Leadership Blackmailed by Sexy Photographs: Impression that nothing worries about the negative impact of remittances

 Leadership Blackmailed by Sexy Photographs: Impression that nothing worries about the negative impact of remittances

More details were revealed after more than a months sentence in the case of Hunan man Sun Xiguo blackmailing 133 leading cadres by synthesizing gorgeous photos with PS technology.

Recently, Sun Xiguos Criminal Judgment of Extortion at First Instance published by China Judicial Documents Network showed that during the trial, Sun Xiguo denied the facts of the crime, but was found guilty of extortion by the court and sentenced to 12 yearsimprisonment. The blackmailed leader said that there was nothing like this in his impression, but he still remitted money for fear of having a negative impact on his family and career.

Sun Xiguo was born in Loudi, Hunan Province, in December 1971. On December 28, 2017, he was captured by the police in Shuangfeng County, Loudi City. On November 11 last year, the Peoples Procuratorate of Hongkou District of Shanghai instituted a public prosecution against the Peoples Court of Hongkou District for extortion.

The prosecution charged that in the second half of 2017, Sun Xiguo collected basic information, photos and communication addresses of leading cadres in enterprises all over the country in advance, synthesized obscene photos through computer software, and produced extortion letters to extort property on the grounds of Disseminating Obscene photos of others. Later Sun Xiguo took the high-speed rail to Wuhan, Hubei Province, on October 27 and December 24, respectively. On November 28, the same year, he took the high-speed rail to Guiyang City, Guizhou Province. Several post offices delivered the above-mentioned blackmail letters.

Political Affairs noted that according to prosecution charges, Sun Xiguo extortion completed 710,000 yuan.

On October 31, 2017, the victim Zhang Mou reported the case after receiving one of the letters extorting 350,000 yuan from him. On November 12, Ye received one of the extortion letters and remitted RMB 330,000 yuan to Sun Xiguos designated account eight times. On December 8, Zhou received one of the extortion letters and remitted RMB 380,000 yuan to a designated account.

On December 26, 2017, 133 extortion letters sent by Sun Xiguo were detained by the police of Shanghai Water Public Security Bureau from five post offices in Wuhan, Hubei Province, including Yujiatou Post Office, Ganghuaxincun Post Office and Yangchunhu Post Office. The above letters include a pornographic photo synthesized by computer software and a blackmail letter, which extorts money totalling more than 34.87 million yuan from 133 victims respectively.

During the court hearing, Sun Xiguo denied the prosecutions charges. He said that it was a letter sent by someone else, and his defender also suggested that there was insufficient evidence for the extortion crime of Sun Xiguo, the attempted crime of Sun Xiguo and the accomplice.

In this regard, the prosecution has formed a closed-loop of evidence to prove the main criminal facts through a series of indirect evidence such as train travel records and post office monitoring. At the same time, the technical departments of the procuratorial organs, after identifying computers and handwriting, denied Sun Xiguos statement.

According to prosecutor Mu Li, who told the media earlier, If we breathe a sigh of relief, maybe the whole case can only be punished with misdemeanor or even not constitute a crime.

Political affairs noted that in the court trial, also issued a report of the informer Zhang Moumou and the victims Ye Moumou, Zhou Moumou.

They all said that the letter received contained a letter paper and a photograph of a man and a woman in bed. The photo had the words your sincerity will not be seen in three days, your status and reputation will be destroyed once, and the contents of the letter threatened to disseminate the obscene photo and demanded its remittance to the designated remittance account.

Speaking of the reasons for the remittance, Ye and Zhou said that they did not have the impression that something in the letter had happened, but because they were worried that the letter would have a negative impact on their families and businesses, they still remitted money according to the bank card number provided in the letter.

Among them, Zhou Moumou remitted 380,000 yuan to the designated account, Sun Xiguo wrote back that sincerity has been received, please call or SMS contact.

In November last year, the court found out the facts of the crime charged by the prosecution. The court held that Sun Xiguo extorted money and property by threatening and coercing for the purpose of illegal possession. The amount of money was especially huge, and his actions constituted extortion. He was sentenced to twelve yearsimprisonment and a fine of 100,000 yuan, depriving him of political rights for two years.

Xie Fei, director of the seven procuratorial departments of Shanghai Hongkou Procuratorate, told the media that such cases have existed for many years and have spread all over the country, and even in some places have formed an underground industrial chain.

According to previous reports of political affairs, last year the Shayang Public Security Bureau of Hubei Province also cracked a series of criminal cases of extortion of leading cadres. The suspect Peng Mou was suspected of extortion of more than 300 leading cadres at the Department and department level.

Liu Weijun, director of the office of Shayang Public Security Bureau, introduced political affairs. Peng searched the information of leading cadres in government, enterprises, universities and other units on the Internet, synthesized gorgeous photos with women through PS technology, and then sent them to leading cadres with blackmail letters for extortion.

After investigation, it was found that Pengmu had sent more than 300 letters, and 10 cases of blackmail had been successfully carried out, and 1.32 million yuan of transfer funds had been received. The victims verified by the police are one at the deputy department level, seven at the department level and two at the deputy department level. There is still a large amount of case evidence that needs further investigation and evidence collection by the police.

Source: Responsible Editor of Political Affairs: Xu Meng_N7485