Baidu is dead article brush screen author: Baidu response unexpected

 Baidu is dead article brush screen author: Baidu response unexpected

Baidu has become a hot topic.

Last night (January 22), an article titled Baidu is dead brushed the screen on the Internet. The article points out that more than half of the search results on Baidus home page will point to Baidus own products, especially Baijia. The author thinks that the quality of search content has declined dramatically, questioning the role of Baidu as a search engine.

Today (January 23), Red Star journalists contacted the parties separately. Fang Kecheng, a former reporter for Southern Weekend, said he had been concerned about this phenomenon for a long time, saying that the original intention of writing this draft was to popularize the importance of information quality. Baidu responded that the proportion of Baijianu content was less than 10% of the total station.

_This incident was taken on Weibo Hot Search Picture from Weibo

Baidu is dead on hot search, Baidu Fa explanation

Following the articles screen brushing on January 22, the topic of Baidu search engine has been dead screen brushing appeared in the microblog hot search. As of 4 p.m. on January 23, the topic of reading has exceeded 100 million, and nearly 10,000 discussions have been held.

Baidus bad mood is more than that.

According to the Securities Times, earlier on January 22, Citigroup lowered Baidus target stock price to $205, making it a negative watch list. At present, Baidu closed at $160.39, with a market value of about $3.8 billion evaporating overnight, about 26 billion yuan, leaving only about $56 billion.

There is public opinion that the negative meaning of the article caused Baidus stock price to fall. On the morning of January 23, the author of the article could make a statement on Weibo, explaining that the stock price generally fell. There is no causal relationship between the two.

Baidu issued an official response at noon, mainly explaining the situation of Baijianu.

_Baidus Notes on the matter

On the afternoon of January 23, it coincided with Baidus Baijia Content Creation Festival in 2019. Shen Ding, Baidu Vice President, took this opportunity to respond to the screen brush incident and said that he had a clear conscience.

We cooperate with many headline media, including Peoples Daily, to disseminate Baidus capabilities and technology. At the same time, it also provides a platform for more media and content creators, so that everyone can pass their creation and knowledge to the audience. Shen said.

The author still doubts the response: the proportion of stations is not very meaningful.

However, the author of the article, Fang Kecheng, still has doubts about this explanation. He believes that the proportion of the whole station is not very meaningful. It would be more convincing to give the percentage of results on the first page.

Author Fang Kecheng forwarded Baidus instructions and thought that the proportion of the whole station is not too meaningful could be used as a microblog.

At the same time, the reporter also questioned Baidu officials about the proportion of search homepages, inclusion rules, and whether the role of search engines has been weakened. Baidu did not respond more. Baidu Public Relations Department told reporters that the response was mainly to the official micro-hair instructions.

After the fermentation of the event, the article read more than 100,000 quickly and received more than 10,000 praises. The Red Star journalist contacted Fang Kecheng, who is still studying in the United States, and he mentioned the original intention and some opinions of this article. He said that Baidus approach is unimaginable to European and American companies.

Fang Kecheng is currently studying at the Communication College of the University of Pennsylvania in the United States. He says the state of the Internet in China is also a topic of great concern to him. Even if its just about business, I dont think its a good business decision. When the user experience declines, users will vote with their feet, which is not a long-term business strategy. Fang Kecheng said.

_This incident was taken on Weibo Hot Search Picture from Weibo

As for the original intention of writing this article. Fang Kecheng said that he had noticed this phenomenon in the past six months and wanted to say it all the time. Recently, he was just free. Because I used to be a journalist, and now do communication research, I have been very concerned about the Internet. Search engines are an important entrance. If the entrance itself goes wrong, it will lead to a decline in the quality of our access to information.

For this article spread so widely, triggered heated discussion, and even Baidu personally responded to the matter, Fang Kecheng believes that it may be because he wrote out the use experience of everyone. Im even more curious why this problem has been obvious for some time, why nobody mentions it? Baidus response was unexpected. Now this article has been read on my public name for millions of years, which shows that everyone has this experience, and also shows that we hope to have better search engine use.

This article Black Baidu? Author: Should be counted as self-help

After brushing the screen on the internet, Fang Kecheng revealed that Baidu had not contacted him directly. Just some former colleagues have relayed Baidus response to me, probably explaining Baidus ecology.

Some netizens believe that Baidu is a commercial company, this promotion is beyond reproach. Fang Kecheng said, Some people under my company name say that the decision-making of commercial companies is their own business; others say that todays headlines and Wechat have their own ecology. Why cant Baidu do this? I disagree with that statement. Because Baidu is calledsearch engine, people look at other things to see information, not search. The nature of search engines is that I can search for useful information on the Internet. If it becomes a search engine that is inclined to search for its own things, it is not a search engine.

He believes that commercial products are also public, especially search engines. It largely determines what kind of information we can access, and whether the quality of information or poor content is disseminated in society. Because of the publicity of technology platforms such as search engines, they need to take social responsibility. Baidus main task is to provide useful and relevant high-quality information to users, if this can not be done, it will affect the quality of information that the whole society is exposed to. The role of search engines should be the consensus of the whole world, and it would be impossible to justify it in full accordance with business logic.

Some voices think that this article is in black Baidu, to which, Fang Kecheng responded: Not to mentionblack, should be considered asself-helpbar, after all, Baidus public influence is too big, we work and learn every day in life. My purpose is to remind you to identify possible problems when searching. I want you to realize the importance of search engines.

Source: Red Star News Author: Editor in Charge of Wang Tian: Su Hong-hung_NBJ9980