First public! Snow Dragon on board surveillance records the moment of collision with an iceberg

 First public! Snow Dragon on board surveillance records the moment of collision with an iceberg

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Snow Dragons on-board surveillance records the first public images of the moment of collision with an iceberg (Source:)

Chinas 35th Antarctic Expedition team accidentally collided with an iceberg on board a snow dragon boat during its voyage in the dense ice area of the Amundsen Sea on September 19. CCTV correspondents on board were authorized to disclose the video of monitoring the instant of the collision. Pictures show that the snow dragon boats sail in the ice area, the fog in front of them is blocked, and the visibility is very low. The iceberg does not show its true face until the moment it meets the iceberg head-on. The huge impact force caused the mast of the bow to break instantaneously.

As soon as the news of the collision between the snow dragon boat and the iceberg came out, some netizens questioned why the iceberg could not be detected with radar. Experts said that in the dense ice area at that time, the role of Ship-borne Radar was limited.

Academician Chen Dake, Chief Scientist of Chinas 35th Antarctic Expedition Ship-based Research Team: Because the current radar cant distinguish icebergs from large areas of ice floe, radar can only adjust its gain. If the gain is large, it looks like its all in one piece. Its not sensitive to adjust it, so its impossible to distinguish at all. We need to develop new technology.

Academician Chen also said that at that time, the fog was very heavy and the poor weather conditions could only be observed by the crew, but it could also be observed very close to the iceberg, and the fog came very suddenly.

Academician Chen Dake, chief ship-based scientist of Chinas 35th Antarctic Expedition Team: If its been very foggy all the time, maybe well start very carefully. Its suddenly getting bigger. The weather in this place is changeable, and its also a big factor.

Source: responsible editor of CCTV News Mobile Network: Yang Yi_NBJ10647