Do you know? The reason why its illegal to advertise Viagra in society is that uuuuuuuuuuu

 Do you know? The reason why its illegal to advertise Viagra in society is that uuuuuuuuuuu

A few years ago, when passing a drugstore, the reporter saw a basin-sized paper pasted on the door, which said, Vancouver has arrived. Its kind of curious. How could a drug like Viagra get a little, well, sneaky when its being advertised?

Actually, its not that pharmacies are shying away from husbands and wives.

On January 21, the Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision and Administration issued the first false illegal advertising announcement of this year, announcing 12 typical cases of false illegal advertising investigated and punished by the Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision and Administration. Among them, Shanghai Neptune Star Pharmacy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Neptune Star) is one of the online live advertisements for Wanaike.

Photo Source: Screenshot of Wechat Public Number of Shanghai Market Supervision and Administration

In addition to the fact that the live broadcasting campaign is contrary to good social practices, which will be discussed later, it is also because the advertisement seriously violates the prescription drug advertising rules. This also explains the picture mentioned above, why the pharmacy is not so dare to publicize Vancouver.

Shanghai Neptune and Stars were fined 700,000 respectively

Shanghai Neptune Star commissioned Tianjin Tongyi Technological Development Co., Ltd. to create a live webcast link. On the evening of June 15, 2018, Neptune Star filmed and broadcasted a live webcast activity called Hard Night Passion with Balls. It was known at first glance that it was during the World Cup.

Doctors, TV hosts and popular anchors are invited to the live broadcast. In the program, the efficacy, usage and efficiency of the prescription drug Viagra were introduced. They also discussed the skills and positions of sexual life, teasing boys, buying sexy underwear, and subduing temptation.

By the end of the campaign, more than 150,000 people had watched live broadcasting activities, which had seriously violated the provisions of the Advertising Law, and the parties and Tianjin Tongyi Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. were fined 700,000 yuan in accordance with the law.

One of the two major mistakes of this kind of behavior is against the good social customs.

Gao Feiyong, a partner of Shanghai Wenfeiyong Law Firm, told reporters at ID: njcjnews that according to Article 9 of the Advertising Law, advertising should not interfere with public order or violate good social customs; it should not contain obscenity, pornography, gambling, superstition, terror and violence.

The first case of online live advertising in Shanghai shows that the relevant regulatory authorities will be more strict in the future.

Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision and Administration also mentioned in the announcement that in 2018, the former State Administration for Industry and Commerce deployed in the whole country to carry out the special rectification of Internet advertising.

Shanghais market supervision authorities have further strengthened the monitoring of Internet advertisements and severely investigated and punished all kinds of false and illegal Internet advertisements. Shanghais market supervision authorities have investigated and dealt with 5,060 cases of illegal advertisements, with a total fine of 116 million yuan. Among them, the number of Internet advertising cases and the amount of fines were 4383 and 82.71 million yuan respectively, accounting for 87% and 71% of the total advertising cases respectively.

Viagra advertisements should not be typed casually

Another important reason why Neptune was punished in Shanghai was that Vancouver itself could not advertise.

Vancouver, sildenafil citrate tablet, commonly known as Viagra, is the first oral drug for erectile dysfunction (ED) developed by Pfizer in the world. The drug was marketed in the United States in March 1998 and approved to be marketed in China in July 2000.

According to media reports, Pfizer solemnly launched a print advertisement featuring the image of a retired couple when Van Aike was just put on sale, with the theme sentence Let Dance Begin. However, such publicity does not seem to work in China, because Van Ai can be listed in China as a prescription drug category.

In this regard, Gao Fei pointed out that according to relevant laws, prescription drugs can not be advertised at will.

Article 15 of the Advertising Law clearly states that special drugs such as narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs, toxic drugs for medical use, radioactive drugs, precursor chemicals for drugs, and drugs, medical devices and treatment methods for drug treatment shall not be advertised. Prescription drugs other than those prescribed in the preceding paragraph can only be advertised in medical and pharmaceutical professional journals jointly designated by the health administration department of the State Council and the drug supervision and Administration Department of the State Council.

Yes, Vancouver can only advertise in designated professional journals, but it is not possible to advertise on TV, web pages, or even hire a few bees to distribute leaflets.

On Jan. 22, Njcjnews called Neptune Star in Shanghai to learn about the products and their publicity, but the other party said that the responsible person had gone out and could not respond.

Neptune is by no means the only one punished for publicizing Ai. In 2016, the relevant Administrative Penalty Decision issued by the Chongming District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau of Shanghai showed that a good local pharmacist, Anjianda Pharmacy, posted printed advertisements with the words Wanaike, VIAGRA, Viagra, and the operator of the pharmacy was fined 10,000 yuan.

A large number of stores bring management test to Neptune Star

This time the protagonist Neptune Star (China Neptune Star Chain Pharmacy Co., Ltd.), formerly Shenzhen Neptune Star Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., was founded in 1995, is the first chain pharmacy in China.

Neptune was listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 2007, and its size expanded rapidly. According to media reports at that time, the number of Neptune stores increased by more than 800 in the two years after its listing, reaching 2867. However, in 2015, Neptune announced its privatization and delisting, and was subsequently acquired by brothers.

Data from the official website of Neptune Group show that Neptune Star, as the chain drugstore sector of the whole industry chain of the group, still has more than 2600 direct-operated stores in more than 70 cities in the country.

A large number of stores, naturally for Neptune Star management also brought some tests.

The first is the controversy over advertising. Reporters from ID: njcjnews noted that in 2017, several Neptune Star Chain Pharmacies in Chengdu were selling small advertisements for abortion in pregnancy test papers, and the relevant local regulatory authorities subsequently intervened in the investigation.

In addition, Neptunes stores have been blacklisted for other acts. In July 2017, the former Guangdong Provincial Food and Drug Administration reported that Neptune Stars pharmacies were warned and punished for selling prescription drugs without prescription violations; in February 2018, the former Sichuan Food and Drug Administration notified that a batch of unqualified health food was detected in a Neptune Star chain pharmacy in Chengdu.

Source: Responsible Editor of Daily Economic News: Xu Meng-NN7485