When a woman goes shopping, she sees her favorite skirt and directs her 5-year-old son to take it away.

 When a woman goes shopping, she sees her favorite skirt and directs her 5-year-old son to take it away.

With the progress of case investigation, it is extraordinary for the police to discover the hidden truth.

Clothes hangers were found in shopping malls

Clothes are missing.

When the police arrived at the scene, she told them that their brand was open-shelf containers, and there were a lot of people coming and going. So when she saw a hanger on the floor, she thought it was the customer who dropped it.

Tang recalled the incident at that time and said, I picked up the clothes hanger, but I could not find clothes. I was so anxious that I thought I might have lost it. I called the 110 alarm immediately. ?

According to Ms. Tang, the stolen dress was a new pleated skirt. It did not take part in any discount activities on that day. The price was RMB 4200.

Clothes flew away, but hangers were deliberately left on the ground. Unlike previous routines in mall theft cases, this not playing cards according to common sense theft method has attracted the attention of the police.

Tianshui Police Station and Tianshui Anti-pickpocketing Association quickly carried out coordinated action to investigate and judge the monitoring pictures in the shelf area of the case, and devoted themselves to the investigation of the case.

The surveillance filmed a surprise scene

It was a little boy who stole the clothes.

After investigation, it was found that the suspect who stole the skirt was a female teacher from Shanxi province.

But surprisingly, the woman did not steal by herself, but by instructing a accompanying child of about five or six years old to steal goods from the mall.

The pictures in this paper are all the public numbers of Weixin in Qianjiang Evening News.

When the little boy obeyed her instructions, took his clothes off the shelf and walked towards the woman with the hanger, the whole man was not as tall as the skirt on the hanger.

After the suspect took the clothes from the boy, he stuffed the trophy into a small schoolbag with pink edges, and then left the shopping mall.

At 9 oclock that evening, the police and anti-pickpocketing team captured the suspect in a hotel room and found the stolen goods.

According to the suspects teacher, she came to Hangzhou to do business. A few days after her arrival, she asked others where she could visit nearby. Some people recommended several shopping malls near Wulin Square to her.

When she went in, she saw that she liked the pleated skirt on the shelf, but she couldnt afford to buy it. At that moment, she was so impressed that she directed her 5-year-old son, Hao Hao (a pseudonym), to take it for herself.

She has a decent job and no criminal record, and now she regrets it. Police said.

At present, Shi Mouyun has been detained by public security organs for suspected theft.

Netizens commentary

Looking at Moms operation,

Netizens have expressed their chills!

Little Cocoa: My God, is this my mother? Its too cold!

Yongge: How unlucky it is for a child to have such a wonderful mother! Why cant we teach our children to steal things on their own?

Domiro: Its almost New Years Day, killing myself and my son! Hey!

SGUl: As parents, the most important thing is to teach by example.

Source: Liable Editor of Qianjiang Evening News: Su Honghun_NBJ9980