Russia: After February 2, it will force the United States to continue to implement the Guidance Treaty.

 Russia: After February 2, it will force the United States to continue to implement the Guidance Treaty.

Russian officials said the Russian side fulfilled its obligations under the Guidance Treaty due diligence. (Figure: Tass)

Overseas Network January 23 (Ryabkov), Russias Deputy Foreign Minister, said that Moscow would continue to recognize the INF as a mandatory force for both Russia and the United States signatories. Earlier, the divergent negotiations between Russia and the United States on the Guidance Treaty were unsuccessful. The United States announced that it would suspend its obligations under the Treaty from February 2.

According to Tass News Agency, Riyabkov made the above statement at the meeting of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defence on the 9M729 cruise missile. The United States has accused Russia of failing to eliminate irregularities within the framework of its political gambling game. The United States has announced plans to suspend compliance with the provisions of the INF Treaty from February 2. The Russian side considers that Washingtons allegations are groundless and, from a legal point of view, the decision to suspend the implementation of the treaty is illegal and null and void. Riyabkov added, In practice, this means that during the so-called suspension period, the treaty will continue to be effective and coercive on both sides.

In addition, Riyabkov pointed out the real reason why the United States decided to withdraw from the INF Treaty. It is important to note that the U.S. governments Declaration on the suspension of the INF Treaty and previous statements by the President of the United States do clarify the practical reasons behind this move, he said. Washington is trying to gain the freedom of choice to attack countries with medium- and short-range land-based missiles, which are regarded as geopolitical rivals by the United States.

Reagan and Gorbachev signed the Guidance Treaty for arms control. (Source: Visual China)

It is reported that the Mid-Range Missile Treaty, which is called the Treaty on the Elimination of Mid-Range Missiles and Short-Range Missiles between the United States and the Soviet Union, was signed in Washington on December 8, 1987 by President Reagan of the United States and Soviet leader Gorbachev. The treaty prohibits both sides from testing, producing and deploying land-based cruise missiles and ballistic missiles with ranges of 500 to 5500 kilometers, but does not impose restrictions on sea-based and air-launched cruise missiles and ballistic missiles.

The United States and Russia have repeatedly accused each other of violating the treaty in recent years. On October 20 last year, President Trump said that the United States intends to withdraw from the Guidance Treaty and said that the United States needs to develop weapons restricted by the Treaty. Russia responded that if the United States withdraws from the Guidance Treaty, Russia will develop unique types of weapons.

On 15 January this year, Russia and the United States held inter-agency consultations on the INF Treaty in Geneva. But the two sides failed to reach an agreement. U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Thompson said that no new progress has been made with Russia and no signs of compliance have been seen. Thompson also accused the Russian 9M729 (SSC-8) cruise missile of violating the treaty. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Ryabkov stressed that Russia strictly abides by the Guidance Treaty. He said that the United States has not given due consideration to Russias proposal to save the treaty and avoid a new arms race.

Putin strongly criticized the US for withdrawing from the mediation agreement. (Figure: American Federation)

Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a strong warning at his annual press conference in 2018 that the threat of nuclear war was on the rise and said that American nuclear weapons policy may lead to the destruction of civilization and even the whole planet. At that time, Putin pointed out that if the United States deployed medium-range missiles to Europe, Russia would be forced to take countermeasures, Russia must ensure its own security, Russia does not seek advantages, we are trying to maintain balance. Putin stressed, If this happens, it may lead to the destruction of civilization as a whole, or even destroy our planet.

Source: Xu Meng-NN7485, responsible editor of Overseas Networks