Well-known writer Lin Qingxuan died and his last microblog talked about this.

 Well-known writer Lin Qingxuan died and his last microblog talked about this.

On January 23, according to Taiwanese media reports, Lin Qingxuan, a well-known Taiwanese writer, died at the age of 65.

The reporter checked with the publisher of Lin Qingxuans works and learned that this is not false news. They had just received the news and were shocked and sorry.

On the morning of January 22, Lin Qingxuan also updated his micro-blog: When crossing the woods, I think the death of sparrows gives me some enlightenment. Although we live in the dust net, we should never lose the heart of flying, dont forget the posture of flying.

Lin Qingxuan (1953-January 2019), a Kaohsiung native of Taiwan, China, is a well-known contemporary writer, essayist, poet and scholar.

The pen names include Qin Qing, Lin Li, Lin Dabei, Lin Yan Ti, Xiaan, Qingxuan, Yuanting and so on. The famous prose The Rhododendron of Chataka. The articles Running with Time and Peach Blossom Heart were selected into the Peoples Education Edition and the Primary School Chinese Textbook of Beijing Normal University. Born in 1953 in Qishan, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, China. Graduated from Taiwan World Journalism College, China. He was a journalist in the overseas edition of Taiwans China Times, an economic reporter in the Business Times and an editor-in-chief of the Times Magazine. He is one of the most prolific writers in Taiwan, and one of the most awarded writers in all kinds of literature. He is also known as one of the eight contemporary prose writers.

In January 2019, Autumn Sound One Piece won the second prize of the First Oriental Literature and Art Award for Prose. Lin Qingxuan has won numerous literary awards such as the Wu Sanlian Literature and Art Award in Taiwan. Three million people have heard his speech.

Almost called Lin Qingwei

Lin Qingxuan was born in a village in southern Taiwan in 1953. He said, When I was a child, my family was very poor. There were 18 brothers and sisters. I ranked twelve. There were 11 brothers in front of me.

Lin Qingxuans name was also accidentally acquired. He said that when he was born without crying, he came to the world with a smile. His ancestors and fathers were illiterate all their lives, so they named him strange. I am from the Qing Dynasty, and one of my brothers said,Strangeis too bad to listen to, lets call itStrange. So my father gave me a registered permanent residence with Lin Qingqi, but I didnt expect the staff to say,Qiis not pleasant either. Its still calledQingxuan, because hes reading a book calledQingxuan Dao Chang.

In Lin Qingxuans memory, childhood is always associated with hunger. He admits that the most impressive thing is that he has never had a full day.

We dont eat at once, spit out a mouthful of phlegm and mix it in, so that we can eat at ease, or you will lose a mouthful when you turn back, because they are never full, they are staring at other peoples rice bowls. He recalled.

At that time, the happiness in Lin Qingxuans eyes was very simple. Happiness is a child who drinks three bottles of soda and belches.

After high school, Lin Qingxuan left his hometown, worked as a porter at Kaohsiung Wharf, set up a stall, washed hundreds of trousers, hundreds of shirts and even worked as a pig butcher in a laundry every day.

I used to kill pigs in a slaughterhouse, and many people couldnt imagine returning to their rented house after work, washing their hands and writing at night.

In his opinion, for a writer, the day is life and the night is spirit.

Several works have been selected into Chinese textbooks of primary and secondary schools.

Lin Qingxuan will die one day, but I will keep an optimistic heart. If I die at night, I will write in the morning, and my book will be with you. In 2017, in an event, Lin Qingxuan spoke to readers about his views on death.

As he said, beautiful words make up peoples impression of him.

In his lifetime, more than 100 works have been published, and many of them have been selected as primary and secondary school Chinese textbooks by mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. Among them, works such as Race with Time and Peach Blossom Heart Wood are well known.

When I first published an article, everyone said I was a born writer. Lin Qingxuan recalled his first work like this.

In the third grade of primary school, one aspiration was to be a writer. Why be a writer? Lin Qingxuan jokes, Because writers can write moving articles.

Parents dont know what writing is about. When Lin Qingxuan was a child, he said that when he grew up, he wanted to be a writer. He said that writers could collect contributions just by writing things. He was also angrily scolded by his father: Why is there such a good thing?

Although few people believe his ideal, Lin Qingxuan has begun to work hard for it.

Lin Qingxuan, who is determined to write from Wen, writes continuously every day --- 500 words a day in primary school, 1000 words a day in middle school, 2000 words a day in college and 3000 words a day after graduation, which has been persistent for decades.

His later work was also closely related to words. He worked as a journalist in many media, and later focused on writing.

Lin Qingxuan has published such works as On the Cloud, Qingyin Wuxian, Bodhi of the Heart, Bodhi of Love, Mawei and Lin Temple in mainland China. Many people have read his short articles in Reader magazine even though they have not read his books.

Your wishes will determine your life. What wishes you had as a child will determine your direction and where you were born? What are your conditions? It doesnt matter whether you have a strong desire to support you in your life. Lin Qingxuan once commented on his experience like this.


Near the old house in the countryside, there is a very large open space for people to rent seedlings of mahogany.

Mahogany is a special kind of tree. Its shape is beautiful, tall and straight. It was planted many times in the old forest farm and has grown into a forest several feet high. So when I saw mahogany seedlings only knee-deep, it was a little hard to believe my eyes.

A tall man planted mahogany seedlings. When he bent down to plant trees, he felt like transplanting seedlings.

After the seedlings were planted, he often came to water them. Strangely, he came irregularly, sometimes every three days, sometimes every five days, sometimes only once in a dozen days; the amount of water was not certain, sometimes more, sometimes less.

When I lived in the countryside, I would walk on the path beside the mahogany seedlings every day, and the seedling growers would occasionally come home for tea. Sometimes he comes in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon, and the time is uncertain.

Im getting more and more surprised.

Strangely enough, mahogany seedlings sometimes wither inexplicably. So when he comes, he always brings a few seedlings for replanting.

I thought at first that he was too lazy to water the trees sometimes so long.

But how do lazy people know how many trees will wither?

Later I thought he was too busy to do anything according to the rules. But how can busy people do things so calmly?

I couldnt help asking him: When on earth should I come? How often do you water? Why does mahogany wither for no reason? If you watered every day, mahogany seedlings would not wither, would they?

The tree planter laughed and said, Tree planting is not vegetable planting or rice planting. Tree planting is the foundation of a century, unlike green vegetables, which can be harvested in a few weeks. So trees themselves have to learn to look for water in the soil. I watered just like the old rain, the old rain is not accurate, how many days it once? Morning or afternoon? How many at a time? If you cant absorb water to grow in this uncertainty, the seedlings will naturally wither. But finding water sources and rooting trees in uncertainty will not be a problem for trees that have grown for hundreds of years.

The tree planter said with great emphasis, If I water every day, regularly and regularly, the seedlings will develop a dependent heart, and the roots will float on the ground, unable to go deep into the ground. Once I stop watering, the seedlings will wither more. Fortunately, the surviving seedlings will blow down in the face of storms and rains.

I was very touched by the words of the tree planter. Not only trees, but also people. People who live in uncertainty can stand the test of life and exercise an independent heart. In uncertainty, you can learn to convert very little nutrients into enormous energy, and strive to grow.

Now, the mahogany seedlings in front of the window have grown as tall as the roof, so graceful and comfortable, showing vigor and vitality.

The man who planted trees will not come again, nor will the mahogany wither.

Netizens mourned one after another

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