Xiamen Airlines Flight 1 took off 10 minutes and returned to the airport urgently. Two flight attendantsfingers were bitten.

 Xiamen Airlines Flight 1 took off 10 minutes and returned to the airport urgently. Two flight attendantsfingers were bitten.

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A 7-year-old girls finger was bitten in time to save her from sudden illness on the plane.

At 17:35 on January 20, a Hangzhou-Sanya flight of Xiamen Airlines took off from Xiaoshan Airport 10 minutes later. A 7-year-old girl on board suddenly developed convulsions. The plane returned immediately and the girl was taken to hospital. The flight was delayed nearly two hours to save the girl, but no passenger complained. In order to prevent the child from biting the tongue, the fingers of two flight attendants and a nurse were bitten by the child, some of them were swollen and broken, and some left deep dental marks.

Yesterday, the reporter contacted the girls father, Mr. Chen, who is a master of Zhejiang University and an entrepreneur. He wrote down the incident afterwards and posted it on his companys network platform. (The following is from Mr. Chens article, which is limited in length.

On Jan. 20, I took my wife, two daughters and mother to Sanya, Hainan.

In the morning, Abao (the eldest daughters nickname) was a little uncomfortable. He went downstairs to see the clinic in the community. His temperature was more than 37 degrees Celsius. The doctor said it was not a big problem and prescribed some medicine. Po still wants to go to Sanya. Im a little confused. I feel that I have booked the air ticket hotel in advance after such a long period of planning. Later, to see that Abaos condition is still good, or ready to go, with a medical record book and medical insurance card.

Unexpectedly, Po suddenly fell ill. Eye strabismus, continuous convulsions.

My daughter has never done this before. Like the epilepsy in the movie, I saw the stewardess trying to open her mouth and her finger was bitten by my daughter. I said I came and she said it was okay. (In order to prevent the girl biting herself, flight attendant Sun Wen and flight attendant Hu Yingxia prized her teeth and her fingers were bitten and puffed by the little girl one after another.

Then another stewardess brought a towel and stuffed it into my daughters mouth. The stewardesss finger just came out. The horn on the plane is also calling if there is a doctor on board to help. I also heard several of their flight attendants talking about my daughter, who was still convulsing. The stewardess holding my daughter should observe for some time, see that the situation did not ease, and resolutely ask the plane to return. So the airplane immediately broadcasts: Im sorry, because...

After landing, we went to the hospital together with 120 children. On the way, the children were still convulsing. Two medical staff were giving first aid. When we arrived at the hospital, we arranged for first aid (first aid and then payment). The doctor put on the saline and ordered us to transfer to the hospital to save child care.

We sat 120 kilometers to the provincial child care center, and Po was moving all the way. I didnt know whether it was convulsions or physical resistance caused by biting. Two emergency workers are in charge of the head, the hand and the foot with us. Looking at the signs of life, the road was very hard, the car was driving fast and turning fast, my mother vomited, my wifes hands were stiff.

Finally, I got to the emergency room and the doctor gave first aid. Now my heart was solid. I paid for it according to the doctors instructions. When I returned to the emergency room, my daughters convulsions eased. She began to sleep quietly. I finally felt relieved when I saw that she was able to calm down.

Po, who has calmed down, really scared Dad today!

Thank you to all the staff in the above process, as well as the passengers on the same flight (none of them complained, and all I saw were good-natured eyes and actions).

The daughter in the hospital bed, what happened to you today is too much, there is a plane to return for you, how many uncles and aunts are doing their best for your health. In the future, Dad hopes you can become like these uncles and aunts, help more strangers, and make the world warmer and more touching...

From January to 21, 2019, my daughters bedside was finished one after another.

Dr. Mao Huizhen is one of the aviation doctors who participated in emergency rescue at Xiaoshan Airport. Yesterday, she reminded reporters of that day.

At 18:05, when the plane landed and the cabin door opened, Dr. Shen Tu (the oldest of the airport emergency doctors) was the first to rush into the cabin to inquire about the situation.

The passengers in the cabin are all seated, the aisle is clear and there is no noise. At the first exit of the plane, a stewardess held a little girl in her arms. The child was unconscious, with squinting eyes and twitching limbs. The situation was very urgent. It took less than five minutes for our family members to leave immediately with the ambulance, from the observation and diagnosis to the delivery of the girl to the ambulance. On the way to the provincial child care, the child bit off two tongue depressors. When the nurse took out the tongue depressor with her hand, the finger was also bitten out with deep dental marks.

Zhao Congying, a neurologist, said that the child was in a stable condition in a general ward and had never convulsed since he was sent to the hospital that night.

The child did not come unconscious at that time, but his mental state was very poor, and his temperature was 38.3 degrees Celsius. So far the fever has not subsided, we initially suspect encephalitis. Zhao Congying said that encephalitis affects a wide range of people, from newborn babies to 70-80-year-olds. It must be that the younger the age, the more susceptible the disease is. At present, the little girl is not in danger of life, but it still needs to be observed. The specific condition still needs further examination to infer.

Source: Responsible Editor of Urban Express: Yang Yi_NBJ10647