The young man who bought geese online was photographed by his friends and reported the official response.

 The young man who bought geese online was photographed by his friends and reported the official response.

According to reports, Xiaoshan young people bought several geese online during the White Year Festival in Hangzhou. Who knows that the process of eating geese was photographed and reported to the forestry department by friends and girlfriends during the festival.

The informer Xiao Wang described that she and her boyfriend went to Xiaobais house that day to invite them to eat delicious food. When all his friends arrived, Xiao Bai took out the main character of the meal, the wild goose stewed by himself.

Xiao Wang muttered in his heart: Isnt geese protecting animals?

Online search found that wild geese are indeed second-class protected animals. Xiao Bai is against the law. Xiao Wang, who is unwilling to join his boyfriend, secretly recorded the video and reported it directly to the forestry department.

Xiao Wang said that she hated her boyfriend mixing with Xiao Bai and was afraid that her boyfriend would be taken bad, so she would report Xiao Bais illegal activities.

Xiao Bai cried and laughed when he heard that he had been reported. Originally, it was not wild geese at all. They were all farmed. This geese was bought online. When it was bought, the merchant said it was artificially raised, and the relevant business licenses and business certificates in the shop were clearly stated.

The controversy focuses on whether wild geese can be eaten or not.

Wang Yujun of Hangzhou Forest and Wildlife Conservation Station responded that wild geese could be raised and sold with relevant business licenses.

Xiao Wang regretted knowing the truth. At present, the relationship between friends and boyfriends may be deadlocked. Its a godlike story. Xiao Wang uses action to explain to us what is called impulse is the devil.

Netizens laughed and said, Dont you hate them being with your boyfriend? Now, your boyfriend has only one friend of yours.

Dramatically, the author found that online shopping is not only legal, but also an online shopkeeper in Jiangsu Province. The survey found that 30-year-old Qi Kaidong is a peasant who is known as Big Goose Brother. He sold wild geese through live broadcasting, and has also been on CCTVs Getting Rich Classic.

Qi Kaidong, who cant find customers in farming, accidentally came into contact with the Internet and opened the national market through Ali Taobao short video live broadcasting. Now he has set up a professional geese breeding cooperative, driving 11 households around to raise geese, more than 10,000 geese a year, through breeding geese online sales, two years earned 8 million.

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