Men were deceived into forced labor at the construction site for five years and only remembered their name as Twenty-five.

 Men were deceived into forced labor at the construction site for five years and only remembered their name as Twenty-five.

Sun Haida, a post-90s generation living in his brothers home in Dalian, usually smokes cigarettes and does not eat stewed cabbage.

Ive been fed up with stewed cabbage these years. Sun Haida, who conflicted with cabbage, told upstream journalists that he always remembered his name as Twenty-five.

Over the past five years, Sun Haida has lived in a hell of torture, such as kicking and punching, suppressing fatigue and day after day.

Sun Haida is one of 52 victims in Heilongjiang series of forced labor cases. He was deceived to work in Heilongjiang and Inner Mongolia for five years in 2013, until he was rescued by the police in May 2018.

On January 22, Sun Haida was at his brothers home in Dalian. Photography/Zhang Ying


Sun Haidas brother lives in a residential district in Ganjingzi District, Dalian City, close to the G202 Black Line. Its 25 kilometers away from the downtown area of Dalian, where Sun Haida lives.

Sun Haida, dressed in a gray jacket, sat stiffly on the sofa with his hands wrapped around his chest and his head lowered slightly. He dared not even look at the upstream journalists, his eyes glancing nervously sideways from time to time.

Talking about the life before leaving home, Sun Haida gradually put down his panic and alert and tried to piece together his memory with his memory.

In 1991, Sun Haida was born in Yian County, Heilongjiang Province. There was also a brother who was two years old. Although life is not rich, but also food and clothing carefree.

In 2003, a happy life came to an abrupt end. This year, Sun Haidas father died in a collapse accident while digging coal in Qitaihe Coal Mine. Soon after, her mother remarried. Sun Haida was only 12 years old and her brother was 14 years old. Sun Haida was given to the grandfathers family without children by his mother because he was left unattended. But since then, he has been living with his grandparents in Liaoyuan, Jilin Province, while his brother was sent to his grandmothers home.

At that time, Sun Haida, who had low intelligence and unsatisfactory academic performance, dropped out of school at home. Despite being loved by his grandparents, he did not get along well with his aunt. It was because of this childhood experience that Sun Haida, who wanted to earn his own money and become independent, left home for the first time in 2007. At that time, I didnt know where to go. I just wanted to go out. I really didnt want to stay at home. Sun Haida told upstream journalists.

Penniless Sun Haida traveled to Changchun and found a job raising clams. The boss said that 200 yuan a month is still packed and eaten, so I followed him. But the first experience of working was not as smooth as Sun Haida imagined. Two years later, he did not get a penny.

Sun Haida found another job picking pine seeds. This time the salary is much higher, with 1000 yuan a month. But after a year of picking pine seeds, there is still no wage.

Two times in three years, Sun Haida was frustrated and chose to go home.

Harbin Railway Transportation Procuratorate served Sun Haidas Notice of Entrusted Litigation Agent. Photography/Zhang Ying

Lao slave

In early 2010, after two months at home, Sun Haida left home to work again. However, this time out, so that his life completely changed direction, into more than five years of hell-like life.

Because of his low educational level, Sun Haida, who has traveled a lot, failed to find a suitable job and spent all his money, begged at Harbin Railway Station.

One day in 2013, a fat woman appeared in front of him. Sun Haida recalled: At that time, she drove over in a car and asked me if I would like to work at the construction site, 150 yuan a day, to take care of food and shelter. Faced with Sun Haida, who has a high salary, he did not ask about the specific content of his work, so he followed the woman into the car.

Sun Haida recalled that later, he was transferred to Liu Zhenhua, the boss and sent to work in Beian Grain Depot in Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province. Later, Sun Haida learned that the woman was called Li Jing, and Liu Zhenhua, who was a husband and wife, had been acting as an intermediary, responsible for deceiving some vagrants, deaf-mutes, illiterates and mentally handicapped people to come back to work as coolies in the railway station or the labor market.

Referring to this experience, Sun Haida frowned tightly and kept muttering, Liu Zhenhua is very powerful.

Over the next six years, Sun Haida said that he had been sent to Inner Mongolia, Beian, Shuangcheng and Yanshou in Heilongjiang Province, where he was responsible for loading and transporting vehicles. In order to facilitate custody, Liu Zhenhua would use a van to pull more than ten workers at each transfer site.

Harbin Railway Transportation Procuratorate served Sun Haidas Notice of VictimsLitigation Rights and Obligations. Photography/Zhang Ying

Beat up

During the period of Beian Grain Depot, Sun Haidas dormitory was an old bungalow, which was paved with several boards and crowded with more than ten workers. In winter, a simple stove is raised for heating. Not only do they live poorly, but they eat poorly. Sun Haida said that what he and his colleagues usually eat is stewed cabbage and steamed bread, which is not even oily, let alone meat.

Shao Zhumei, Sun Haidas sister-in-law, introduced that now he always eats fast, wolfs down and picks on food. The most annoying thing is Chinese cabbage. We can only change samples to make good food for him.

Sun Haida introduced that Liu Zhenhua had only bought clothes for workers twice in recent years. Because of poor conditions, workers do not bathe for many years, and it is common for them to have lice on their bodies. Because the food is not fishy, there are workers directly catch lice to eat.

Shao Zhumei said that after returning home, Sun Haida must be urged to take a bath and shave, otherwise he has no such consciousness.

During his work in Beian Grain Depot, he met Zhou Gang, a worker from Liaoning Province. Zhou Gang is different from others. He takes good care of me and has more strength than me. Sometimes he helps me with some work. Sun Haida tried hard to organize the language, telling reporters.

Originally, Zhou Gang, 36 years old, had a car accident, which led to slow reaction. He was cheated to be a slave. Compared with other workers, he was more able to talk with Sun Haida.

As a result of long-term lack of food, malnourished Sun Haida is very thin and weak, to carry one or two hundred pounds of bags continuously, often very painful. Once, when he was resting, Liu Zhenhua, the foreman, rushed to him and kicked him. Sun Haida said that because its not good to work hard, every day we have to be beaten, punching and kicking are light. Sometimes when Liu Zhenhua sees what tools he has, he will pick them up and hit him. If Zhou Gang hadnt helped him, he might have been beaten more.

Sun Haida said he had been in bed for more than a month for the most serious injury. Once, Sun Haida was accidentally hit by a piece of iron in the back of his brain when he was carrying the goods because of his serious overdraft. Up to now, his back brain has obvious depression, and sometimes he has headache.

On January 22, when Sun Haida was a slave, his back brain was hit by iron sheet, leaving a notable depression. Photography/Zhang Ying


At first, Sun Haida had planned to escape, but he was caught and beaten even harder. Slowly, he dared not think of it again.

Sun Haida said that Liu Zhenhua kept them under strict supervision, and that even when he was injured and hospitalized, two people took turns to watch him. While the workers were working, Liu Zhenhua and his staff were supervising nearby, and the iron doors in the factory area were also locked.

Sun Haida once escaped from a fertilizer factory in Shuangcheng. He was beaten so hard that he took the opportunity to slip out of the factory. Because the fertilizer plant is relatively remote and malnourished for a long time, its not far at all, and eventually the supervisor caught it back.

After being caught back, Liu Zhenhua hit me in the waist with a very thick stick. Sun Haida finished and bowed his head. This time the assault also led to Sun Haidas waist left sequelae, so far has not recovered.

Sun Haida said that while working in a fertilizer plant, a young worker was hit by a forklift (industrial transport vehicle) while working, and his leg was broken.

The cowardly Sun Haida never dared to run away after witnessing the experience of his workmates.

On January 22, Sun Haida played with a toy police car at his brothers home in Dalian, which was his favorite toy. Photography/Zhang Ying


In a dark and hopeless life, things have turned for the better.

On March 27, 2018, a worker surnamed Shen escaped smoothly from the fertilizer factory site and was discovered by the police of Shuangcastle Police Station of Harbin Railway Public Security Bureau. The forced labor case came to light.

In April 2018, several police cars suddenly entered the fertilizer plant site and asked everyone to stop production and cooperate with the investigation. Because Sun Haida had been beaten up for a long time and restricted his freedom, he had forgotten his family address, even his name was not clear, which made the work of public security organs more difficult.

Through face recognition technology, the police found Sun Haidas mother and brother, thus determining his family address.

It is understood that Liu Zhenhua and other four criminal gangs have been identified as evil forces by the court. Thirteen defendants in these four cases were sentenced to one to six yearsimprisonment, of which Liu Zhenhua was sentenced to four years imprisonment.

On May 24, 2018, Sun Haida, accompanied by two policemen, finally boarded the train home eight years later. A week later, Shao Zhumei rushed back from Dalian to Heilongjiang.

Shao Zhumei told upstream journalists that when she first returned home, Sun Haida was very untidy and frail. He was less than 130 kilograms 1.85 meters tall. He looked like a man in his thirties.

What is more painful to the family is that Sun Haida is in a trance. He cant remember his family, even his own name. He just says, My name is twenty-five.

Shao Zhumei said that Sun Haida was always in a state of fear and unwilling to let others approach him, even his 4-year-old niece could not approach him. More often, Sun Haida would shrink into the corner and sneak out his head to observe his family.

When Sun Haida returned home, he often said that someone was watching him and beating him. He said many times that he would go back to Harbin to ask for money. At first, the family thought that this was the nonsense of Sun Haida, an intellectual disability.

Shao Zhumei said that since Sun Haida was rescued in May 2018, there has been no contact between the police and Sun Haida and his family. In September 2018, she received a Notice of VictimsLitigation Rights and Duties and Notification of Entrusted Litigation Agents from Harbin Railway Transport Procuratorate.

More than a month ago, another victim, Zhou Gangs sister, got in touch with Shao Zhumei after she saw her live webcast on the Internet. Only then did her family slowly learn about Sun Haidas experience in recent years and the origin of the twenty-five plan.

Zhou Gang introduced that Liu Zhenhua and supervisors felt Sun Haidas IQ was problematic at the construction site. A little 25, they called him 25.

On January 22, Sun Haida tried to write his name in his brothers home in Dalian: Sun Haida. Photography/Zhang Ying


So far, Sun Haida has been home for eight months, and his body has slowly recovered. He has gained more than ten kilograms. Sun Haidas sister-in-law Shao Zhumei said.

Shao Zhumei introduced that when she married Sun, Sun Haida had left home. She had repeatedly suggested that her husband look for his lost brother, but did not expect to meet in this way.

Shao Zhumei told upstream journalists that Sun Haidas mental condition is much better now, but still inexplicably feared that the family could not leave people for 24 hours, just like looking at seven or eight-year-old children, without falling at a glance. Haida dared not sleep after her family turned off the lights at night. Sleep only during the day. He is also very sensitive, timid, afraid to go out, nor dare to speak to strangers, heard knocking on the door will be afraid, legs straight trembling.

In order to exercise him, Shao Zhumei often takes Sun Hai downstairs to the community, or let him accompany his niece to play on the slide in the community. Seeing strangers coming face to face, Sun Haida would still stop in fear and hide behind his family. Theres no way but to exercise him slowly.

Shao Zhumei has a headache in the face of her brother who needs to be taken care of. She said that Sun Haida had many bad habits in life, and many basic lifestyles were taught by his 4-year-old niece: when wearing shoes, he liked to walk on the heels; when he saw cigarette butts near the garbage can in the community, he always picked them up and smoked; when he could not understand the TV series, he only liked watching cartoons.

When it comes to these bad habits, Sun Haida is not very happy. He clasps his hands tightly to his knees and no longer talks.

For this reason, Shao Zhumei is not only responsible for Sun Haidas life and living, but also shoulders the responsibility of education. Now Shao Zhumei is training him to write his name and teach him how to count. She also registered an account on the live broadcasting platform, and they did live broadcasting. Sun Haida, who cant play smartphone, feels very fresh about it. With the help of his sister-in-law, he can talk and interact with netizens slowly.

Now, Sun Haida and his brothers family, a total of four people, crowded in an area of only 40 square meters of home. His brother is a truck driver. Shao Zhumei, his sister-in-law, needs to take children with her at home and work part-time. She earns more than 20 yuan a day. On the live broadcasting platform, Sun Haida and Shao Zhumei, his sister-in-law, are also rewarded with 30 to 40 yuan a day.

Shao Zhumei said that from the arrest to the verdict of Liu Zhenhua, the foreman, the Sun family did not know. Sun Haida has been under control for nearly six years. He often scolds and abuses, but he does not have a salary. His family hopes to invite lawyers to sue Liu Zhenhua for some salary.

Now Sun Haida can write his own name and count to 60.

For the rest, take your time. After Shao Zhumei finished, Sun Haida, sitting on one side, lost his eyes.

Source: Yang Yi_NBJ10647, responsible editor of upstream news of Chongqing Morning Post