Wu Jings train ride with a small bench was questioned 12306.

 Wu Jings train ride with a small bench was questioned 12306.

Today, the picture of Wu Jing taking a small bench on the train caught fire. Some people praised him, but some people also questioned: Can people sit in the aisle of the train? The 12306 staff member said that uuuuuuuuuuu

Wu Jing took a small bench to catch a train fire.

The National Spring Festival Transport is expected to send 2.99 billion passengers in 2019, of which 413 million are railway passengers, an increase of 8.3% over the same period last year. It can be imagined that whether we can buy seats has become a topic of concern.

Today, actor Wu Jing posted two pictures of sitting on a small bench in the train aisle on his micro-blog. The accompanying article said, As long as you can go home, you can sit anywhere.

China Youth Daily (ID: zqbcyol) noticed that besides Wu Jing, actor Jiao Enjun had never bought a seat ticket and squatted in the corner of the carriage aisle.

Jon Jun also wrote: In fact, we are ordinary people, nothing special, queuing to buy tickets, no seat to stand, tired squatting, optimistic face, this is life, wish you happy every day.

Netizens questioned whether the aisle could be seated. 12306: Prerequisites

Wu Jings behavior of taking a small bench on the train rushed to the microblog hot search, triggering a heated discussion among netizens. Many netizens praised him: Wu Jing sitting on the aisle looks very cute, and is definitely the most grounded star!

But some netizens said that they could take a small bench to sit in the aisle of the train?

In response, a reporter from China Youth Daily (ID: zqbcyol) called 12306 customer service this afternoon. The staff said that passengers could carry benches on board. Without affecting the normal boarding and disembarking of (other) passengers, the carriage connection (the aisle for boarding and disembarking passengers) can be taken.

Such a hegemonic corridor, but not

Previously, a video has attracted attention.

The video was recorded in the passenger corridor of the train. Some people built temporary beds with quilts, blankets and other things. Two women lay in the beds to rest. Some Forwarders suggested that friends who buy tickets learn, this station ticket is more comfortable than the sleeper.

After the hot video transmission caused concern, some netizens asked whether the operation in the video is feasible or illegal.

The reporter of Beiqing Daily called 12306 Railway Customer Service Center to consult on the situation in the video. Staff members said that according to the relevant regulations, aisles can not and cannot be occupied by passengers, it is a normal road.

Staff added that the specific situation should be based on the scene, if the passenger flow is large, (such behavior) is generally not recommended, the staff on the train will regularly check, once found violations, will promptly remind passengers.

According to Pear Video, 12306 staff members said, It is possible to rest here normally, or you can stay here, but the long-term occupancy of this bed is not possible.

Source: Xu Meng_N7485, Responsible Editor of China Youth Daily