Over 2,300 drug traffickers have been arrested in the past 20 years to play multiple roles latently.

 Over 2,300 drug traffickers have been arrested in the past 20 years to play multiple roles latently.

Sorry, Im a policeman!

This is what Shi Xiuping, the current head of the national security detachment of Pingliang Public Security Bureau of Gansu Province, said most when solving the case.

From the police 33 years, anti-drug 20 years, she played a drug dealer, imperial sister, female boss... Hidden inside drug lords, many large and major drug trafficking cases were detected, and more than 2300 drug traffickers were captured successively.

The picture shows Shi Xiuping examining the detoxification students in the detoxification center.

Shi Xiuping, 55, was the leader of the anti-drug brigade of Kongtong Branch of Pingliang Public Security Bureau. She briefly retired in 2013 and entered the national security detachment. In 2016, she resumed the task of anti-drug and began to take charge of the anti-drug work of Pingliang Public Security Bureau.

Years of anti-drug work experience created her meticulous thinking and calm personality, and proficient in various means of investigation. I also practiced some good acting skills. She said.

The picture shows Shi Xiupings announcement in seven counties of Pingliang after she was awarded the National Excellent Peoples Police.

In fact, as early as 1995, she was at the forefront of the anti-drug campaign. The first anti-drug campaign was an acquaintance. She had just given birth to a child there. Young mother, bold. She said to the captain, I can do it. Six years of police officers are not in vain. So, in the vicinity of the drug addict community, Shi Xiuping cheated it out and took the opportunity to catch it backhand. It feels good for the first time. Its going well.

Shi Xiuping first became an actor in 1997.

Bright makeup, rings, earrings, high heels... This is seldom the case. As a female boss who has seen the world, Shi Xiuping went to the drug dealers house to meet as scheduled.

Although efforts to calm themselves, calm and then calm, but the body does not lie, the heart rate convulsion accelerated. After taking a deep breath, she hardened her scalp and rang the doorbell.

Dingdong! Her heart is also a boom sound. The rushing footsteps in the door were now only one door away from her. Im a female boss. I do business. Shi Xiuping murmured and encouraged herself.

The door opened and a tall, bearded man stood in front of her.

After a brief introduction, they sat on the sofa and greeted each other. The drug dealer looked at every detail of her from time to time. When the eyes of the two met, the light in the eyes of the other side made Shi Xiuping feel panicky and sweat dripping through her skin jumping out. She remembered the actions of the undercover police in the movie, pretended nothing had happened, and continued to talk about the white business.

At that time, one gram was only over 100 yuan, and more than 10,000 yuan was brought with it. Shi Xiuping stroked her hair, raised her legs and continued to discuss the next trading plan. The other side puffed and puffed cigarette rings, layer upon layer, diffuse in front of us. After negotiation, she proudly tipped her partner 200 yuan. We will cooperate regularly in the future.

After going out, my legs are shaking all the time! Its numb! Shi Xiuping said, Afraid! Now I think of it, if it was found, I dont know what the end was. This is Shi Xiupings first cosmetic investigation, and she feels that the acting is OK.

The picture shows Shi Xiuping interviewed by the media.

A month later, the drug dealer met Shi Xiuping with goods, and she went to the appointment again as a female boss. But this time, they agreed to be in the car. After boarding the bus, we talked a few times and began to pay for the goods with one hand and deliver them with one hand. She spent her time counting money circuiting with drug traffickers and looking for opportunities to signal. Shi Xiuping put her hand out of the window while she didnt pay attention to it.

After signaling, the police immediately surrounded the car. Hey, whats the matter? I was caught together. Shi Xiuping pretended to be an innocent victim. The first second-class work in life. Shi Xiuping said that with a sense of accomplishment, since then, she has become addicted and increasingly likes this stimulating anti-drug work.

In this way, role-playing time after time, so that Shi Xiupings anti-drug work more and more vigorous, acting has also reached the old opera bone level, she has become the circle business to do a better female boss, but every action, she is cautious, after all, every minute and second to deal with life.

The picture shows Shi Xiuping interrogating drug trafficking suspects in detention center.

In 2004, Pingliangs case of human body hiding poisons made Shi Xiuping unforgettable all her life. Although the arrest did not take much effort, it took her and her colleagues half their lives to find drugs. 500 grams of drugs, the suspect did not find anything in his bag.

So, where on earth have these 500 grams of drugs gone? All of them were confused for a moment. Can you make a mistake? Questions ensued, but facts and evidence proved that the 500 grams of drugs were on the suspect. After many interrogations, the drug dealer finally admitted, Its in my stomach.

In the stomach? This makes Shi Xiuping and her colleagues feel incredible, never encountered such a situation in her life. How do you hide poison in your stomach? How did it fit in? A series of unimaginable and curious questions emerged. In police interrogation, the drug traffickers said one last thing (details are not easy to disclose). My colleagues and I listened dumbly. After listening, Shi Xiuping couldnt believe it.

Finally, they took the drug dealer to the hospital to take a film and found, Its really in the stomach. Six days and six nights, tea, water, feeding and drinking, Shi Xiuping has been waiting. She accompanied the drug dealer to drain out the drugs bit by bit. Even for my family, I rarely have time to do so.

The picture shows Shi Xiuping attending the National Womens Congress of the Twelfth National Congress in Beijing for discussion and speech.

At the end of September 2009, a drug trafficker in Ningxia called Shi Xiuping and said that there is a big deal to be traded. The two sides agreed to meet at a high-speed intersection. Previously, they had known each other for half a year. She clearly remembered that nearly 400 grams of drugs. This time, she still acted as a female boss, while the driver acted as her husband.

Despite her rich experience, Shi Xiuping did a lot of homework on the deal, discussing arrest plans with her colleagues and designing lines for herself and her colleagues. From the beginning of the story, she was sure of the must catch ending. Although in the whole negotiation process of 78 times, the other side will also make some moths.

They met as scheduled, and the other side claimed that the goods were not brought with them, and the female companion of the drug dealers companion demanded a price increase. Originally said that 1 gram 180 yuan, the other side claimed to double the price increase, while Shi Xiuping was only carrying 100,000 yuan in cash. Come on, no, I sold home TV sets, washing machines and other household appliances, so I scraped up so much, but also ready to take these goods back in your turn. Finally, the negotiations failed, and the couple planned to return.

On the way back, Shi Xiupings phone rang. The drug dealer said that the goods had been obtained, and they rearranged their agreement to trade in the car. Towards noon, the drug traffickers changed their plans and said they would not see you in the evening. Hes very smart. Drug traffickers have very high anti-investigation capabilities. Shi Xiuping said that drug traffickers are also looking at whether there are peer tracking people, imperceptibly testing whether she is sincere.

The picture shows Shi Xiuping taking a picture at the 12th National Womens Congress of China.

Until 4 p.m., at a restaurant near the expressway, Shi Xiuping and her colleagues had just sat down for dinner, and each other drove a taxi with her companion to look for them. Shi Xiuping and her husband sat in the car and finally waited for them. This time, drug dealers had real goods in their hands. Shi Xiuping touched her finger on her mouth and said, Its a good color.

In fact, at that time, there was a colleague hiding in the trunk of the car, more than 30 degrees of high temperature, almost steamed him. Shi Xiuping pretended to count money after her inspection and looked for an opportunity. Without noticing it, she rushed over and pressed her elbow on her opponents neck. Im sorry, Im a policeman.

At this moment, the drug dealer is ready to escape, one foot has kicked open the door. At this time, colleagues jumped out of the trunk of the car and kicked the drug dealer in the jaw. Half a years business is over. Shi Xiuping said.

The picture shows Shi Xiuping talking with drug addicts in the detoxification center.

In the interrogation room, the drug dealer said he wanted to see Shi Xiuping. Ah! I never believed you were a policeman! The voice penetrated the wall and Shi Xiuping could hear the words clearly downstairs. She decided to go up and see her old friend again.

After taking off her high heels, earrings, hair, hat and police uniform, Shi Xiuping stood in front of him. But Shi Xiuping is a policeman at the moment. Maybe my thin figure deceived him.

I personally witnessed a lot of people because of drug addiction, leading to the death of their families, the separation of their wives, resulting in numerous tragedies. Shi Xiuping told reporters that many family members of drug addicts took her hand in tears and said, Help us save this family, we must seize it.

Every time there is a case, Shi Xiuping feels passionate. She says that as long as a family has a drug addict, a large family will be destroyed, which will do more harm to society.

The picture shows Shi Xiuping taking a picture in the Great Hall of the People.

However, every time Shi Xiuping stormed into battle, her family would be afraid, and she did not know how many times she quarreled with her son. The son firmly opposed her to such a high-risk career. What do you want a woman to do like that? Every time she returned from the injury, her son scolded, and some grievances could not be told to her family. She often cried in the middle of the night alone.

I owe too much to my family. Shi Xiuping choked for a long time. Parents are over eighty years old. The last time my old father lost, I am still outside to handle cases... You cant help it, you have to say it. For so many years, I felt abnormal and sick before I rested. From the case, I dont know thirst, hunger, the concept of tourism, and I havent taken the initiative to take a vacation.

Gansu Provinces first ten most favorite outstanding peoples police, advanced workers in Gansu Province, Gansu Provinces second Aigang dedication moral model, National Top Ten Drug Control Pioneers, National Super Excellent Peoples Police... Every time she stands on the honor podium, Shi Xiuping always has tears in her eyes, and pictures like films appear before her eyes.

She said that 20 years of anti-drug career, more than 20 medals, 4 2 equal merit, 2 3 equal merit, behind each merit there are some sad and unknown stories. Cold and warm self-knowledge.

From finding clues to arresting, interrogating, and finally watching drug traffickers shut in, the heart can be put down. Shi Xiuping said that although she had received threatening information, she had never been afraid of acting skills are not only good, but also psychological quality is stronger.

The picture shows Shi Xiuping preaching the spirit of the Twelfth National Congress to women in Pingliang after the Womens Congress.

Many stories, like acting in movies, are more wonderful than movies. Shi Xiuping looked out of the window and was silent for a moment. Turning her head, she rolled up her sleeves, and the knife marks on her arms were still clear. I am a policewoman and a drug policewoman. The beauty of life requires me to carry on with a heavy load. Shi Xiuping said.

Source: Xu Meng-NN7485, Responsible Editor of CNN