Soha! Lippi: Tomorrow all the survivors will be shown and the wounded will be healed.

 Soha! Lippi: Tomorrow all the survivors will be shown and the wounded will be healed.

Iran has just participated in the World Cup, and has not lost a goal in this Asian Cup, demonstrating the strength of top teams. Lippi said that the national football team has a clear understanding of the strength of their opponents. We must recognize that Iran is one of the strongest teams in Asia. I can only say that I hope our players can play as well as possible and reduce their mistakes. I hope to show the content of the exercises as much as possible.

At present, in addition to confirming that the team can not continue to play in Hanchao, the situation of Feng Xiaoting, Wu Lei and Wu Xi has attracted much attention from the outside world. Lippi explained the current situation of the team: Our injured have reached the state of being able to play, but for the sake of insurance, they will be trained in the afternoon. I will decide whether they will be able to play tomorrow through their training status. Take part in the competition.

When Iran has a very strong defensive offense, it will undoubtedly create a lot of set-pieces opportunities for its opponents, and Iran is really a team that is good at using set-pieces to attack. Lippi said, In this respect, we will arrange the set-pieces before every match. Tomorrow, facing such a strong team as Iran, we will definitely do the most actively in the arrangement, hoping to achieve a certain level. The effect.

Irans opponent is no stranger to the national football team and Lippi. Lippi has only lost three games in the official match of coaching Chinas national team. One is the 0-2 defeat against Korea in the Asian Cup, and the other is the elimination of Iran in the World Cup. Lippi said to this: This Iran team has no change with the Iranian team in our top 12, no matter the players or coaches. Or tactics. We will deploy our game according to our opponents situation and our own condition. The Iranian players are very aggressive in attack, so tomorrows game will be a test for us.

Some foreign journalists asked that Lippi had taken the top clubs in Europe and taken part in the World Cup. What are the challenges for Chinas national team in these two years? Lippi answered: Of course, there are many challenges. I dont just want to lead the Chinese team to win more games, but also want to bring more young players to grow up in the World Cup and Asian Cup. They also meet my expectations. I think this is the most important part of my challenge.