The market is ruthless! Wu Xiubos film, which sold only 5 million yuan in three days, was not released.

 The market is ruthless! Wu Xiubos film, which sold only 5 million yuan in three days, was not released.

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The Sage of Love man collapsed, and Wu Xiubo incidentally pitted his film.

Fearing that Wu Xiubo and his ex-girlfriends Luo Shengmen will continue to ferment, which will have a greater impact on the film arrangement and even be unable to be released, on the afternoon of January 21, Valentines 2, originally scheduled for the Spring Festival Film suddenly brought the release time forward to the evening of January 24.

But the market is cruel and the audience is realistic. From 21 to now, the pre-sale of Love Saint 2 is less than 5 million yuan.

Its only one day since the film was officially released. Today (January 23), the official of the movie Love Saint 2 made another sudden decision: to withdraw the file!

Love Saint 2 was withdrawn one day before its release

Today, the person in charge of the propaganda side of Love Saint 2 issued a poster in the circle of Wechat friends with the message Thank you for your company, see you tomorrow.

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As for the reasons for the withdrawal, the film distributor Huaxia Film Distribution Co., Ltd. said in an official document that at the request of the film distributor, due to technical problems, the release date has been postponed.

What exactly is the technical problem leading to the withdrawal?

Will Wu Xiubos play be replaced by Wang Qianyuan or Zhang Jias translation and remake, as rumored?

Daily economic journalists tried to contact Li Ning, CEO of Xinli Film, the main producer of Love Saint 2, but the phone was never answered. Cao Huayi, chairman of Xinli Media, told Daily Economic News that he did not know the details of the film.

Less than 5 million,

The cinema has started the procedure of compensation and refund.

Love Saint had the hope to grow into a good IP. The first film of Love Saint, released on December 30, 2016, broke into the New Years Day deadline with a dark horse attitude, with box office exceeding 500 million on 17 days of release, and even some cinemas extended their production to the Spring Festival.

Excellent performance gives the film side the confidence to continue to work hard. Cats Eye Professional Edition shows that there are only seven companies behind Love Saint, while the number of Love Saint 2 producers has increased to 13. The male and female stars of Love Saint 2 have also been upgraded from Xiao Yang and Yan Ni to Wu Xiubo and Baihe. Xiao Yang, Qiao Shan, Xiu Rui, Wang Xun and Dai Lele have also joined in.

However, the pre-sale box office performance of Love Saint 2 is not good. Cats Eye Professional Edition shows that at present, the pre-sale box office of Love Saint 2 on the first day of release (January 24) is 2.86 million yuan, and only about 80,000 people pay for the film, which brings together many comedians, based on 35 yuan for a movie ticket. As of the afternoon of 23, the total box office of Love Saint 2 has not exceeded 5 million yuan.

Several theater managers told the Daily Economic News that refund and compensation procedures were already in progress. Because we changed the files in a hurry before, we didnt arrange many films for Love Saint 2, so the cinema was not affected very much.

For the urgent filing and withdrawal of movies, the cinema line is also helpless. One hospital line manager, who did not want to be named, said, We cant blame for this. Now the first task is to appease consumers and not let them suffer losses.

Another Cinema Manager said: The reason given by the film producer is the technical reason, which is reasonably a force majeure factor, and it is not good to claim compensation.

Xinli Media still faces a gambling agreement

Wanda Film Pit

Wu Xiubos love saint cant be set up, which has pitted many producers and issuing companies behind love Saint 2.

Among them, the main investor, Xinli Media, is an old film and television production company. There are Xinli media figures behind comedies such as Charlottes Troubles and Shy Iron Boxing. After experiencing a tortuous IPO in 2018, Xinli Media has committed itself to Tencent and Reading Group successively.

The cooperation between Xinli Media and Wu Xiubo is not limited to Love Saint 2, and the TV drama Desire for Life co-produced by Wu Xiubos Holgos No. 2 Culture has appeared in the business invitation meeting of Zhejiang Satellite TV and Oriental Satellite TV, which is expected to be launched this year.

It is worth noting that Xinli Media also carries a gambling agreement. When Xinli Media sold its articles at a high price of 15.5 billion yuan, it promised that its net profit for three consecutive years in 2018-2020 would be no less than 500 million yuan, 700 million yuan and 900 million yuan, respectively. Otherwise, the cash and shares paid by Reader Group in installments to Xinli Media will shrink.

In addition, the investor of Love Saint 2 also Bao Wanda Film and Television. In November last year, the company issued a report on share issuance, asset purchase and related party transactions, which shows that 10% of Wandas film and television companies participate in Love Saint 2.

Wu Xiubos own business territory is also extensive.

Tian Eye Check shows that there are 12 companies under Wu Xiubos name, involving film and television production, artist brokers, hotels, restaurants and so on. In addition, Wu Xiubo is also a shareholder of Happy Blue Sea and Contemporary Oriental Company. The withdrawal of Love Saint 2 further reduced Wu Xiubos social reputation. As of the closing date of 23, the contemporary Oriental slightly fell to 4.69 yuan, a decline of 0.42%, and the Blue Sea of Happiness has not been affected yet.

When receiving the parents of Chen Yulin, Wu Xiubos former girlfriend, Xitian Film and Televisions lawyer, Wu Xiubos brokerage company, said that Chen Yulins actions caused at least one billion yuan of losses to Wu Xiubo and Xitian Film and Television.

Ironically, Wu Xiubos last micro-blog still stays on the promotion of the movie Love Saint 2, with the text New Years Day.

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