Hair Line Boy Xiao Wu made another blockbuster: This time, its worth millions of dollars.

 Hair Line Boy Xiao Wu made another blockbuster: This time, its worth millions of dollars.

Hair Line Boys Xiao Wu also made a hit on Weibo with a group of fashion blockbusters. The young man who once said that he would not enter the entertainment circle has now taken up advertisements, variety shows and hard photos, and the number of fans on Weibo has risen to 440,000. Although looking back at the no entertainment circle flag set up at that time was a bit of face-beating, in the eyes of his family, Xiao Wu has not changed much, in the eyes of stylists, Xiao Wu is still naive and simple.

Compared with previous movies full of retro, modern, street and avant-garde, the new group of photos is fresh in style and has not continued to make articles on Xiao Wus bushy eyebrows. Five groups of models are gentleman-like blue shirt and belt trousers, lively and steady white shirt, jeans jacket and baseball cap, abstract pattern black sweater plus orange corduroy trousers, retro cardigan, grey hat with rice-white overcoat, and a group of couple models. The costume in the whole set of photos abandons exaggeration and weirdness, and can be used in everyday life. Xiao Wu, as a model, has a cool, cool face, excellent performance, and quite a star model.

As soon as the photos were released, netizens immediately exploded the pot: I cant believe this is Xiao Wu! Its a little handsome! The stylist is the devil! Its a great ride! More importantly, some netizens sighed, Man, must learn to dress himself! Its not lack of facial value, just lack of packaging.

However, some netizens think that the P pictures of this group of photos are too much: You definitely thinned Xiao Wus face P, his face is not so thin! The face and lips are obviously different. But some people also think that which star in the entertainment circle does not send refined maps? Even though Xiao Wus photos have been repaired, they still retain the recognition. Is this the legendary high-level face and supermodel face?

Wu Zhengqiang is an ordinary real estate broker. Last August, when Xiao Wu went to have his hair cut, he was slaughtered. After doing eyebrow trimming and hairline trimming, the shop assistant asked for 40,000 yuan. Xiao Wu called the police and finally paid 2500 yuan. It was difficult for Xiao Wu to accept that he chose to protect his rights and interests through media exposure. To Xiao Wus surprise, after the broadcast of local media programs, he himself became popular because of the rich and infectious expression in the camera. Then he began to take advertisements, take part in talk shows, variety shows and make fashion blockbusters. From the victimized news stories to the present one foot into fashion and entertainment, hairline boy Xiao Wu is probably the first person.

Dialogue with family members

On Xiao Wus micro-blog, he forwarded a fashion blockbuster about himself published by the stylist, saying that the styling feels worth millions of dollars andeyebrowsthink about it. Reporters tried to contact Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu only left his cousin Chen Lijuans telephone, the 19-year-old boy has now returned home to prepare for the New Year.

New Beijing News: Have you seen Xiaowus latest fashion blockbuster? How did you feel?

Chen Lijuan: Yes, it feels good.

New Beijing News: Which style does Xiao Wu like better than the previous one? Which do you prefer?

Chen Lijuan: We think they are all very good. We cant tell which one we like better. They are all new faces and quite fresh.

New Beijing News: Netizens said that Xiao Wus group of photos had been repaired a little bit, unlike himself. What do you think?

Chen Lijuan: I think the photographs are quite professional and very good, but they are different from himself. They are more handsome than me.

_New Beijing News: Xiaowu said in an interview with the media that he would not enter the entertainment circle. Now why did he begin to take advertisements and fashion blockbusters?

Chen Lijuan: He thought it was interesting. He had never met before. Now he still wanted to try it. After all, he could have a different experience in his life. He thought he could try something suitable (advertisements, photos, programs).

_New Beijing News: What is the criterion of suitability?

Chen Lijuan: For example, it suits his age and interests.

New Beijing News: As Xiao Wus family, how do you think of his unexpected popularity and current status?

Chen Lijuan: We think hes just like before. Hes an ordinary person. The family felt that it was still up to him. If he liked it and wanted to work on it, the family could accept it. The main thing is to look at himself. The family is very simple. He is also a very simple child.

New Beijing News: What is Xiaowus character in the eyes of his family? Is there any difference between before and after becoming popular?

Chen Lijuan: This child has been introverted since childhood. Most of the time he is very quiet and not very good at communicating with others. He is a very ordinary boy. He likes playing games and looking at computers. He likes what children of this age like. It seems that nothing has changed since it became popular. Its similar to what it used to be. At least our family feels that he hasnt changed much.

_New Beijing News: After becoming popular, some programs and advertisements were taken. Is Xiao Wus income better than before?

Chen Lijuan: It will be better.

New Beijing News: How does he dispose of these incomes?

Chen Lijuan: He is very sensible and filial. He left some small living expenses for himself and then gave them all to his parents.

New Beijing News: What are Xiao Wus new plans for the new year?

Chen Lijuan: Theres no new plan. We still have to work hard in the original company. If there is a suitable (advertising, etc.), also consider continuing to take some.

Dialogue stylist

This time for Xiao Wu to shoot blockbuster Li Geren, her Wechat public number before often some about clothing, beauty and skin care content. This time, Xiao Wu, a hairpin boy, was transformed into a model of counter attack male god as a local flavor boy, so that the WeChat article of Li granule gained a proper 100 thousand +. Hair Line Boy Xiao Wu was also very satisfied with the film, confidently forwarded Li Gerens micro-blog, personally stamped Million stylists.

New Beijing News: How did you think of shooting a fashion blockbuster for Xiao Wu?

Li Geren: Actually, we thought about inviting Xiao Wu for a long time. He is an ordinary young man who comes out of the news. He is simple and simple, but he has his own style. Our public number is defined as popular fashion. We often transform our friends and colleagues into vegetarians, hoping that they can find the most beautiful themselves through the transformation. I think Xiao Wu Ting is in line with our position. Xiao Wu usually wears too much grounding gas. We want Xiao Wu to avoid the shortcomings of his figure, highlight the advantages of his figure, and want to make a real fashion blockbuster for him. Later, we contacted Xiao Wu and told him our thoughts. He also trusted us and felt dependable. Thats all.

New Beijing News: Xiao Wu has made some fashion blockbusters before. Do you think whats different from what he did before?

Li Geli: I have also paid attention to his photos before. Fashion is fashionable, but I still hope that the content we take will be useful to everyone, not fashionable for fashion. We didnt make any more articles on Xiao Wus eyebrows, and that would be a bit of a joke. Xiao Wu herself is not very tall, but the figure proportion is very good. The disadvantage is that the shoulders are a little too narrow and slippery. We try to make the best use of our strengths and avoid our weaknesses in this shoot. We just regard him as our friend and give him some practical advice on daily dressing.

New Beijing News: Some netizens think that the pictures you gave Xiao Wu are a little P-over. What do you think?

Li Geren: (Laughs) Now many fashion magazines have P-charts on their covers! We just want the picture to look better. I hope you will pay more attention to the clothes we designed for Xiao Wu.

New Beijing News: What impression does Xiao Wu give you? Is it the same as in videos and expression packs?

Li Geli: Xiao Wu is naive, simple and very low-key. He did not swell because he became red. When we were filming this time, someone in the street recognized that he wanted to take a picture. He was very cooperative. People in our team think Xiao Wu is very cute. For example, when shooting, he often shouts, Im hungry, I cant shoot any more. He likes snacks very much. We all think hes a friend around us.

New Beijing News: Do you think Xiaowu is suitable for entering the fashion and entertainment circles?

Li Geren: I think Xiaowus hardware condition is enough, for example, he is very recognizable. But whether he really enters depends on his own personal development and willingness.

Source: Yang Yi_NBJ10647, Responsible Editor of Beijing Newspaper