Mercedes-Benz on the table and asked. Zhao is always in charge of the organization and has just received four new students. When the reporter told Zhao that he always wanted to learn to fill with hyaluronic acid, Zhao always showed the training course of injections with his mobile phone. More than 30 items such as wrinkle removal project, filling project, promotion project and face-thinning project are all within the scope of training. The original price is 15600 yuan for training fee, the summer special price is 7800 yuan, life-long rehabilitation, until learning. Zhao said that the training lasted five days, four days to learn theoretical knowledge and one day to learn practical operation. Professional teachers teach transparently, without routines, refuse to talk on paper, to ensure that the content of the lesson for students to learn, understand.

Ni Yu took reporters to the studentsclassroom. Five yellow silica gel face models were placed on the desk, with needles and threads from previous lessons. The theoretical textbook is less than 20 pages, which contains the basic distribution of blood vessels and nerves on the face. The images are rough and the words are simple. According to the theory of learning, first practice drawing blood vessels on the model. Ni Yu introduced that after mastering the distribution of blood vessels, needles can be used to practice injection on the model. Some students prick needles in their legs to exercise courage.

In the organization, the reporter did not see any professional qualification certificate of the organization. Zhao found the business license from the mobile phone photo album for the reporter to see, but he took it back before the reporter could see it clearly. You can rest assured that we are a regular institution. After passing the training, you will be issued with a diploma. Zhao always showed a mysterious smile and said, Having a diploma does not mean you can engage in injection activities. You also need a doctors license. But most people in the market do not have a license for practicing physicians, and they still do a good job.

Youll make a lot of money.

Reporter survey found that the training institute is a husband and wife shop run by Zhao and his wife, which has been for eight years. Zhaos wife, who graduated from a medical university and had worked as a plastic surgeon in a hospital for several years, is now responsible for giving lectures to the trainees. In addition to Dongzhimen, there is also a branch in Sanlitun Business District of Beijing, and a branch in Tongzhou District will be opened in the future.

Zhao always told reporters, now micro-plastic hot, the market prospects are good, more and more students come to sign up for training. Semi-permanent makeup classes, the latest double eyelids classes, new line carving classes, micro-injection classes, skin management classes have been scheduled for the whole of August.

Looking at reporters still hesitating, Ni Yu told reporters that many students came from other places to study, one of them came back from the United States specially to study, and every three months to come back for further study. Shortly after the graduation of another medical freshman, he not only earned the training fee back, but also earned a good living. Its wise to choose this industry.

If you learn technology, you will make a lot of money. If you are a few clients, you can earn your tuition back. Ni Yu made a career plan for journalists. One is to cooperate with the beauty parlor, which provides customers with equal profits to the beauty parlor; the other is to open their own beauty studio and return all their income to themselves. What if I cant open a studio? The reporter asked. Thats all right. You can come to the door or book a room in a hotel. Ni Yu whispered, I also have business outside. Four customers a day can earn 10,000 yuan.

Ni Yu told reporters, do not worry about the source of visitors, many young girls prefer to inject hyaluronic acid, botulinum toxin, which is simple, effective and fast. Our medicines come from the regular hospitals in Korea and have the approval of the state. You can buy medicine from school and sell it to you at the original price. Reporters learned that the price of a hyaluronic acid injection here ranges from 500 yuan to 1000 yuan. When it is sold to customers, it can be priced at will, up to 6000 yuan. As long as the price is cheaper than the regular plastic surgery hospital, you can ensure that your customers continue to flow.

The reporter looked through Ni Yus records of the circle of friends in Weixin and found that she would send small videos of injections to clients every other time. You have to keep publicizing, first open channels from your friends, and then develop offline. Ni Yu said that the specific approach is to promote publicity to friends through social platforms such as Weixin Friendship Circle and Weibo, and then expand to other people with friends as intermediaries, one by one, similar to pyramid selling. ?

Sanfei Disrupts the Medical and Beauty Market

In recent years, many people have been touched by the slogan of minimally invasive, quick and safe plastic surgery. However, due to the fact that some illegal cosmetic organizations and individuals are following the market and using micro-blog, micro-mail and other means to carry out illegal medical and cosmetic services, the incidents of disability and death caused by the failure of micro-plastic surgery occur from time to time. According to industry statistics, at present, 90% of the incidents of micro-cosmetic disfigurement come from three non-medical institutions, namely, illegal plastic surgery doctors, illegal plastic products, equipment and illegal training.

Counterfeit Drugs and Prohibited Drugs Return the Dead to the Soul

Micro-plastic is developed with the development of injection materials. Professor Zhao Zhenmin, Secretary-General of China Plastic and Beauty Association, concluded. The earliest micro-plastic surgery took place in the late 1980s. The liquid silica gel produced by Dow Corning Company was used for breast augmentation and nose augmentation. But soon afterwards, many beauty seekers had allogenic reactions, causing skin swelling and ulceration, which was then banned by the state. During this period, paraffin oil injection became popular for some time, but it was soon eliminated.

By the end of the 1990s, a material called human fat was popular all over the country. Human body fat is Omeidine, which can be filled by simple injection, and plays a boosting role in the development of micro-plastic industry. Later, it was found that the beauty seekers injected with Omedine had local infection and skin ulceration, and the filler was difficult to remove from the body. Omedine, known as polyacrylamide hydrogel, once decomposed into monomers, will become a strong carcinogen in the human body and become a time bomb. So far, there are still some beauty seekers who have not taken out Omedine. In 2006, the former State Food and Drug Administration banned the production, sale and use of Omeidine.

Afterwards, Ebev was allowed to enter China. Ebev has basically withdrawn from the U.S. market, but there are still many medical and cosmetic establishments in China that are using it. Tian Yongcheng, executive director of China Plastic Association and director of Plastic and Cosmetic International Chain of Beijing Tianyongcheng Plastic and Cosmetic Organization, introduced that intractable granulation hyperplasia would also occur after injection of ebefer, and that it was a permanent filler and difficult to remove. Nowadays, micro-plastic has entered the era of hyaluronic acid.

Tian Yongcheng said that after Omeidine was banned, some underground factories disguised Omeidine as hyaluronic acid, which had been retained in the past or smuggled from abroad, and circulated it to illegal medical and beauty institutions and individuals. One milliliter of Omeidine costs only 8 yuan, but after circulation, the price is as high as several thousand yuan. So far, we are still helping the beauty seekers to get Omedine out. Tian Yongcheng said.

Both underground and smuggled medicines are irregular. Zhao Zhenmin introduced that regular hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin were approved to enter the country through the State Administration of Food and Drug Administration. Enterprises with operational qualifications sign agreements with medical and cosmetic institutions with the License of Medical Institutions. These enterprises can only distribute medicinal devices such as hyaluronic acid to regular medical and cosmetic institutions. In addition, botulinum toxin drugs are strictly regulated in accordance with the national regulations on the administration of narcotics and need to be transported in cold chain.

It just sounds beautiful.

Although micro-plastic surgery focuses on the word micro, it still belongs to medical behavior and has certain risks. If improper operation will lead to clinical complications, such as skin necrosis, blindness, paralysis and other serious consequences. Chen Guangyu, director of the Injection Beauty Center of the Plastic Surgery Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, treats beauty seekers with complications caused by improper injection every day. In 2014, led by Chen Guangyu, a nationwide group of injecting beauty salvage Wechat was established, in which nearly 1000 plastic and cosmetic doctors with legal qualifications were included. Over the past three years, through Wechat, they have treated about 300 beauty seekers injured by injections by non-medical personnel.

A needle can make you beautiful. It sounds beautiful, but it doesnt mean theres no risk. It does not mean that the operator can become a plastic surgeon in a few daystraining without using a knife and simple operation. Chen Guangyu said that institutions engaged in micro-plastic surgery need to obtain business license and medical institution license and register with the health administration departments for diagnosis and treatment subjects, while practitioners need to obtain doctor qualification certificate and doctor license and also meet the requirements of the chief physician. There are a lot of illegal institutions in the market, including beauty parlors, beauty studios andriver and lake doctorand so on. Chen Guangyu believed that the reason for the emergence of three non is that the profit of the micro-plastic industry is too high, the number of micro-plastic doctors in regular medical institutions is small, and the demand is greater than the supply, so the illegal micro-plastic is becoming more and more intense.

Some institutions illegally run micro-plastic training courses, initially training qualified doctors, and then gradually training people without medical background, or even any qualified people to train others. Chen Guangyu said that after graduation, the trainees bought unknown medicines and injections from the teachers of the training class, forming a black chain of micro-plastic underground industry.

The publics legal awareness is very weak, and they are lucky enough to bet on their own bodies. Zhao Zhenmin said that some beauty seekers know that visiting doctors is illegal, but because the pictures are cheap and convenient, they dont care whether the injection environment meets the medical conditions or what way the injectors come from. These travel doctors have no fixed place, once an accident happens, the beauty seekers can not find the parties at all, law enforcement officers can not obtain evidence, can only suffer dumb losses.

Regulation needs multi-sectoral efforts

In May 2017, seven ministries and commissions, including the State Health and Family Planning Commission, the Central Network Information Office, the Ministry of Public Security and the State Administration of Food and Drug Administration, jointly issued the Notice on Special Action to Strictly Combat Illegal Medical and Cosmetic Treatment, requiring the administrative departments of health and family planning at all levels and their supervisory bodies to be responsible for special supervision and inspection in accordance with the law in combination with medical institutions; and the food and drug regulatory departments are responsible for strengthening the supervision and inspection The Customs is responsible for cracking down on smuggling of medicines and medical devices; the human and social sectors should strengthen the investigation and punishment of violations and carry out vocational skills training; the administrative departments for Industry and commerce should strengthen the supervision of advertisements; the network information departments should handle the relevant departments according to law to investigate and punish illegal websites; and the public security organs should cooperate with relevant administrative law enforcement departments to carry out joint law enforcement according to law. Strictly crack down on illegal medical practice and criminal activities endangering drug safety.

Zhao Zhenmin said that for the sake of their health and life safety, beauty seekers must go to regular medical and beauty institutions to see a doctor, consciously resist illegal medical and beauty activities, and protect their legitimate rights and interests.

At present, there are no relevant laws and regulations on micro-plastic surgery at the national level, and the penalties for cases of micro-plastic injury to the human body are relatively light. Chen Guangyu suggested that a rewarding reporting system should be established; national administrative departments and law enforcement departments should formulate professional regulations and rules, as well as industry consensus, the most important thing is to form legal provisions as soon as possible; carry out early and rapid treatment of failed cases of micro-cosmetic surgery; screen high-quality and safe drugs from clinical trials of drugs; and establish a regular training system for doctors. Only when administrative departments, industry associations and production suppliers work together can the micro-shaping market develop in the right direction.

Source: Health Daily Author: Yang Jinwei, Li Lin, Yu Mengfei, Luo Zhihua, Editor-in-Charge: Su Honghong_NBJ9980