Insider disclosure of fraudulent withdrawal of provident fund: substitute intermediary earns 120,000 yuan a month

 Insider disclosure of fraudulent withdrawal of provident fund: substitute intermediary earns 120,000 yuan a month

Xinhua News Agency, Hefei, January 23, pays commissions ranging from 10% to 30% of the withdrawal amount. The provident fund take-over intermediary can tailor-made a set of fake materials to help workers who do not meet the withdrawal requirements to withdraw money!

Reporter survey found that due to the lack of information sharing, it is difficult for the provident fund management departments to distinguish the authenticity of the extracted materials, and the relevant departments have not been able to crack down on it, resulting in the widespread phenomenon of fraudulent withdrawal of provident funds.

Demand is booming and illegal withdrawal business is booming

Provident fund is my own money, lying in an account is not a waste. Xiao Li (not his real name) pays the Hefei Municipal Provident Fund. He and his wife have houses under their names, no loans, and do not meet the conditions for the withdrawal of provident fund.

In September 2018, Xiao Li joined the QQ group named Hefei Housing Provident Fund Extraction. The owner helped him forge the house-free certificate and the rental contract. The owner said that the house-free certificate was opened by an insider and the seal was true. Its just that my personal information is false.

The materials passed the audit smoothly, and the staff had no doubt about it. Successful withdrawal of provident fund 15,000 yuan that day. After that, Xiao Li paid 3,000 yuan to the group owners.

In addition, Xiao Li disclosed that one of his friends also drew 8,400 yuan from the provident fund through the group owners in the same way: If a friend has a house or a loan, he is unmarried.

In September 2018, journalists joined the QQ group. At that time, there were only more than 100 members in the group. As of January 2019, there were more than 360 members in the group. In the group, there are not only advertisements for provident fund, but also advertisements for selling fake materials. In addition, there are new people joining the consulting provident fund substitution problem.

Reporters through group chat found that members of the group city government ambition self-reported that through intermediaries forged demolition agreements and other materials successfully extracted the provident fund 59000 yuan. In November 2018, the reporter witnessed the group members Xiaohuang with the help of intermediaries, through the forgery of rental information to extract the provident fund 8400 yuan. In this group, there are many people who have been cheating and withdrawing.

In the course of more than half a years investigation, the reporter got acquainted with Xiao Han (a pseudonym), an intermediary specializing in the business of taking over the provident fund in Hefei. On average, I receive more than a dozen orders a month, with a monthly income of 120,000. He said.

Routine full, there is always one for you

I mainly sell fake materials, all over the country can do, according to your needs. In the QQ group of National Housing Provident Fund Extraction, the intermediary named National Provident Fund Extraction Pure Hand released information that more than ten kinds of false materials, such as invoices, serious illness, marriage matches and various contracts, can be found by the sales of real estate companies, State Taxation departments: True official network can be filed, and the national Provident Fund can be withdrawn from all parts of the country.

Intermediaries can be roughly divided into two categories: one is specialized in manufacturing and selling fake materials, with more than a dozen types and high authenticity.

This house-free certificate was amended by an insider in the original. I helped a lot of people before, and they all succeeded. In January 2019, the reporter spent 2,200 yuan to produce a self-help inquiry version of the house-free certificate through the QQ intermediary named Happiness Wants to Be Created by Yourself. On the spot of handing over certificates to reporters, the intermediary pointed to the document bag in his hand and said, Its all my forged house-free certificates for clients.

The exact name of no house certificate is the result of real estate registration information query (hereinafter referred to as no house certificate). After comparison, the reporter found that in the style and content, the false material and the real are almost the same, but the number and seal are different.

The second kind of intermediaries not only forge materials, but also accompany customers to extract on-site. Xiao Han (alias) belongs to this category.

Large withdrawals are usually made through purchase, marriage, serious illness and separation. The small amount is drawn from the rental house. Xiao Han said that the extraction success rate is about 70%. They charge a handling fee from 10% to 30% of the withdrawal amount according to the cost of material production and the quality of customers.

Staff members will not seriously verify the authenticity of the material, nor can they verify it.

Xiao Han bluntly said that the main reason for their repeated success was the lax audit by the provident fund management departments: Even some intermediaries and receptionists are familiar with each other, and the other party knows that the material is fake. If the background audit cant find it, its over.

It is reported that the agency has been professionalized. There are hundreds of intermediaries in Hefei. All provinces in the country have it. Xiao Han said that intermediaries have different sizes. Big intermediaries do early, there are many offline. Offline carries out business through online. Some big intermediaries earn one or two million a year.

The main source of intermediaries comes from the network. At the same time, they also get customer information through other channels, and then take the initiative to contact. In order to show performance, many intermediaries frequently expose a large amount of proof of withdrawal of accumulated funds in QQ space and circle of friends, ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How to plug the loopholes of defrauding the provident fund?

First, the number should be a combination of the date and number of the day, but the number of this material contains letters. Wang Hongbao, director of the Land and Resources Archives of Hefei Real Estate Registration Center, found two flaws in the false house-free certificate purchased by reporters. Secondly, the seal of the false material is an electronic version. But after October 2018, the seal in the self-service inquiry system was changed to a mimeograph.

Wang Hongbao introduced that at present, there are two formats of manual and self-service inquiry for house-free certificates. He believes that insiders are unlikely to be involved in fraud. However, he said he would conduct a self-examination on the issue.

In the past two years, Hong Jianying, a researcher at the Housing Provident Fund Construction and Management Department of the Housing Urban and Rural Construction Department of Anhui Province, said that fraudulent withdrawals had indeed been found: Six households were directly verified in Anhui Province, more than 190 households in Hefei City, and several households in other cities.

There is a possibility that the successful withdrawal of fraudulent suits has not been discovered. Huang Yongmei, Chief of Regulation Section of Anhui Provincial Housing Provident Fund Management Sub-Center, confessed that first, there are many business withdrawals every day, and the front desk can only check whether the personal information is consistent with the information of the provident fund account and whether the withdrawal materials are complete; second, the materials with obvious problems can be found, but the high imitation materials are difficult to identify.

Huang Yongmei believes that the low screening rate is due to the lack of information sharing among the units that issue materials: Many materials can not be verified on site. For materials without obvious problems, we can only pass them first and leave them to the background for further verification.

Verification in other places is also troublesome. Hong Jianying said that at present, there are two ways to verify information in different places: telephone and correspondence. The disadvantage of telephone calls is that they do not leave traces, have many correspondence links and take time.

The obvious information island effect, coupled with the rampant intermediary activities of taking and other factors, leads to frequent fraudulent withdrawal of provident fund. If this disorder is not curbed, it will not only destroy the mutual-aid nature of the provident fund system, but also play a bad demonstration effect in the minds of workers.

We will feed back the problems found by journalists to the provident fund centers and ask them to check them. Hong Jianying said that they have always maintained zero tolerance for fraudulent withdrawal of provident funds. At the same time, we look forward to the establishment of information sharing platform at the national level as soon as possible and a simple and smooth cross-regional Co-inspection mechanism, which can greatly improve work efficiency and screening rate.

The cost of punishment is too low. Ling Bin, deputy director of Real Estate Research Institute of Hefei University, thinks that the punishment for fraudulent withdrawal of provident fund is only one to five yearswithdrawal qualification cancellation, which makes many people disapprove. It is suggested that local governments should take measures to improve the punishment for illegal withdrawals in the form of local legislation, such as incorporating them into the list of bank dishonest persons.

Advertisements on the Internet and everywhere in life for the provident fund have found the way to implement the peoples wishful thinking. Hong Jianying said that he hoped to join forces with public security, cyber-mail and urban management departments to crack down on substitute intermediaries and remove their living soil.

Source of this article: Xinhua responsible editor: Yang Yi_NBJ10647