Chongqing No. 1 Middle School plans to cancel 197 teachersexams after being questioned

 Chongqing No. 1 Middle School plans to cancel 197 teachersexams after being questioned

Recently, a middle school in Chongqing organized 197 teachers to take a final examination to arouse concern. At the same time, the waste of teaching resources and other doubts continue. Today (January 23), a reporter from Beijing News confirmed from the school that the school intends to cancel the original long-term implementation plan because of the constant controversy.

In response to this, some teachers believe that this is very normal, as a teacher, we can not do without questions. Some teachers believe that the examination can not be refused, young teachers and old teachers together to take the exam, feeling very troubled. Some scholars believe that while encouraging school innovation, we should also avoid wasting teaching resources and delaying the normal teaching order.

Question on Organizing TeachersFinal Examination

In the dark of the night, four travelers arrived at a narrow, barrierless bridge. We dare not cross the bridge in any case without the help of a flashlight. Unfortunately, all four of them had only one flashlight, and the bridge was narrow enough for two people to cross at the same time. If they cross the bridge individually, the time they need is 1, 2, 4 and 8 minutes respectively; if they cross the bridge at the same time, the time they need is the time they need when the slower person moves alone. What is the minimum time for all four of them to cross the bridge?

This brain burning math problem appeared on a test paper of Nankai (Rongqiao) Middle School in Chongqing. However, it is not the students who are stuck, but the 197 teachers in the school.

In the examination room, besides the teachers taking part in the examination, there are also invigilators. Respondents Map

On January 23, Yang Fei, director of the schools education department, told the Beijing News that the exam was conducted in different disciplines and that propositions of each subject had their own starting point. But in general, Chinese and mathematics are relatively difficult, with a maximum score of only 80.

Yang Fei told the Beijing News that the exam was aimed at teachers of the whole school, including physical education teachers and middle-level cadres. Before the examination, the questions were kept secret. The questions were drawn up by teachers from other campuses. However, as a math teacher and director of the teaching department, he upgraded the difficulty of the questions and replaced the last several questions.

Beijing News reporter learned that, in addition to cultural lessons, the art teachers exam is to give a few photos, so that teachers sketch on the spot. The calligraphy teacher completed the calligraphy work Qinyuan Chun Xue.

This special examination aroused concern, but also caused many doubts: What is the significance of the examination?

Yang Fei, who is in charge of teacher training at ordinary times, said that the original intention of carrying out the examination was to enhance teachersprofessional competence and let them know what shortcomings they have in their profession.

Yang Fei, for example, said that he was a math teacher. Passing the exam, I can find that there is a gap between my ability to solve problems and that of others. When I get my grades, I will give myself a reminder.

Teachers final exam paper. Respondents Map

Schools and reference teachers disagree

A staff member of the school introduced to the Beijing News that the school has 60 junior high school classes, 12 senior high school classes, 210 teachers and about 250 administrative staff. A total of 197 teachers were organized to take the final examination. Beijing News reporter learned that for this final exam, teachers can ask for leave, but need to make-up exams.

According to the photos of the examination room provided by Yang Fei, the reference teacher sits at different tables in the examination room, with intervals around. The invigilator is visible in the photo. Yang Fei said that the examination process, the whole process of electronic monitoring, completely in accordance with the exam specifications of students, do not allow the use of mobile phones, also prohibit whispering.

Yang Fei clarified to reporters in the Beijing News that the final examination for teachers was not arranged at the same time, and lasted for nearly a month. Which subject should be prepared first and carried out first? In addition, we will consider the teaching and research time of various disciplines and arrange the test time reasonably.

He added that the teachers did not resist the test. When they were designed, they had asked their teachersopinions. Some teachers were too old to keep up with their eyesight and energy. Therefore, women teachers over 40 years old and men teachers over 45 years old had weighted scores when they took the test.

Today (January 23) morning, a reporter from the Beijing News contacted a teacher surnamed Chen of the school. She told Xin Jing Daily that in the final exam, all the teachers in the school should take part in it. I dont contradict psychology, because this is a normal thing. We cant be teachers without doing any questions.

However, some teachers have reservations about this matter. A reference teacher, who did not want to be named, told Xinjing Daily that there were many things at the end of the term because the school was organized in a unified way and could not be refused. Among the candidates, there are some older teachers, although the sub-disciplines are carried out, but the organization of all teachers together for the examination, there are some ups and downs.

The school plans to cancel the examination after being questioned

According to Yang Fei, the teacher-only exam is a percentage system, which is uniformly corrected by the UNESCO, but the final results will not be published.

Yang Fei said that the school had planned to start long-term implementation of teacher-specific examinations at the end of this semester. However, considering the existence of different voices, the proofreading will make adjustments.

Now we are still discussing, because some people on the Internet hold a negative attitude towards the exam, and we are hesitating, Yang Fei told the Beijing News. The Education Law did not say Teachers cant take the exam like this or Teachers can take the exam like this. Considering the controversial existence, there are also differences with the original intention of the implementation, the school plans to cancel the exam or make further optimization. And adjust.

Yang Fei claims to be very unjust about being accused of hype. Speaking of the query about what is the significance of the examination, he responded to a reporter from the Beijing News that he had no expectation of arousing concern. In fact, this is a very common phenomenon.

Yang Fei said it was normal for teachers to take exams. For example, in the recruitment process, when teachers apply for jobs, they are also required to conduct interviews, lectures and test questions.

Other industries may not be aware of the education industry, which has many examinations, so they will think that this is a very troublesome teacher, Yang Feidao said.

Voice: We should be vigilant to use the test results as a hard indicator of teaching.

In an interview with Beijing News this afternoon, Chu Chaohui, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences, said that in evaluating the measures taken by the school, the following indicators were taken into account: who gave the questions, who judged the papers, and the purpose of holding the examinations. Chu Chaohui said that if they were to test the level of teachers in different majors, it would be the schools internal management.

If in school, some teachers take part in other teachers, I think there is a problem. Chu Chaohui further explained that, first of all, it can not be relatively independent. If older teachers take part in the examination of young teachers, it is understandable. If all teachers take part in the examination together regardless of their age, it is actually unscientific, and the significance of the examination is greatly reduced.

Chu Chaohui also pointed out that to encourage school innovation, society should be tolerant, but it should not be free-wheeling, avoid wasting teaching resources, such as occupying teacherstime, papers, corrections and so on, may delay normal teaching.

Shi Changlin, an associate professor of education at Chongqing Normal University, pointed out to the reporters of the Beijing News that if the school organizes the final examination for teachers only to urge them to improve their professional level and hope that teachers will study more about their business, there is no doubt that it will enable teachers to clearly understand their own ideas in the teaching process and in the process of putting out test questions, and from this point of view, it will be of positive significance.

Shi Changlin also pointed out that if the examination is used as other basis, such as Title evaluation, awards, or as a hard indicator of teaching, I personally feel that we need to be cautious and vigilant. He added that it was unscientific to judge professional titles on this basis, and its accuracy and representativeness would be questioned.

Source: Yang Yi_NBJ10647, Responsible Editor of Beijing Newspaper