The big familys balcony sun sausage and bacon netizens worried about what happened.

 The big familys balcony sun sausage and bacon netizens worried about what happened.

Second half of each year

Sausage-dried Bacon

Its a big part of many peoples lives.


The sausage fire of a big family in Sichuan

It is said that this is a big family in the south! The most trenched balcony in history, netizens all over the country laughed.

After seeing the news

Various Questions of Netizens

What about dripping oil?

What about the rain?

And the eaters are more worried about...

Not afraid of birds and mice?

The year is drawing nearer and nearer.

Hows your sausage and bacon on the balcony?

Little does one think

What netizens worry about really happened

A group of eaters have been watching the food.


On January 19, the official Weibo of Zigong Bird Watching Association of Sichuan Province @Zigong Bird Watching Association released a video of bacon being eaten by flying thieves outside.

Attention to airing sausages and sauced meat. The bird eaters are on line. Eating is not limited to red-headed and long-tailed tits in videos, but also white-headed quails, mercerized starlings, gray [email protected] Bird Watching Association said on its microblog. Also remind netizens that if they dont want to be stolen, they can hang colored plastic bags at the meat drying place to drive them away, or hang old CD-ROMs, but please dont hurt our birdie friends.

Flying thieves and birds play the nature of eating goods, first carefully standing on the rope, then looking around vigilantly, to confirm that no problem, immediately peck two bites. Its funny to observe the surroundings vigilantly and resist the crazy impulse in your heart.

In addition to the videos sunned by the Bird Watching Association

Food birds also appear in many places.

Specialize in bacon sausage!

Picture User @Xiaochu_Love Life

In Chengdu, the family of Mr. Ma, a resident of Jingju Temple, found that the bacon they had sunned on the balcony had also been pecked by birds. Obviously, Mr. Mas more than 100 kilograms of bacon sunned on the balcony were too conspicuous.

There are more daring birds, openly flew into the room, pots and bowls to steal food, regardless of whether there are people around, the claws of the birds are firmly grasping the bacon.

Netizens comment:

Picture User @Half Hakka Girls


Thats how sausages hang on the balcony.


And so

Chinese style

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Sunning a bacon sausage is a battle of wits with birds

To prevent meat from being pecked

Netizens are also brainstorming a lot of ways

For example, hanging a red scarf...

Put a cat doll on...

Teeth insertion... Toothpick...

And friends

Afraid of birds snoring at bacon sausage

A special cup of water was placed next to it.


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Experts say:

Food is relatively scarce in winter

Sausage, sausage and meat are sunned outdoors for birds to peck

On January 21, the reporter contacted Li Yifan, chairman of Zigong Bird Watching Association.

Every household in Sichuan prefers to hang sausages, bacon and sauce outdoors in winter. Its natural for birds that lack food in winter to peck at them. Generally, sauce meat is chosen because bacon is too hard.

Li Yifan revealed that the birds that come to peck are generally bird species close to humans, such as tits, white-headed quails, mercerized starlings and so on.

As everyone knows

To preserve the meat for as long as possible

People usually use a lot of salt for pickling.

Eat so much high-salt food

Would it hurt the birds?

Li Yifan explained that the salt gland is a specialized exocrine structure secreting ions and minerals, and is the salt-excreting gland of some birds. The salt glands of seabirds living in seawater environment are particularly developed. These birds feed on marine invertebrates and algae, and the salt content of their food is very high. After eating, the osmotic pressure of the body fluids will rise, and then excess salts will be discharged from the body through the salt glands to maintain the osmotic balance of the body fluids. For inland birds, the function of salt removal is relatively weak, and eating more high-salt food will harm the birds.

However, compared with humans, these effects are not obvious because small passerine birds (such as red-headed and long-tailed tits, Far Eastern tits, green-backed tits, etc.) have a shorter life span. Li Yifan explained.

_A red-headed long-tailed tit was pecking at salted products sunned outdoors.

Similarly, for humans, the food pecked by birds should be washed repeatedly and cooked at high temperature before eating, so that there is no problem in eating.

Some netizens worry that the birds will excrete on the sausage, Li Yifan said that such a situation is not common, Most of the birds are after foraging to fly away, itself is more alert. Meat hanging place is not convenient for them to stay for a long time, bird excretion is generally backward, such a rare situation.

If the citizens do not want the cured meat to be pecked by birds, Li Yifan suggests using the habit of birds generally afraid of light, using disc to hang on the cured meat, or using color plastic bags.

Li Yifan appealed to the public not to catch or injure birds when they peck them. If conditions permit, they can make small feeders and put some corn grains and millet that birds can eat in the natural environment in the feeders.

Did your bacon sausage suffer?

Source: Yang Yi_NBJ10647, Responsible Editor of Southern Metropolitan Daily