Author of Baidu is dead: Why does Baidu not say search results on the first page?

 Author of Baidu is dead: Why does Baidu not say search results on the first page?

Fang Kecheng also said that Baidu is a search engine, not a headline information platform, nor a social tool such as Wechat. When people use Baidu, they expect to find useful information on the Internet through it. If you cant do this, its not a search engine. Baidus approach is unimaginable to European and American companies.

Fang Kecheng also said that after the decline of user experience, users will vote with their feet, which is not a long-term business strategy.

The following is the full text of the authors response:

After the article was sent to the news lab last night, it aroused a strong response. Someone asked me: Can you explain why it is so popular from the perspective of communication? I said: There is no need for any communication theory. The reason for the dissemination of this article is very simple, that is, everyone has similar experience of using it, but someone finally wrote it out.

Some people also put forward different opinions on my article. The most typical statement is: Baidu is a commercial company, how to rank is its freedom. Now, which Internet company in China does not circle users in its own territory? Why cant Baidu do that?

My response to this statement is as follows:

Baidu is a search engine, not a headline information platform, nor a social tool like Wechat. When people use Baidu, they expect to find useful information on the Internet through it. If you cant do this, its not a search engine.

2. Commercial products are also public, especially search engines, which largely determine what kind of information we can access, whether it is false news or true news, whether it is high-quality information or low-quality content. Because search engines and other technology platforms are public, they need to take social responsibility - in the United States, in Europe. Friend A said: If Google does the same thing, the CEO is expected to go to Congress again for questioning. Friend B said that Google had been fined more than two billion dollars by the EU for slightly pushing its shopping service in search results. Baidus approach is unimaginable to European and American companies.

3. Even if its just about business, I dont think its a good business decision. When the user experience declines, users will vote with their feet, which is not a long-term business strategy.

In addition, Baidu just sent a response. My simple response is: the proportion of the whole station is not very meaningful (and the proportion of 100 numbers in the total content is nearly 10%?) In general, we only look at the first two pages of the search. It would be more convincing to give the percentage of results on the first page.

The following is the full text of Baidus response:

In view of the high percentage of Baidu search results with self-Media articles reviewing Baidu search results, the following explanation is made:

1. At present, Baidu search results, Baijianu content of the total site less than 10%;

2. Baijia is an important measure to improve Baidu App content ecological experience. It can optimize the users browsing experience problems when using Baidu App search, such as slow page access speed, large typesetting differences, and give users a concise and consistent search experience.

3. The existing 1.9 million creators, covering all authoritative media and information institutions, also include a large number of high-quality self-media, they are constantly contributing to the depth and authority of good content, to say thanks!

4. Media attention represents that Baijia can do better. We will continue to introduce high-quality media and creators, encourage authors to publish high-quality original content with a good mechanism, and resolutely combat content cheating, vulgarity, irregularities and other acts. We also welcome all high-quality content creators to join Baijia to provide users with better service.

The following is the original text of Baidu is dead:

Friends who have used Baidu in the past six months may notice a phenomenon: basically more than half of the search results you see on the first page will point to Baidus own products, especially the frequent occurrence of Baijia Number.

Baijia is Baidus self-Media platform. When it was launched, Baijia once played the role of high-quality authors and high-quality content. After several adjustments, Baijia has now become a content platform with marketing number as the main body - content is all-inclusive, large quantity and poor quality.

Give me an example. Yesterday, a friend sent me a hundred-name article in a micro-letter asking me if it was true or not.

The article claims that the CIA acknowledged that bin Laden had nothing to do with the 911 incident and apologized to his family. I searched and found that such amazing news originally came from onion news, which specializes in producing satirical false news.

At present, the fake news published on the Baijia Number has gained more than 400,000 readers.

The information quality of Baijia is evident. And Baidu is constantly directing peoples traffic to Baijia through the search box.

If you search for recent news, such as Britain is leaving Europe, there will be seven results on the first page. The first one is Baidu Encyclopedia. The second, fourth, fifth and seventh articles are all 100 articles. There are only two websites outside Baidu. The third one is Hexin and the sixth one is Sina.

Searching for the U.S. government shuts down, half of the eight results on page 1 are 100 numbers, including articles 1 and 2.

Chinas GDP data was released yesterday. I am now searching for Chinas GDP in 2019 at 10 a.m. Beijing time on January 22. The results of Articles 1, 2, 4 and 5 are all 100. None of them can tell me the latest data. Only the results of Article 3 of Chinas Economic Network are what I am looking for.

By the way, in order to exclude possible personalization algorithms, I used Chromes stealth mode to search when I logged out of Baidu account.

What if we search for important people? Trump, for example. You will find that the results on page 1 are Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu Tieba, Baijia, Baijia, Baijia, Baijia, Baijia, Sina, Baijia and Baidu Encyclopedia.

What are the contents of so many hundred companies? Lets read the title and get some experience.

Try another person. Search for Kashuji, the Saudi journalist killed last year and Time magazines Person of the Year. As a result, the first page is all Baidus own content: Baidu Encyclopedia is the first and fifth articles, and the rest are all Baijia numbers.

Search for something else, such as piggy page. Article 1 is Baidus Aiqi Art, Article 2 is Baijia Number, Article 3 is Sohu, Article 4 is Baidu Encyclopedia, Article 5 is Baijia Number.

Search for AI, first four advertisements in a row, then Baidu Encyclopedia, there are three other websites (Tonghuashun, AI Laboratory, Aifaner), then Baijia, Baidu Encyclopedia, Baijia, Baidu Poster bar.

If we want to use Baidu to solve problems in our daily life, what will happen? For example, search how to buy high-speed rail tickets, the first two results are: Baidu experience, Baidu know, then 12306 official website, then Baidu experience, high-speed rail network, Baijia number, Baidu experience, Baidu experience.

What if we want to learn? Try searching for How to Write Graduation Thesis and guess what the search results are like. First, there are two essays to write advertisements, then there are 100, 100, 100, and then there are two essays to write online.

That is to say, you either come to see a hundred names, or go to find papers to write for you.

To sum up my experimental results, the yellow background is Baidus own content or advertising:

Baidu a year ago was not like this, and Baidu five years ago and ten years ago was not like this. At that time, Baidu had all kinds of problems, but at least, it was really a search engine. It was really your entrance to explore the Chinese Internet. If you ask it questions, you can really get some satisfactory answers.

But now, it can be renamed Baijia Station Search.

Why did Baidu fall like this? We can find some external factors. In recent years, due to the growing trend of separation and closure of the Internet in China, the important platforms such as Weixin Public Name, Weibo and Taobao are not open to Baidu. What we can find from search engines is inherently incomplete.

But the most important thing is Baidus own business decision to drink poison to quench thirst. Basically, Baidu no longer plans to do a good search engine, it just wants to do a marketing number platform, the people who want to search for content are all turned into their own traffic, and then realized.

This is certainly not a sustainable business model. When people find that they cant find what they want here, they only use it less and less. Baidus strategy gives me the feeling that it is like squandering all my money before the end comes.

Zu Yu, a friend who works in a technology media, predicts in his circle that in 2019, many companies will add a cautious use of job seekers who use Baidu search information everyday to their recruitment requirements.

Baidu, a search engine, is dead. is no longer the place where you search for Chinese Internet content, but Baidus own site search; it will lead you not to the high-quality spiritual food in the Chinese Internet, but to the rotten and deteriorating content stored in your own.

It is sad to write that the Chinese Internet has fallen into such a situation that even a search engine has disappeared.


Source: Responsible Editor of Netease Science and Technology Report: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541